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A Complete Guide on B2B Advertising on TikTok

Dolunay Özeren

B2B marketing is transforming. It's shifting towards the wildly popular app you might not expect: TikTok. This famous platform isn't just for dance challenges and viral trends. Now, it is a way to reach chief officials in a way that's both engaging and effective. Learn to create high-converting TikTok ads that resonate with your target business audience. We'll provide a framework to equip you with the knowledge.

Key Steps of This Video Tutorial To Follow

00:21 Learn the Differences Between B2B and B2C Advertising

You should recognize the critical distinctions between business-to-business and business-to-consumer advertising on TikTok. B2B ads target business clients and decision-makers. On the other hand, B2C ads aim at general consumers. The content style, tone, and marketing objectives differ significantly.

01:50 Conduct Thorough Target Market Research

You should research your market's needs, pain points, and business processes. Understand the challenges faced by potential customers. It will help you tailor the advertising content to address their specific requirements. You can also collect data and case studies to strengthen your persuasion.

02:17 Establish Brand Authority and Trust

Building trust is crucial in B2B marketing. You should consider showing endorsements, testimonials, or satisfied customers. Apart from this, industry awards or certifications also work well. These elements can enhance your brand's authority in the eyes of potential clients.

03:02 Adding Professional Title Templates

If you want to add a polished touch to your videos, use Filmora's title templates. Head over to the Titles section and explore the Title Templates library. Here, you'll get a collection of pre-designed title sequences in various styles and animations. There's a template to match your brand identity. Be it a sleek, modern look or a playful, animated intro! Drag and drop your chosen template onto your video footage. Then, personalize the text with your titles or messages.

title templates in filmora
03:24 Focus on Offering Solutions, Not Just Products

Instead of merely introducing product features, you should emphasize solutions. Show them how your service or product can solve problems or enhance efficiency. Use storytelling techniques to illustrate real-world scenarios.

04:26 Opening Filmora and Accessing the Callout Section

Launch Filmora and go to the Titles section. Scroll down to find the Callout options. They offer various styles and animations to draw attention to specific elements in the video. Drag your chosen callout style onto the video timeline and position it correctly. Double-click the callout text box to edit the content. Use the first text field for the product name and the second for the price (or other relevant information). You can customize the callout further by changing colors, fonts, and animations.

callout in filmora
04:58 Creating Product Videos without Recording Footage

Filmora offers a shortcut for creating product videos! Click on Templates and scroll down to the How-to section. Here, you'll find pre-designed templates perfect for crafting explainer videos or product presentations. Filter by aspect ratio to vertical formats. This format is suitable for platforms like Instagram or TikTok. Drag and drop your chosen template onto the timeline. To personalize the content, choose Click to Replace Material. Find the text placeholders within the template. You can replace them with your descriptions and information.

how to templates in filmora
05:39 Use High-Quality Visual Content

Using excellent images and videos can effectively show product functions and convey professionalism. Good visual design can enhance your brand image. Consider using video editing tools or templates to create engaging content.

06:06 Using Filmora's Advertising Tools

Filmora provides advertising templates, video effects, transitions, AI music, and other tools to enhance your video ads. Use these features to create engaging promotional videos for your products or services.

advertising tools in filmora
06:22 Provide Clear Calls to Action

Clear and specific calls to action (CTAs) are essential in B2B advertising. You should prominently display CTAs that invite potential customers to take desired actions. It can be anything like downloading your app, registering, or scheduling demos. Ensure your CTAs are easy to execute and stand out in your advertisements.

06:51 Adding a Call-to-Action Template

You can check Filmora's template library and pick an animated CTA template that complements your video's style. Customize the text with your desired message after you get it on the timeline.

call to action templates in filmora
07:02 Use Data and Analytics

You must use data, research, case studies, and return on investment (ROI) calculations. Showing them can add credibility and make your message more compelling. You should back up your claims with quantifiable data and analytics. It can strengthen the persuasiveness of your B2B ads.

07:24 Integrate Across Multiple Marketing Channels

You should integrate TikTok ads with other marketing channels, like LinkedIn posts. Consistent messaging across platforms can expand your reach to potential customers.

08:01 Continuously Optimize and Test

Successful advertising requires continuous optimization and testing. You should use A/B testing techniques. It offers different ad versions to determine what resonates with your target audience. Finally, you must analyze results and double down on the most effective strategies. It can improve your B2B ad performance over time.


The key to succeeding at TikTok lies in grabbing attention. Now, you are all set to dominate B2B marketing on this platform. Follow the above tips, keep your audience at the forefront, and refine your approach. Your B2B TikTok ads can effectively capture the attention of potential business clients. You will start driving engagement and closing deals in no time.

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