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Get Motivated by the 20 of the Best Background Music for Exercise

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Sep 09, 22, updated Jul 12, 24

Exercise is great for your physical health. It burns calories and makes you feel good about yourself. So why do so many people skip it?

There are several reasons why people get caught up in life's busyness that keep them from exercising regularly. There may be financial or time constraints, family obligations, work stress, or lack of motivation.

Whatever the cause, if you're one of these people, this article will help you change your mind. This article will outline the best background music for exercise, the science behind music, and for getting motivated and inspired.

In this article
    1. 108 Gayatri Mantra: 1 hour
    2. Deep Relaxation Music (Flute): 1 hour
    3. Meditation Music: 15 minutes
    4. Reiki Zen Meditation Music 134: 1 hour
    5. FLYING OVER THE ALPS: 3 hour
    6. Namaste Music: Flute Meditation: 15-20 min
    7. Sounds Of Isha ⋄ Soothing instrumental music: 15min
    8. Zen Meditation Music Sounds of Nature: 15min
    9. Traditional Music of Bali for Yoga: 30 mins
    10. Find Your Perfect Soulmate: 30 min
    1. Golden by Harry Styles
    2. Best Song Ever by One Direction
    3. If I Can't Have You by Shawn Mendes
    4. Motion by Luke Hemmings
    5. Kiwi by Harry Styles
    6. Don't Start Now by Dua Lipa
    7. Teenage Dream by Katy Perry
    8. My Dilemma by Selena Gomez
    9. Save your Tears by The Weekend
    10. Wildest Dreams by Taylor Swift
  1. The Best Way to Add Royalty Free Music for Workout Fitness Videos - Filmora

Part 1: Top 10 Relaxing Music for Yoga, Massage & Meditation Videos

When did you last feel like you were breathing deeply, relaxing, and ready to dive into the rest of your day?

If it's been a while, let these yoga background music inspires you to start. With a relaxing bass line, this playlist is perfect for those moments when you want to chill and unwind.

1) 108 Gayatri Mantra: 1 hour

108 gayatri mantra cover

"108 Gayatri Mantra", Julia Elena with 3.8M views and 21K likes. 108 have much significance to the practice of mantras. In Tantric and Vedic traditions, a mantra is repeated 108 times. It's a lot more powerful than 107 or 109 repetitions. That's why 108 prayer beads are used in the Hindu, Buddhist, Jain, Islamic, and Taoist religions to help maintain a sense of spiritual well-being.

It's the Gayatri mantra, one of the oldest and most powerful mantras in Sanskrit. Gayatri means life force, life essence, and power of the breath. If you chant the Gayatri mantra and strongly establish it in your mind, living according to the duty you are born for and the work ordained for you, you will lead an entire and happy life.

This Gayatri Mantra duration is 1:11:20 long.

2) Deep Relaxation Music (Flute): 1 hour

seep relaxation music cover

"Deep Relaxation Music (Flute)," Chakra Meditation Universe with 25M views and 76K likes.

The Chakra Meditation Universe Relaxing Flute and Instrument is designed to relax and relieve insomnia. It features soothing Native American flute and flute-playing instrument melodies to help you sleep soundly.

Music by Chakra Meditation Universe can be used for focus, study, stress relief, or Zen music. Tibetan flute music is a type of music that makes people feel calmer. It is proven the best music for creating a sense of Zen or calming your busy mind.

This particular music is 1:04:28 long, and you can enjoy it in long meditation sessions.

3) Meditation Music: 15 minutes

meditation music cover

"Meditation Music," Healing Style has helped many people reach a more profound sense of personal and global unity through its unique music collection that helps you feel and achieve a profound state of calmness during stressful times. If you want your home to have the feeling of a real Zen spa, Healing Style music will help. It helps create a relaxing atmosphere, perfect for a time of prayer and meditation.

Zen music is great for meditation and healing. It's calming and relaxing and is also perfect for healing the body-mind. This beautiful music is enhanced with binaural beats and can be used as effective stress relieving and anxiety-reducing tool. It's also perfect for calming anxiety during meditation and yoga. This music is gentle, uplifting piano music perfect for healing meditation or as a background for other activities.

It's a short 15:01 but effective music for shorter sessions.

4) Reiki Zen Meditation Music 134: 1 hour

reiki zen meditation music 134 cover

"Reiki Zen Meditation Music 134", Yellow Brick Cinema's music is perfect for relaxation or study music. It's calming and soothing. For stress relief, it's ideal to listen to ambient music that will soothe your tiredness and tension. Put on this music when you study, and you'll find that you can concentrate better. Also, this relaxing and beautiful music can be used to eliminate stress and provide positive energy.

