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The Perfect Way to Add Linktree to TikTok Bio

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Feb 24, 23, updated Mar 27, 24

TikTok is among the most popular social media platforms, which makes it an attractive option for businesses to reach new audiences and promote their products or services. If you are a small business owner or a content creator, you can use TikTok to increase your reach and earnings.

Although you can’t directly add all your website and page links to TikTok, services like Linktree make it possible. Read the article to learn more about Linktree and how to add Linktree to TikTok.

linktree and tiktok featured image
In this article
    1. Collaboration with TikTok
    2. Premium Services Offered by Linktree
    3. Pricing Plans of Linktree
    1. Step-by-Step Guide for Creating a Linktree on Browser
    2. Simple Instruction to Create a Linktree on Mobile Device
  1. Part 3: How to Add Link in TikTok Bio?
  2. Bonus: How to make TikTok Videos?

Part 1: What is Linktree?

Using social media platforms correctly can boost your business significantly. However, most of them don’t allow you to add multiple links in your bio. It becomes problematic if you want to add links to your other social media accounts, stores, and web pages besides your official website. To solve this issue, Linktree was created in 2016.

It is a freemium service that allows you to create a landing page with all your important links in one place. Then you can add the link of your Linktree landing page to the bio of your account on different social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, etc. It allows your followers to easily access your links portfolio in one place, making it easier for them to visit their desired link.

Collaboration with TikTok

Linktree has always supported adding your TikTok accounts link to your landing page. In October 2022, TikTok and Linktree announced a new collaboration to enhance the user experience by working on a new feature called “Profile Kit.” Part of the TikTok for Developers Program, it also includes SDK Login Kit, which allows users to log in through their TikTok credentials.

After Profile Kit integration, the TikTok creators will have a more enhanced and engaging user experience on Linktree. Users can now log in to their TikTok through Linktree and display up to 6 of their videos to enhance their profile. People viewing the TikTok creator's profile on Linktree can play those videos without leaving the platform.

Premium Services Offered by Linktree

The Linktree platform was built to help users fully utilize their social media accounts to increase their reach. It offers multiple services and features to easily manage your links portfolio and enhance your user experience. Below are a few of the key features offered by Linktree.

  • Unlimited Links: When creating a landing page on Linktree to add your links, you can add an unlimited number of links. It means you can provide a single source for others to discover and access your content across multiple platforms.
  • Multiple Social Media Platforms: Primarily designed for Instagram, Linktree now supports all major social media platforms like TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, etc. It allows you to connect your Linktree landing page to all your social media accounts.
  • Analytics: Through its analytics feature, you can easily view which of your links are performing well. It provides viewing and clicking statistics for your link, making it easier for you to remove or improve links with the worst performance.
  • Email and Phone Number Capture: By integrating a mailing list, you can easily request users to add their emails and phone numbers. The captured contact details can be later used for marketing purposes.
  • Multiple Admins: If you run a medium or large-scale business and cannot manage your Linktree account alone, you can add multiple admins. You can also add multi-factor authentication to protect your account.

Pricing Plans of Linktree

It is a freemium service with multiple paid plans. Although basic features like unlimited links, multiple social media platforms, analytics, etc., are available in the free version. In comparison, the premium subscription provides many add-ons. Below is the table for the pricing plans of Linktree:

Subscription Plan

Monthly Price

Annual Price










Part 2: How to Make a Linktree?

The process to make a Linktree is quick and simple to follow. It will take you less than 5 minutes to set up a landing page and Linktree to TikTok. There is also a Linktree mobile app that can be used to create a Linktree landing page. You can learn how to create a Linktree using a website and mobile app below.

Step-by-Step Guide for Creating a Linktree on Browser

If you are creating Linktree on a web browser, use these steps to easily create your Linktree landing page:

Step 1: Go to the Linktree website and press “Sign up free” from the top right corner. On the next page, set up your Linktree username, add your email and click "Create account" to proceed.

tap on sign up free

Step 2: Create your account password and tap “Continue.” Next, you will be asked to provide your name and choose your business or content categories. After choosing, click “Continue” and select a subscription package on the next screen.

create your unique password

Step 3: Click on the link sent in your email to verify your account to proceed further. Once verified, press “Add Link” to add your first link. Here, you can add a direct link or click "View All" and choose a specific platform like "TikTok" to add your TikTok link.

add your tiktok account

Step 4: You can change the page theme, add a profile picture and insert a bio by clicking "Appearance." Through “Settings,” you can add SEO tags, integrate a mailing list, link your social media accounts, and do many other things.

adjust the linktree appearance

Simple Instruction to Create a Linktree on Mobile Device

Linktree mobile app is also viable for creating a Linktree landing page if you aren't comfortable creating an account on a website. Follow these steps to create Linktree using the mobile app:

Step 1: Launch the Linktree app on your phone and press “Sign Up.” It will take you to your phone's browser, where you first need to create a username, provide your email, and create the account password.

select the signup option

Step 2: Now you will be moved back to the app, and here you need to enter your name and select business or content categories. After that, you will receive a mail for account verification. Verify the account to proceed further.

confirm the account category

Step 3: Once the account is verified, press “Add New link” on the app to add your links. You can enter a link directly or choose a platform from numerous options given on the app. To add a link to your TikTok video, select “TikTok Video” and enter the link details.

tap on tiktok video

Step 4: In the “Appearance” tab, you can add a profile pic, change themes, customize backgrounds and buttons, etc. The “Preview” tab lets you view your page from another user’s perspective. By pressing "More," you can access different options from “Settings” to “Help & Support.”

adjust the appearance settings

Part 3: How to Add Link in TikTok Bio?

Now that you have created your link portfolio on your Linktree landing page, the question is how you can add Linktree to TikTok. You can check this article to learn how to add a link to your TikTok bio.

Bonus: How to make TikTok Videos?

Hopefully, you have known what Linktree is and how to add Linktree to your TikTok Bio. Here we also want to recommend you an excellent and user-friendly video editor – Filmora. It is compatible with both the mobile and desktop.

And there is video tutorial about how to edit TikTok videos with Filmora, especially for video editing beginners. If you have any interests, please watch it, and start your video editing journey with Filmora!


TikTok has unlimited potential for business development, and you should fully utilize it further improve your business. The restriction on adding multiple links on TikTok is annoying, but it can easily be bypassed using Linktree. By adding a Linktree to TikTok, you can easily re-route your followers on TikTok to your websites or stores to increase their traffic.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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