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The 8 Best Zombie Games

Ollie Mattison
Ollie Mattison
Originally published Oct 15, 21, updated Feb 29, 24

Which zombie games are the best for PC? It's difficult to walk down the street on PC without zombie games grabbing at your leg, so it's a legitimate concern. Don't write off the genre because there are a few brainless clones - we've compiled a list of some of the zombie games to hit PC.

There are a lot of zombie enemies in the zombie games, and they enjoy eating brains, and there's a lot more to them than that. You'll be forced to put your survival and fighting abilities to the test in a hostile environment, and you'll discover how humankind can come together in the face of hardship. The zombie games provide a wide range of action-packed adventures that are both complex and entertaining.

Here are the greatest zombie videogames you can play right now, starting with number 10 and working your way up to our top one pick. Our list of zombie games contains tales with repercussions, resource management, traditional Capcom danger, and more. You'll be able to discover your new zombie-filled adventure here since it covers a wide range of genres.

1.Worldwar Z


There isn't much to World War Z by itself, but there isn't a better game for mow down dozens, if not hundreds, of zombies with a group of friends or strangers. It's based in part on the Brad Pitt film from 2013. Nonetheless, it's mainly an excuse to repeat the film's one distinguishing attribute: swarms of monsters that rush down streets and crash around curves like a torrent through a breached dam.

It is undeniably influenced by the Left 4 Dead series (RIP). It does, however, have several modern game mainstays like selectable classes & permanent progression. You may choose to play as a Horror flick, who gets extra health by rapidly killing enemies, a Fixer, who places traps in safe areas, or even one of four additional classes. Whatever character you select to level up first, you'll get to fire a lot of lead into sliding walls of decaying flesh.

2.Dying Light: The Following


Running over zombies has never been more fun. The Foregoing is really a DLC for Dying Light that eliminates much of the parkour again from the original game and instead places you behind the wheel of a car across a stretch of nearly spotless countryside. Splatter zombies spewing gore and leave tire tracks in their guts as you drive across the fields, attempting daring jumps. Just make sure you don't get a monster head caught in your wipers.

3.State of the Decay 2


Unlike Project Zomboid, which concentrates primarily on the concept of being an ordinary person in an unfair position, the States of Decay series tries to keep you amused with the beautiful midwestern countryside and Gorey entertaining combat even while your supplies run out and zombies smash down your gate.

The introduction of multiplayer in States of Decay 2 is probably the most intriguing new feature. Inviting people to help protect and hunt for your village greatly expands the scope of procedurally produced tales. It also enables you to put to the test all of those zombie outbreak survival tactics you've spent way too much time talking with your pals.

4.Resident Evil 2 (remake of 2019)


Resident Evil 2's sequel treads a thin line between the sluggish horror of the original Resident Evil game and the quicker (but still methodical) action of the post-Resident Evil 7 period. It succeeds in being both a worthy homage to the first Resident Evil 2 and the most important, playable RE games in years as a result of this. The key is the zombies, as you'd expect from a game that ranks among the zombie games. Even while the remake's mobility and shooting controls seem to be more contemporary and streamlined, each zombie can only take so many shots - even headshot - before resurrecting. Even immediately in front of your eyes, or perhaps a few minutes later, when you believe you are secure.

In the remake of Resident Evil 2, the perfect aim isn't enough to ensure your life. The most essential element is caution since you save ammunition by firing to stun rather than kill. You could even decide the zombies can take the passageway while you retain the ammunition. It's still not as terrifying as the other major Resident Evil remake in terms of sheer dread. However, the Resident Evil 2's remake is undoubtedly more enjoyable to play, earning it a place on our list of zombie games.

5.The Walking Dead


You play Lee Everett, a convicted murderer who takes in an orphaned young girl called Clementine as his charge. You'll make choices that will have significant repercussions for your group members when you meet more survivors. The worst part is that you develop feelings for the people in your group. As a consequence, when bad things happen, you'll feel as though you've just seen a real-life buddy being eaten rather than a video game character. People will die, unexpected events will occur, and choices will need to be made. You'll have to live with the repercussions.

6.The HD Remaster of Resident Evil


The utter loneliness of becoming one of the last humans with a heartbeat within some several-mile radius is something that the first Resident Evil gets right that many zombie games miss out on. Resident Evil High-Definition Remaster is a somewhat updated version of Resident Evil GameCube update from 2002, maintaining the terrible desolation in its entirety. Don't get us wrong: the 2015 remake should have done a lot more (those pre-rendered backdrops are starting to seem a little fuzzy these days), but what's there is still a landmark survival horror classic.

The Resident Evil update isn't just one of the best zombie games because of its unique perspective on the undead; it's one of the best zombie games because of its unique perspective what to do, in particular, with one that seems to have ceased to move. You would like to make sure you put zombies down with just a headshot or burn their bodies afterward because if you don't, the monster known as a "crimson head" will spring up later. Shivers go down your spine just uttering the word.

7.The Last of Us


The Last of Us, which won the game of Year in 2013, is still the best zombie game ever made over six years later. It sends you on a perilous cross-country journey across a largely post-human America. The planet is filled with desperate weapon survivalists, a totalitarian government, and violent rebel groups, apart from mushroom-brained undead with fangs eager to tear your jugular out. The greatest part is that you have to do it all with a sassy young woman who alternates between making fun of you and rescuing your life.

The journey of Joel and Ellie would be both dark and terrifying. The decaying, gloomy surroundings set the tone for the stealth/survival action, making the tension almost unbearable.

8.Back 4 Blood


Back 4 Blood is an action-packed cooperative first-person action from the highly popular Left 4 Dead series developers. You're smack dab in the middle of a battle with the Ridden. That once hosts of a terrible infection have evolved into frightening monsters intent on eating civilization's ruins. It's up to you and your allies to take the battle to the enemy, eliminate the Ridden, and recapture the planet, with humanity's extinction on the line.

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