Yellow Brick Cinema's healing meditation music is 528hz miracle tone, which can aid your meditation practice. Their music can support your practice in mantra meditation, Zen meditation, shamanic healing energy rituals, or developing mindfulness.

It is 1:00:08 long, suitable as a piece of background music in spas, and also best for personal homes and long yoga and meditation sessions.


flying over the alps cover

"FLYING OVER THE ALPS," Relaxing Nation is the artist of the music with 29K views and 743 likes. You'll find this relaxing and helpful music to keep your energy and stress down after a long day. To get the benefits of relaxation music, you must listen to it with all of your heart. It will help reduce stress hormones, known as "cortisol," and helps the body fight the symptoms of prolonged stress.

Relaxing Nations is a music label dedicated to helping people feel calmer and happier with music. These gorgeous beats are designed to be enjoyed by everyone, no matter who you are or where you're from.

FLYING OVER THE ALPS is quite long, 3:30:20, and is most suitable at the nail salon, public transport, restaurant, or for meditation as background music.

6) Namaste Music: Flute Meditation: 15-20 min

flute meditation cover

"Namaste Music: Flute Meditation," Buddha's Lounge has whopping 27M views and 259K likes. It was initially played at a Yoga Center in Koh-Phangan, Thailand, in front of 30 people. Now it's the most popular flute music with millions of views. A flute player got all his energy flowing through his body by playing a simple flute. This technique works well as a meditation method because it focuses on your breathing. It helps you control your mind and relax. It creates a feeling of peace and tranquility.

So many people are drawn to music, and some find that flute helps. Buddha's Lounge songs range from gentle melodies to energetic drum rhythms and flute-based chants, making for a wonderful mix of both Eastern and Western sounds.

It's 20:01 music, perfect for quick meditation and yoga sessions.

7) Sounds Of Isha ⋄ Soothing instrumental music: 15min

sounds Of isha soothing instrumental music cover

"Sounds Of Isha Soothing instrumental music" with 1.2M views and 17K likes. Isha is a Sanskrit word that means "listening to the truth," and I hope that all of us have a desire to be in tune with the truth— We can hear the truth, and we can even listen for truth if we know how to discern the difference between noise and signal. Listening to the fact requires that we can focus on what we're hearing and filter out the noise.

You'll hear it used in relaxation, meditation, stress relief, yoga, and other therapeutic applications. It's a perfect example of instrumental music that can help to calm your brain when you need to focus or relax.

This music is 16:19, perfect for morning meditation and short yoga sessions, and it is divided into three parts:

  • 00:00 - Wholeness
  • 05:02 - Madhyamavathi
  • 10:18 - Dwimukhi

8) Zen Meditation Music Sounds of Nature: 15min

zen meditation music sounds of nature cover

"Zen Meditation Music Sounds of Nature," Dewdrop music has 311k views with 2.6K likes. Dewdrop Meditation Music is complete music for Zen Buddhism, Mindfulness meditation, Eckhart Tolle, and other forms of meditation.

This kind of music is influenced by Japanese, Tibetan, and Indian meditative music. Some benefits of listening to this music include opening the third eye, cleansing chakras, and improving your TM skills.

The music length is 15:21, the absolute best for transcendental meditation.

9) Traditional Music of Bali for Yoga: 30 mins

traditional music of bali for yoga cover

"Traditional Music of Bali for Yoga," YouRRelaX - Relaxing Music has 158K with 950 likes.

Bali is the most developed and most popular tourist resort in Indonesia. YouRRelaX - Relaxing Music has introduced its new track, a piece of light music for relaxation and yoga. This music was able to convey a little piece of Balinese culture.

YouRRelaX - Relaxing music for yoga can help you relax your body and put you in a trance while letting go of all that's been happening around you. This yoga music for the mind and body includes elements of ethnic instruments. It's excellent for beginner and advanced yoga practitioners alike.

Traditional Music of Bali for Yoga duration is 42:06.

10) Find Your Perfect Soulmate: 30 min

find your perfect soulmate cover

"Find Your Perfect Soulmate," Mind Pro Labs with 9.2K views and 146 likes.

A soulmate is someone with whom you share a natural affinity, spirituality, and intimacy. Unfortunately, it can be overwhelming for two people to encounter such a relationship. If you want a relationship with the right person, you must listen to the Mind Pro Labs music guide.

That is a compelling binaural meditation session. It starts with multiple frequencies that help you calm down to the optimum vibrations you feel when you meet your soulmate. The frequency lasts 50 seconds and is then replaced with pure Solfeggio tones, followed by their 'Powerful Subliminal Affirmations' throughout the session.

