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Most Popular Thanksgiving Music

Rich Thanksgiving Music - Wondershare Filmora

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Every year, Thanksgiving is celebrated in Canada and United States as a way to sacrifice and thank the blessing of the harvest and for the past year. Prayers and special ceremonies are common, and most families get together for a lovely dinner and some precious moments with each other.

Juggling the best Thanksgiving recipes, entertaining your guests, mixing up drinks, baking the perfect pie, teasing your cousins, watching a classic film, etc., can stress you out.

happy thanksgiving

People love country music on Thanksgiving and enjoy songs about gratitude, food, and family. You can even create your music through the Wondershare Filmstock video editing tool. It offers many stock media and effects to liven up your audio and video files.

Check out these amazing Thanksgiving background music clips for your festive celebrations.

Part 1: Happy Thanksgiving Music

One of the most beloved holidays, Thanksgiving is celebrated with love and excitement. However, there are not many songs solely dedicated to the festival. People celebrate with their families and be thankful for all the love, food, and blessings they received from God.

thanksgiving feast

Most of the tunes resemble happy Thanksgiving music with festive tunes and the use of elements that are symbolic of the festival. You will find references to turkeys, owls, corn, beans, pumpkin, cornucopia, cranberry, and other things that are important to the Thanksgiving festival.

You can use a video editor tool to edit and create your background Thanksgiving tunes or make use of resources available on editors like Wondershare Filmstock.

The following tunes available at Filmstock are ideal for Thanksgiving background music and immersing in the festival’s heart and soul. Listen to these great tunes and reflect on everything you are thankful for at your family’s Thanksgiving dinner.

1. This Christmas

This Christmas music tune has an upbeat and exciting ring to it. The melody goes from low to high tunes with a mix of piano, horns, brass, strings, and piano.

You can play this tune on Thanksgiving evening when all your family members start arriving for dinner. The compelling and festive vibe of this track will uplift everyone’s mood and spirit. However, this sound is the ideal track to bring joy and happiness to people’s hearts.

2. Deck The Halls

Deck The Halls is a classic Christmas song, and this tune is an uplifting and festive version of it. Deck the halls literally mean decorating your halls for Christmas and getting your house ready for the festivities.

At Thanksgiving, if you feel low, just put on this amazing tune, and you will get all the positive energy you require to make arrangements for Thanksgiving and decorate your home.

thanksgiving food

The lovely sound of strings and high notes of the classical guitar is sure to make everyone tap their feet and embrace the spirit of Thanksgiving.

What sounds better than decking your home’s walls on Thanksgiving while listening to Deck The Halls? Put on this music for an atmosphere lift while receiving your guests and while working hard in the kitchen for your Turkey.

3. Family Life

Thanksgiving is the time to embrace all the good things you have in life and thank God for your family, food, and everything good that happened to you in the past year. Family Life is an incredible track with the power to evoke happy and relaxed emotions in people. When the whole family gets together and listens to this tune, the love and affection among them will increase.

The catchy tune has beautiful whistleblowing with claps in the beginning. As the music proceeds, the background tune changes, and the whistle gets sharper. Perfect to create a casual, bouncy environment at your family’s Thanksgiving dinner.

4. Santa Synth

No doubt Thanksgiving is the day to celebrate tradition and celebrate the happiness in your and your family’s lives. However, you can add a touch of modernity to your festivities with the uplifting Santa Synth track.

It starts with the sound of strings before moving to uplifting melodies and energetic rhythmic sections. After some rounds of soothing, classical music, Santa Synth can provide the much-needed energy boost to your family’s celebrations. The use of modern synthesizers and electronic melodies in this tune set the perfect mood for holiday festivities.

5. A Summer’s Cool Breeze

It is so refreshing when you head out in the summer, and the fresh, chilly breeze hits your face. This is exactly how you and your family will feel after listening to A Summer’s Cool Breeze. It is the perfectly happy and upbeat background music for Thanksgiving dinner and creates feelings of happiness and affection within your family.

Play the tune if you play any family video or have a moment of embrace with the members. It is also ideal for a lovely family dance.

An amazing solo piano set begins the tune accompanied with a lovely bossa nova swing. The intricate combination of instruments gives a unique happy feeling to this music. Don’t be surprised if you pull out some silly dance moves to this tune after sipping a few cocktails with your loved ones.

These were the best happy Thanksgiving music tunes available at Filmstock.

