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How to Adjust Your Photo/Video with 3DLUT Mobile

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Apr 19, 22, updated Feb 29, 24
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To a Shutterbug, a photograph enthusiast, the in-app photo filters are usually amateurish since they limit one from customizing their photos and videos. But that does not mean it is a dead-end situation for you. 3D LUT Mobile tends to offer a steady solution to this. LUT (Look-up-table) is not ‘out of the blues’ for you if you are familiar with color grading.

3D LUT Mobile allows you to create cinematic scenes in videos and photos using your smartphone. Besides, 3D LUT Mobile uses cloud filters that support a wide range of filters. With this, 3D LUT Mobile is able to stand out from other applications. Going through this article, you will get yourself off the hook on how to adjust your photo/video with 3D LUT Mobile.

What is 3D LUT Mobile?

3D LUT Mobile is a professional photo and video editing application for mobile phones that allows one to adjust the looks of a photo/video based on one’s preference. 3D LUT Mobile has over 400 filters in which you can select a suitable match for your image.

Moreover, if you don’t find a matching filter, you can create your color filter and then upload them to the 3D LUT server. Regardlessly, you will be able to access your designed filter from the cloud server and use it in your future projects.

3D LUT Mobile was developed by Oleg Sharonov and officially released on 14th April 2018. The 3D LUT Mobile apk is free to download, and the pricing only comes when accessing the wide range of filters. Usually, the price goes hand in hand with the version, i.e.,

  • The Grading Edition version goes at $99
  • The Standard version goes at $199
  • PRO version goes at $249

The software has in-app purchases where you get even more LUT packs.

3D LUT Mobile apk is available for both Android and iOS mobile phones. It requires mobile phones that have an android OS of 5.0 and above.

what is 3D LUT mobile

What you can do with 3D LUT Mobile

3D LUT Mobile allows you to easily adjust the looks of your photo and video using its LUTs creator.

Some of the main features of 3D LUT mobile are:

  • Wide range of color adjustment functionalities, i.e., contrast, brightness, white balance, and saturation.
  • Ability to choose videos or photos from the gallery or shoot with a phone camera.
  • Complex color correction of videos and photos using ready-to-use presets based on LUTs.
  • Sharing videos and photos to other social apps directly.
  • 4K video export on various phones, including Honor.
  • Regular update on LUTs packages.
  • Codec video selection. Switching codecs in-app preferences is best when having a hard time-saving video.

Videographers and colorists find this software handy since they can carry out their editing projects comfortably while on the go.

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How to Adjust your Photo/Video with 3D LUT Mobile

Getting to the core of the matter, let’s look at how to adjust your photo/video with 3D LUT Mobile. Here are the simple steps.

Step 1. Download the 3D LUT application

First, download the 3D LUT Mobile application from the google play store or Apple app store and run it on your mobile.

Alternatively, you can get the 3D LUT mod apk from the 3D LUT creator official website and run it on your mobile phone.

Step 2. Login to your 3D LUT Mobile

Adjust Video/Photo with 3D LUT Mobile - Log in

Here, open the 3D LUT Mobile application. Head over to the menu icon at the top left corner of your interface, and click on it. A list of functionalities will be displayed; click on “Log In,” which is the second option.

If you have the 3D LUT creator license, type in your email and password then hit the “login” option. If you don’t have a license, click on the “Visit Site” option from the drop-down menu and create your account from their official website. To acquire a license from the website, click on “Account” > “Create Account.”

After creating your personal account on 3D LUT Creator official website, use it to sign in to the application.

Step 3. Customize your Preference

Adjust Video/Photo with 3D LUT Mobile - Customize Preference

Still in the menu option, click on the “Preference” functionality. You can opt to scale your photos or videos to 1280px, add a logo on exported photos, Adjust the bitrate, and add a video codec.

Besides, if you don’t want to make any of these changes, you can leave them as default.

Step 4. Add your Photo or Video to the 3D LUT Mobile app

3D LUT mobile lets you take a new photo using your phone camera or the ones from the gallery – A functionality not common in most editing applications. For this case, we will select an image from the gallery.