This is 30:00 minutes session that you should listen to once a day or up to 3 times a day for optimum results.

Part 2: Top 10 Motivated Music for Workout at the Gym

Be it heavy weight training or pilates, having background music is key to making your time and workout as enjoyable as possible. Since music plays a crucial role in motivating you, creating a separate music list and making the most of your time at the gym sounds even better. Here're a few recommendations to help you get started!

Golden by Harry Styles

golden cover

A fun track from Harry Styles's second studio album, Fine Line, Golden, seems the best song to begin your gym class. Harry wrote the fun song in collaboration with Mitch Rowland. Tyler Johnson produced this soft rock tune. With 477k likes and 31,267,696 views, it tops the list of songs that keep you motivated while you exercise.

The lyrics are entertaining. And if you're someone special in your mind, these lyrics will lighten up your mood, too. Talking about its genre, it falls under the category of indie pop, and you can also call it a soft rock song.

Best Song Ever by One Direction

best song ever cover

A fantastic track by One Direction, Wayne Hector, Edward James Drewett, Julian Bunetta, and John Henry Ryan composed Best Song Ever, a part of Midnight Memories album. It's a pop song and perfects to alleviate your energy levels, so you can give 100% while working out.

The best song Ever has 766,123,910 views - thanks to massive One Direction followers or die-heart fans. With 6.7M likes, it will go well with other pieces in your gym playlist. So next time you hit your workout space, listen to it to get a good amount of physical activity done.

If I Can't Have You by Shawn Mendes

if cannot have you cover

A pop rock number by heartthrob Shawn Mendes, If I Can't Have You has the perfect beats to keep you energetic and motivated throughout your gym session. Written by Shawn Mendes, Teddy Geiger, Scott Harris Friedman, and Nate Mercereau, this song has been viewed 202,223,733 times and gained 3.7M likes.

More so, a hit number from Mendes; its lyrics are entertaining. The tune will surely pump you up whether you exercise in a group or prefer solo workouts. This song must go on your gym playlist if you're a true Mendes fan.

Motion by Luke Hemmings

motion cover

A distinct song in terms of lyrics and meaning, Motion by Luke Hemmings still makes the right background number for your workout routine. Luke Hemmings, along with Sammy Witte, composed the metaphoric lyrics. Entertaining and upbeat, the music can make your gym session less boring and more thrilling.

With 1,319,243 views and 86K likes, Motion is an alternative/India song that deserves to be on your gym playlists. When you desperately need the motivation to get a great workout done, play Motion, up the volume, and let the track do the magic.

Kiwi by Harry Styles

kiwi cover

Who doesn't want a pop song in their gym playlist? If you're looking for one, listen to Kiwi - a Hardrock song by Harry Styles. Although this pop song's lyrics talk about a famous person's challenges, it still makes the best choice when it comes to getting a great workout done.

Considering Harry Styles's fame across the globe, this song has been viewed 87,197,162 times and gained 2.1M likes. Written by Mitch Rowland, Alex Salibian, Tyler Johnson, Harry Styles, and Jeff Bhasker, Kiwi is sure to boost your mood and up your motivation levels.

Don't Start Now by Dua Lipa

don't start now cover

Another amazing and entertaining song on the list is Don't Start Now by Dua Lipa from her album Future Nostalgia. Dua Lipa, with Emily Warren and Caroline Ailin, wrote this beautiful number. With a funk bassline, you'll feel the song is inspired by famous tracks like Two Door Cinema Club and Bee Gees.

It features handclaps, synth bursts, and crowd noise, making the song loud enough to pump up your workout session and encourage you to do more. The lyrics are fun, and the singer Lipa enjoys independence and encourages you to forget failed relationships from the past. The song has got 610,586,822 views, and 6.5M likes.

Teenage Dream by Katy Perry

teenage dream cover

You can never go wrong with a throwback song in your playlist. Teenage Dream by Katy Perry is one such song that arouses euphoric feelings as you listen to it. Being a power pop and electropop, this song makes the perfect choice for gym people. Its retro sound sets the mood and fuels your motivation to do more and better in the gym.

With 297,500,511 views and 1.4M likes, Teenage Dream deserves to be played while you're in the group gym class or solo to keep your energy levels higher throughout the session. The lyrics are fun and quite relatable, too.

My Dilemma by Selena Gomez

my dilemma cover

Do you want another pop number in your playlist? If so, how about playing My Dilemma by Selena Gomez? This pop rock track will boost your mood, and you'll find yourself vibing with it. Written by Time James and Antonina Armato, My Dilemma offers the right beats to make your workout class less overwhelming.

