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CapCut Fonts: How to Import Fonts to CapCut and Where to Find Them

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Aug 30, 2022• Proven solutions

Using simple-to-understand fonts is the key to an excellent presentation. The fonts add uniqueness and value to your project. It assists users in perceiving information from the text. The right choice of color, font, and text size can be vital for attracting your target audience. One such app that created a buzz around the world and is pretty trending now is CapCut. This guide is on adding CapCut fonts, the most famous CapCut fonts, their sizing guide, and the sources from where to find them.

So, let's dive into CapCut fonts without further ado!

Part 1: Most Popular Fonts on CapCut

Before we list the steps to add or import CapCut fonts, here is a section on the top 10 popular CapCut fonts that you can readily use and rock the content strategy.

1. Typer

It's suitable for certain kinds of projects, but the uses are minimal.

most popular fonts on capcut - typer capcut font

2. Modern

It's quite likable yet pretty simple and bland.

popular capcut font - modern capcut font

3. Amatic SC

It’s a cute CapCut font yet a bit overrated, in our opinion.

popular font on capcut - amatic capcut font

4. Post-Modern

The font is pretty great for intros, but it gets a bit weird when you do an apostrophe.

popular capcut font- postmodern capcut font

5. Nunito

The font is great for videos but not that good for intros and other things like that.

most popular capcut font - nunito capcut font

6. Bahiana

This Bahiana font is highly likable, and you may also see its uses in most CapCut-made projects.

most pouplar capcut font- bahiana capcut font

7. Barlow

Barlow is great for things like rankings. However, it doesn’t work that great for aspects like intros.

popular capcut font - barlow capcut font

8. Signeton

The Singleton is also a beautiful font, except that it's pretty hard to read sometimes.

popular capcut font - signeton capcut font

9. Letter

This font is also likable if someone is a huge fan of typography and things like that.

most popular capcut font  - letter capcut font

10. Vogue

Most of the folks are obsessed with using this CapCut font, especially for designing the aesthetic intros.

top capcut font - vogue capcut font

Part 2: How to Add/Import Fonts to CapCut?

Listed below is the detailed guide on how to add aesthetic CapCut fonts.

Step 1: Visit the App Store or Google Play Store

Visit the Google Play Store and App Store and search Photo – Photo and Typography app.

Step 2: Open your browser

After opening Google Chrome or any other browser, search for

Then, download your chosen font and style. Next, go to the Files and search your downloaded font. Long-press the Zip file and then hit the Share button.

how to add fonts to capcut - click share capcut font

Step 3: Open the Phonto app

Click the Install button as you open the app.

Now, click the camera icon below and choose the explicit images. After that, you can select the green color as shown below.

add fonts to capcut select green color capcut font

Click your screen and Add Text will appear.

After typing in the text, select the Font tab and choose your downloaded font.

how to add fonts to capcut - select capcut font

You can add some style to the selected font, as shown below.

how to import capcut fonts - add capcut font style

Step 4: Look for the Background Remover Online

Go to the browser and look for online background remover after you are over with the font styling and the steps mentioned above. Add your image, wait for some time to process, and then download the image without a background.

Step 5: Open CapCut application

As you enter the CapCut application, click Add Overlay.

Now, add the recently downloaded image as an overlay on CapCut.

add image overlay capcut

Now, you're all done adding aesthetic CapCut fonts after going through the steps mentioned above.

Part 3: How to Change Font Size in CapCut?

After you add the text manually, there are many things or edits you can do to that text in CapCut.

capcut text editing

You can change the font and add color to that text, as shown above. Also, there are some custom text settings that you can apply.

You can also add various kinds of transitions to text, as shown below.

add text transitions capcut

In this way, the font size can also be modified side to side by adjusting the box in which the text is present. It's as simple as that with CapCut. However, CapCut doesn't provide manual adjustments to modify the font size with numbers. You have to drag the box for the purpose.

resize capcut font

Part 4: 3 Best Sites to Download Aesthetic Fonts

Given below are three download sources for font CapCut aesthetic 2021!


It is a site bundled with different fonts categorized as Basic, Party, Old School, Style, Fancy, Modern, Famous, Dingbats, etc. After selecting the font, you can easily download and use the font over the app as suggested in Part 1 of this guide after choosing the font.

2. Font Meme

It is another highly rated website to download CapCut fonts divided into some intuitive sections as 3D, Period, Theme, Cartoon, and lots more. After selecting the font, you can preview and download it.

3. FontM

It doesn't have the vast listings around, but FontM's selection of free fonts gets nicely organized into all the sections you're likely to require, plus fonts from around the internet. It also has a few in-house designs worth considering.

Part 5: How to Use CapCut Fonts on Video Editor for PC

There is no doubt that you need a wonderful Capcut alternative for PC if you want to use CapCut Fonts on your laptop. Fortunately, Wondershare Filmora is one of the most versatile video editors helping users create stylish and high-quality videos. With Filmora, you can easily import CapCut fonts and use them for your next viral video.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version


So, that's all about the CapCut fonts. We've categorically discussed the top 10 popular CapCut fonts, how to add/import font CapCut aesthetic, how to change their size, and the best three download sources. By adjusting the fonts this way, you can do something unique and exciting for your audience.

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Ollie Mattison is a writer and a lover of all things video.
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