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Snapchat Cameos: Catch Up with the Trendiest Trick

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May 21, 2024• Proven solutions


Snapchat is a social media service that has several fun options for users to express themselves. The service has launched several innovative features over the years and one of their latest and popular tools is cameos. It is a fun way that one can express themselves, with their own faces plastered on comic characters or on bodies of animals and so forth.

  1. What is a Snapchat Cameo?

If you have been seeing your friends add their faces to fun emojis, cartoons, and other figures, you could do that too with this fun feature on Snapchat. A cameo is an option that allows you to add your face to comic characters or animals or even create funny videos with them. You become a star of looping, short videos that you can send across to your friends. It is a great way to express your emotions in moments. Instead of messages, Snapchat cameos are an innovative way to say hello, express your feelings, and so forth. It is possible to customize captions and add them to the cameos that you create.

These are easy to add and send in chat messages since it is an option that occurs next to the stickers. It is available on the apps created for Android and iOS devices. You can choose from more than 150 cameos which makes it a great feature.

Indeed, who would not want to have cool means to express themselves, their opinions, or tell their close friends what they feel? Snapchat offers several unique ways of expressing yourself. While you could attach videos or memes that express what you feel, with a cameo you can make that even more personalized and unique. Add your face to cool videos, animations, or pics. What’s more, you can add text in different fonts and with interesting effects. It is nothing short of creating a video by yourself. That too can be easily done in a matter of seconds, while you are on chat with your friends or loved ones.

  1. How to Use Snapchat Cameo?

There are easy ways to get started when using Snapchat cameos. All you need is to tap on the button provided, on the sticker bar. It involves taking a selfie or choosing a picture or a video that you already have on your phone or tablet. If a friend has set up the feature in their Snapchat and is chatting live, it is possible to co-star in it together.

Here are simple ways to get started:

  • Start by choosing a contact on the Snap list with whom you wish to start a conversation or want to send a pic or video using this feature. You will find the functionality while you are texting and adding effects to the conversation. For this reason, the function appears in the borders of the keyboard you use.
  • Once the chat page opens up, find the face icon next to the chat bar which shows above the keyboard. This leads to the emoji page along where you will find the Snapchat cameos option at the bottom.
  • You will find the cameo icon at the bottom of this section. It looks like a face with a + sign on it. This will lead you to create the cameo video or pic.
  • It starts by activating the selfie camera. It aligns the face on the camera with an outline in blue. It will instruct you to take the selfie picture.
  • You will then get options for adding filters to the cameo of your face. This can consist of pictures you have in your gallery or a repository of images and cartoons that the app provides. You could also source images from the internet or videos to use for this purpose.
  • Once the filters are applied and captions added, you are ready to send across the cameo to your selected contact. The Snapchat cameos you create get added to the chat option directly.
  • It is also possible to create a two-person cameo, especially if the person’s pics are available on your gallery of images. You can also add text to make the pics more expressive.
  1. How to Fix Snapchat Cameo Not Showing up?

Users of the Snapchat app can use cameo as one of the innovative new features that help them add their faces to funny videos, cartoons, and so forth. However, in certain instances, the cameos might not show up. In such cases you can fix such issues with the following steps:

  • Update App

This is a solution that might prove effective. You could opt for updating the app by downloading the latest version of the app from the Apple or Android app store. Once the app updates and installs, you might find that the issue is resolved. One could also use the beta version of the app available at online stores.

  • Check Settings on the Phone

This is another possible way to get the issue resolved. Visit the phone settings. Opt for the section on app management. Here search for the Snapchat app. Here you could opt to uninstall and use Force Stop. Visit storage options and clear all data. You can then restart your phone. Once you open the app you could find the cameo issue resolved.

  • Install VPN

There could be instances when the feature does not show up in the app due to the restrictions that countries impose. Users can install VPN in such an instance. This will then help resolve the issue. One could then reinstall the app and find the feature available on the app.

One of the above resolutions usually proves effective if you are unable to find Snapchat cameos on your app. If your phone or tablet is of an older version that does not support the app or you are using a simulator platform, you might not find this update in the version you use. 


Here we understand what is the Snapchat cameos feature that one can find and how to use it. It is one of the new features that the social media service has introduced. It helps animate photos and videos with a selfie of the user. The photos and videos that the user creates with this feature can be easily shared with the contacts of the user. It is a feature that is easy to use on the app. One can get started by using their faces on the latest memes that they find on the internet. Here we also discuss the different ways one can resolve problems that arise when this feature does not show up on the app.

So go ahead and be creative with your expressions. You can add a light note to your messages, create funny pics and videos and bring about a comic look and feel to a conversation. It is also a great way to express how you feel without having to be serious about it. This is especially useful if you wish to let someone know how you feel but you are unsure of what their reactions would be.

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