The song has been entertaining Gomez's fans for years. And you can listen to it to make your exercise routine exciting. With 16,855, 569 views, and 109K likes, you can make your gym time 10x more fun playing it. So what are you waiting for? Download the song, hit the gym, and stay motivated.

Save your Tears by The Weekend

save your tears cover

Do you want something different than Hardrock or pop music? Cool! Listen to Save your Tears and try the synth-pop synthwave genre. The Weekend collaborated with Max Martin and Oscar Holter to write and produce this awesome track. Used also for a theme song for WWE WrestleMania 37, Save your Tears will likely boost your mood and give you enough motivation to work out without interruption.

The official video for the song has been viewed 918,676,624 times and has received 6.8M likes. So if you're looking for something distinct from regular gym music, Save your Tears can become an exciting choice.

Wildest Dreams by Taylor Swift

wildest dreams cover

Adding one or more Taylor Swift songs to your playlist sounds like the perfect idea. Wildest Dreams is one of the addicting songs; no matter how much you've listened to it before, you never get tired of it. As a synth-pop track, it's sure to entertain you while you get a good amount of physical activity done.

Swift, with producers Shellback and Max Martin, wrote the song. The use of string instruments made it the kind of track you want to listen to at the beginning of your workout session. Its 829,289,663 views and 5M likes to tell you to add it to your gym playlist and make your exercise routine more fun than before.

The Best Way to Add Royalty Free Music for Workout Fitness Videos - Filmora

No doubt, listening to music while you perform yoga or want to get a high-intensity workout done can make your session 10x more engaging and satisfying.

But have you ever tried incorporating music into your workout videos? If you make videos for fitness enthusiasts, your content doesn't appeal to viewers much without some great tunes and beats.

To fix this, here's how you can ace adding royalty-free music to fitness videos using Wondershare Filmora.

WonderShare Filmora Features

If you're a beginner, worry not; take a look at the useful features this software offers and learn to include music in your astounding fitness videos with ease.

It comes with a drag-and-drop option. Furthermore, you can use it to add moving graphics to your videos. Filmora even lets you merge different video clips and imagery without any hassle. In addition, you can further improve your content by adding royalty-free music from the software's library.

Some of the key features are:

  • Impactful resource media on HD/4K videos, audio, sound effects, etc.
  • Easy-to-use features, like auto framing, simplify the video editing process greatly.
  • Fancy elements and effects to make you complete a video like a pro.
Free Download
Free Download

How-to steps with pics using Filmora to add music for videos

Now that you're familiar with the innovative Filmora features, it's time to learn how to incorporate music into your exercise or fitness videos, following a series of simple steps.

Step1Import Video File

The first step is to import original video files from your computer. And load it to the User's Album. When you start the software, you'll see a symbol in the middle and an option to click and import your file. Simply click on it to import media.

import video file
Step2Media File is Imported

Once you've imported your media file or video, it should look like this in the above image. Once you reach this level, move on to the next step.

imported media file
Step3Add Audio/Music to the Video

Next, see an option for audio located at the top. Although Filmora comes with a music library where you can find royalty-free music, here, you need to import media you've just downloaded to your computer.

add music to the video

So click on My Music, located in the vertical menu on the left side, to import your file. For example, you can see If I Can't Have You by Shawn Mendes in the image.

add music to the video
Step4Adjust the Background Music

Last but not least, adjusting audio to your fitness video is crucial to make it visually attractive. You can trim and adjust the audio to align the song with your video's length. In addition, Filmora allows you to keep an eye on the fine-tuned preview window while you're still working on your video.

adjust the background music

You can also double-click the audio file to access the audio editing panel. This panel will let you edit your audio, such as adjust volume, set up an audio equalizer, fade-in/fade-out, etc. It also enables you to adjust audio speed to create a fast or slow-motion effect.

Once you're done with video editing, click on the "export" and choose whatever file format you want from the pop-up window.

Final Words

In conclusion, the music you listen to is vital. It's a great way to get motivated and focused. Many people use background music to get themselves going in the morning. This can also be helpful when trying to focus and block out distracting sounds during a stressful situation.

We've compiled the best background music above for working out and yoga for you. They are a perfect mix of beats and bpm for keeping you in the zone and motivated. So download, listen, and choose which one works best for you.

In addition, I'd recommend that you try to keep your background music to an even volume throughout the class. The last thing you want is for you to get distracted or feel annoyed. And if you're looking for more motivation, try listening to motivational quotes or inspirational speeches before and after your workout.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Jul 12, 24
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