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The 10 Cool Roblox Games of 2024

Ollie Mattison
Ollie Mattison
Originally published Nov 15, 21, updated Jun 12, 24

Over the course of Roblox's fifteen-year existence, thousands of fantastic games have been produced. This free-to-play game-creation platform has no end in sight, owing to continuing expansion and massive collaborations in 2021. Try out some of Roblox's top user-created games at this moment.

These are the cool Roblox games, whether you're looking for an RPG like Adopt Me, a fighting game like Anime Fighting Simulator, or a horror game like Piggy!

Cool Roblox games.

About 40 million games are now available on Roblox. In order to offer you some suggestions about what to play across more popular genres on the platform, we've compiled a list of the ten cool Roblox games.

1.Adopt me!


One of the Cool Roblox games, Adopt Me! is also the platform's most popular RPG. This is a caregiving game. Players assume the role either as an adoptive parent or an adopted kid and take care of their daily requirements in a Sims-like manner.

However, throughout its 4 years (and counting!) existence, the game's emphasis has altered, with collectible pets being the primary attraction for most players.

There are a lot of intriguing tie-ins between Adopt Me! and popular franchises like Scooby-Doo. There are microtransactions, especially for pet-related features, in this game, which are intended for a younger audience than other Roblox material.


  • Adoptive parent
  • Caregiving game
  • Adopted kid



Although Jailbreak is officially a Town & City game from Roblox, this new edition of Grand Theft Online is significantly more family-friendly. Robbery and heists are included in the game, as well as driving and luxurious residences to adorn with the wealth you've accumulated from your crime sprees.

Real-world merchandising arrangements for Jailbreak's developers (who are currently utilizing the revenues of the game and putting themselves through college, which is a great thing for them!). Those looking for a GTA-lite, LEGO City Undercover-like game on Roblox may want to check this out.


  • Town & City game
  • Robbery and heists are included
  • New edition of Grand Theft Auto

3.Murder Mystery 2


Roblox's most popular Horror game is Murder Mystery 2. The killer and the sheriff are assigned at random in each round. Innocents are an extra group of up to 10 players. The killer wants to kill as many people as possible before the sheriff catches them; the sheriff needs to identify & then stop the murderer and the innocents who want to live and help the sheriff's investigation.


  • Horror game
  • Casual
  • Hardcore
  • Assassin

4.Welcome to Bloxburg


Bloxburg is a Town and City game based on the Sims. This is a life simulation game, so the features are what we have come to expect: your character may acquire a job, have fun with pals, or explore the game environment. The game's construction mode has also gained a lot of attention.


  • Town and City game based on the Sims
  • life simulation game
  • Gained a lot of attention

5.Royale High


It's listed as an action-adventure on Roblox, but it's really a fantasy role-playing game (RPG). As a high school student from an aristocratic family, your goal is to strike a balance between making friends and studying to advance your character's level. More in-game cash may be spent on your character's appearance if you get better grades. Additionally, there is an ever-expanding gaming world outside the school.


  • Roleplay game about a fantasy school
  • Inspiration from the pageantry world



With a charming, children's television-inspired style and a zombie apocalypse backdrop, Piggy is a serial horror game. There's a lot of stuff going on in the game's concept, and part of its attraction is solving the continuous mystery. "Book 2" has already finished its first season, however a second series of the original story is still being developed.

There is more good news for spooky Roblox mystery fans with up to five friends: private servers in this game are completely free to set up.


  • Serial horror game
  • A lot of stuff
  • Private servers in this game are completely free



In a similar vein to Welcome to Bloxburg, MeepCity is a Town & City game focusing on community interaction and up to 200 concurrent players.

The most popular aspects of previous cool Roblox games have been included in MeepCity, including a popular series of customizable pets, a home-building system, and mini-games that generate in-game cash to purchase cosmetic goods.


  • Town & City game
  • Focus on community interaction
  • Series of customizable pets

8.Brookhaven RP


The Cool Roblox game Brookhaven RP, a Town & City simulation, will have its first anniversary in less than a week. Roblox's enormous success has achieved in such a short period of time exemplifies why the cool Roblox game was so popular in 2020 and 2021. Brookhaven is a laid-back role-playing game in the vein of Second Life that emphasizes the freedom to come and go as you choose.


  • Town & City simulation
  • Laid-back role-playing game
  • Emphasizes the freedom

9.Tower of Hell


It's listed as an Action-adventure, but Roblox fans will identify it as an obby. Obbies have a reputation among Roblox users for being the simplest sort of Roblox cool game to produce poor quality, despite the fact that there are some good obbies on the site.


  • In under eight minutes, players must scale a six-section structure.
  • Timer's speed is doubled

10.Anime Fighting Simulator


Like the anime-inspired fighting you'd expect, Anime Fighting Simulation is an action game based on that genre. However, the lack of violence is understandable given that it was made for Roblox, but it's an enjoyable experience for those who like fighting games in general.

The game is constantly being updated with new goods, equipment, & other features (currently on Season 4). Finally, there are a variety of game modes to enjoy, including a recently introduced Tournament mode and a Story Mode that few people have ever attempted.


  • A player gaining stats to become strong
  • Obtaining special powers that are usually in anime


These games are intended for those who have just recently begun to play computer games, such as young children who do not yet understand what to do to download games. Children and teenagers may also enjoy them who wish to unwind, relax, and reminisce about the old and elegant browser games that everybody used to play in the early 2000s. Please let us know if we have missed your favorite game in the comments section below.

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