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How to Share YouTube Link on Instagram Story

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Dec 27, 21, updated Jun 12, 24
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Instagram has become the trending social media to share memorable moments with close ones. There are millions of users connected globally and building a long-lasting relationships. It helps the young ones to connect despite distances. Had you ever thought about discovering how to share a YouTube link on the Instagram story? Is it possible to perform this action in your Instagram account? The YouTube links posted in the Instagram stories reach the users quickly. You can use it for business and personal use.

Most YouTube links on the Instagram story wall are product promotional videos to drive traffic for their web pages. As you know that Instagram is a common platform that offers solutions for a wide range of activities from connecting people to shop trendy goods at your doorsteps. These features add comfort to the users. In this article, you will learn the limitations associated with this feature and the best ways to post the YouTube link at the Instagram story.

share youtube links on Instagram story

Can anyone share a link on Instagram Story?

Nearly one-third of Instagram users make use of these YouTube links to promote their brands and therefore there exists limitations to using this feature on the Instagram platform. It is impossible to share a link directly on the Instagram story. The requirements are you must have a business profile or at least have 10K followers. If you can meet these two criteria, then you can proceed with the posting action flawlessly.

Q&A: How to check your Instagram followers?

To check your Instagram followers, sign in to your Instagram account and on the homepage, view the follower's count at the top section. It gives you details about how many followers are right now and the newly added followers in the past seven days.

How to share YouTube Link on Instagram Story?

Here, you will be learning how to share a YouTube link on Instagram story flawlessly. Surf the below content for a better understanding of the link posting concepts.

For Instagram users with 10K follower

If you have 10K followers, then the process is simple. Download the desired YouTube link using a third-party tool like and copy the URL to share it on the Instagram Story. You can get the YouTube links for your content uploaded to your channel. In case, if you opt to get the link of someone’s content, then use the third-party program. After copying the URL, you can use any editor to crop the video to fit the size of Instagram requirements. Make use of reliable editors to perform this action.

Now, open your Instagram page and click the plus icon at the top of the screen and select Story from the expanded lists. Hit the Photo Library icon available at the left bottom of the screen and choose the edited video. Finally, share it as Your Story or Close friends as per your needs.

share youtube links on Instagram story - with 10k followers

It is a simple way to share the YouTube link on the Instagram story effortlessly. You can choose this method if you have 10K followers in your account.

For users without 10K follower

For the users without 10K followers, then use the IGTV channel to post 15 seconds to 60 minutes videos in the Instagram environment. You can access this feature at the Insta space instead of downloading it separately from the Google or Apple stores. Follow the below steps and learn how to share a YouTube link on Instagram story.

Step 1: Use the IGTV option on the Instagram space and create a video of the desired length along with CTA to add a title to the video. Then, upload it to the IGTV channel and include the link to the description.

share youtube links on Instagram story - without 10k followers

Note: If you do not have an IGTV channel, create one before creating videos for uploads.

Step 2: Next, post the created video to your IGTV channel and now open the Insta Story. Customize the story content by inserting the desired stickers, and images. Now, press the ‘Add link’ icon displayed at the top of the screen and choose the +IGTV Video option. Then, select the IGTV video and share the story by swipe up action.

share youtube links on Instagram story - using IGTV

You have now successfully posted a link at the Insta Story without having 10K followers.

Bonus - Use Filmora to edit your YouTube or Instagram Story video

The YouTube and Instagram story videos prefer to be available in the vertical format. To ease the upload process, there is a need to resize and customize them in pace with the social media platform requirements. The Filmora app is the perfect program that helps to carry our desired edits on the Instagram story videos before making the upload action. The Filmora is the finest tool with a simple user-friendly interface that brings great impact. You do not require any special skills to work on this program. Make the right clicks to add the desired feature on the videos flawlessly.

You can easily import the videos onto the working interface in no time. The controls are explicit and you can reach out to them without any issues. You can perform various edits on your videos like adding sound effects, transitions, filters, and special effects to create an impact on viewers. Edit the sizes and resolution of the videos without affecting their quality factors.

The stepwise process to edit the videos to meet the requirements of Instagram.

Step 1: Install the app

Go to the official webpage and download the correct version of the tool. Then, install it and launch the application. Then, import the video that requires quick edits. Click the Import media files option from the Menu and navigate the folders to reach for the desired video that requires the edit action. Then, drag it into the timeline for further processing.

use Filmora to edit your Ins video

Step 2: Edit the video size

On the timeline, right-click at the imported media file and choose the Crop and Zoom option to perform resizing action. Change the sizing parameters according to the Instagram requirements and save the changes. Finally, you can export the edited file by tapping the Export button.

use Filmora to edit your Instagram story video

Follow up the above instructions to complete the edits flawlessly. Use Filmora to get a better picture of video content and post them on any space efficiently without any compatible errors.


● Thus, this article had given valuable insights on how to share YouTube links on Instagram Story. Choose the desired methods from the above-discussed content. Go for the simple way if you have 10K followers in your account or adopt the IGTV channel. Based on your needs, select the best way to share the desired link at the Instagram Story. Before uploading any content to the Instagram environment, use Filmora to perform essential edits to overcome size compatibility problems. Using this innovative tool, either crop or resize the video as per the specified dimensions of Instagram. Connect with this article to perform effective sharing ways of desired videos on social media platforms.

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