Part 2: Warm Thanksgiving Music

Thanksgiving means the best time with your family and some lip-smacking food and turkey. But it is also the time to be relaxed and be thankful to God for providing you with all the happiness in life. It is the time to ask for a happy life in the future for yourself and your loved ones.

Yes, you need to celebrate and have a happy, uplifting mood at your Thanksgiving dinner. It is equally important to set a warm ambiance and show your appreciation to God. Check out this list of warm, soothing tunes to set the necessary vibes and Thanksgiving spirit.

1. Thankful Strings

Thankful Strings has a romantic, smooth string section with an orchestral feel to the tune. This tune is perfect to naturally relax everyone at your Thanksgiving dinner and warm up the mood. This warm and soothing acoustic music will help you embrace God and be thankful for all the happiness in your life.

thanksgiving family get together

Thanksgiving music has a lot of references to food, family, and happy things. However, Thankful Strings changes the vibe and builds a warm ambiance to sit and contemplate life. The melody also has a romantic touch to it and evokes feelings of love and joy in those who hear it.

2. Happy Girls Singing La La La

Happy Girls Singing La La La is filled with immense positive energy and happy emotions. As the music begins, you will hear multiple layers of La La La sung by females in a sweet, cheerful voice. The positive sounds are accompanied by a relaxing instrumental tune ideal to play at your Thanksgiving feast.

When your family is together on Thanksgiving and wants an inspirational, refined background tune, this track will do the job for you.

3. Mother Nature

Mother Nature features a warm, natural rhythmic tune of a western guitar with a sweet sound playing behind it. The melancholic track will put your family in a self-discovery mode, raising everyone’s confidence and making them contemplate God’s gifts. Even though the tune is very calm, you will feel immensely cheerful when you put this music.

After your feast and a round of playful activities with your beloved family, Mother Nature will help bring warmth and peace of mind to everyone.

4. Dreamy Piano Piece

An amazing tune with a romantic piano playing throughout with high and low notes alternating. It is not just soothing but also really romantic and calm to the ears. Children love hearing this wholesome track, and you can play this in the background after your family has had the feast and are just sitting together to share some moments with each other.

Dreamy Piano Piece has a dreamy feel to it, and you can play it for Christmas, Easter, and other festive occasions as well. The acoustic nature of the tune makes it ideal for Thanksgiving.

5. Back Home With My Family

This sound is the best you will find for family gatherings, especially Thanksgiving feasts and family reunions. The inspirational and emotional melody in Back Home With My Family has a modern touch thanks to the use of synthesizers and a high bpm.

A beautiful orchestral instrumental is playing in the background that delivers the requisite warm vibes needed for your Thanksgiving celebrations.

thanksgiving family dinner

As the name suggests, even if you are away from your family for Thanksgiving, just put on the song, and you will feel like your loved ones are right next to you.

Part 3: Relaxed Thanksgiving Music

Thanksgiving is about food, happiness, your loved ones, but it is also the time to relax, forget everything, and offer your appreciation and love to God. You can have a great time with your family but do not forget to thank God and pray for a successful year ahead. At Filmstock, you will find the best relaxed Thanksgiving background music free download. Check out these tunes and use them for your festivities.

1. A Inspirational Meditation

If you are searching for something inspirational and motivational for your Thanksgiving soundtrack, A Inspirational Meditation features a harp and a lead solo exuding peace and calmness. The pads and harp create feelings of peace and harmony whenever the tune is played.

Put on this track and go in a state of contemplation and meditation on Thanksgiving. If anyone is feeling low, the track will provide joy and happiness. Sit back with your family and just relax to this beautiful sound.

2. Life Across The Years

This soothing track starts with an amazing piano solo accompanied by the sounds of strings. Happiness and inspiration go up when you hear this track. Listen to this, and you will appreciate your family, God, and everything you have more.

While sitting with your family for your Thanksgiving feast or after that when you spend time together, this track will be great. Life Across The Years will raise your hopes and fill you with positivity from top to bottom.


Music is vital for a nice setting when you are celebrating something. Thanksgiving is among the most joyous occasions of the year, and the celebrations will be incomplete without some happy Thanksgiving music and background tunes.

Get together with your family and play some of the music we talked about above. All background music for Thanksgiving dinner is available on Wondershare Filmstock archives. You can use these tunes, use them in your videos, or edit your old content.

Do not let the atmosphere get dull at your Thanksgiving get-together, and play the best tunes for a happy, warm, and relaxed setting.

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