Step 5. Carry out Basic adjustments

Unedited videos and photos usually have some minor flaws. Usually, it is vital to correct the defects before indulging in applying LUTs. By correcting imperfections such as tone, brightness, shadows, or texture in your photo, you will be giving it that sparkling look before proceeding with the edits.

The adjustments can be made by:

  1. Use the “Rotate” Functionality to make your image upright if it is slanted.
  2. Alter the lighting levels of your image using the “Brightness” functionality.
  3. Use the “Contrast” option to alter the tones of your image.
  4. Make your image appear more realistic using the “White Balance” functionality.
  5. Adjust your photo to have a pink or green cast using the “Tints” setting.
  6. Regulate the color intensities of your image using the saturation functionality.
  7. Set shadows in your image using “Black” functionality.
  8. Darken the highlights and lighten the shadows using “Tone Mapping” functionality.
  9. Regulate your image contrast using the “Texture” option.
  10. Focus on the soft edges in your photo using ‘the” Sharpness” functionality.
  11. Regulate noise in your video using the “Noise” feature.
  12. Darken the corners of your image using the “Vignette” feature.

Step 6. Incorporate LUTs into your Project

Head over to the LUTs tab in your 3D LUT mobile. For convenience, you will notice that LUTs are arranged in folders. Some of the folders include; Editor’s Pick, Mobile Weekly, Grading, Black& White, Top25, and UsersUploads.

Hover through the folders, and once you find one that seems to suit your needs, open it. From the folder, there are various LUts. Navigate through the folder you have selected and match the LUTs with your project image.

Once you find a suitable LUT, use the cursor on the right hand of your image to adjust the levels of LUT in your photo. You can shift to the “basic” section if you find some required corrections and amend them. Once you make a certain adjustment, your changes are automatically updated.

Adjust Video/Photo with 3D LUT Mobile - Incorporate LUTs into your Project

Step 7. Save your Work

Lastly, preview the changes you have made, and when you are certain, save it to your phone. You can share your file directly on Instagram or Facebook.

Alternatively, you can save your work to the gallery, share it with other apps, or send it to the 3D LUT Creator desktop.

You can move the right or left cursor to add or remove the “#3dlutmobile” watermark.

Adjust Video/Photo with 3D LUT Mobile - save

Bonus! Get the 3D LUT Mobile apk here

You can get the latest and safe 3D LUT apk from:

1. apkloo

Apkloo provides the premium apks for free. You will get the latest version of 3D LUT Mobile, the 3D LUT Mobile MOD APK v1.42.

The 3D LUT Mobile MOD APK v1.42 has

  • No watermark
  • No ads
  • Unlocked all premium features
  • Unlimited filters

2. apkhere

Apkhere is another well-known source of apk mods. It has various versions, such as the 3D LUT mobile 1.04.

The 3D LUT Mobile v1.04 was released on 7th February 2020, and has over 200 filters.

3. biaxarapk

From biaxarapk, you will get 3D LUT Mobile 2 – This is the second version of the mobile client for desktop 3D LUT Creator software. It is a free app, and its latest version, v 1.0, has over 400 filters available in the LUT cloud.

The 3D LUT Mobile 2 was updated on 11th October 2021, and it only requires smartphones of version7.0 and above.

4. apkgk

apkgk is another source of free and safe software. It offers the latest 3D LUT premium mod apk, the 3D LUT Mobile v 0.992, and 3D LUT Mobile apk v 1.42. The former was updated on 5th February 2020, while the latter was updated on 11th October 2021.

The 3D LUT Mobile apk v1.42 functions effectively in android phones with version 5.0+ whereas the v.0992 works effectively in android phones with version 7.0+.

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Give your photos and videos a cinematic look using the pocket-friendly 3D LUT Mobile application. Access the wide range of photo filters from the 3D LUT cloud server. You can also create your filter on a desktop and then upload it to the 3D LUT Mobile cloud server, where you can always access it when needed.

When downloading an apk, you need to ensure that the application file is safe. This article has given you some of the free and safe 3D Mobile apk.

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