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The Best Storytelling YouTube Channels to Follow This Year

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Feb 09, 23, updated Mar 27, 24

A good story sells, and that's quite true for platforms like YouTube.

youtubers on storytelling

Storytelling is an art that we humans are probably familiarized with. Knowingly or unknowingly, we all tell stories, and they often connect with people. This is the case with storytelling YouTube channels that take the internet by storm.

Now there are a handful of YouTube storytelling channels that engage their audience on a regular basis. They've mastered how to grab someone's attention and keep them wanting to see their content over a longer period. Today we will take a look at such channels and learn what makes them the best.

In the end, you will also understand some techniques you can employ in Filmora to rank among these best storytelling YouTube channels. So, without much time, let's get straight into the topic!

In this article
  1. Part I. 8 Storytelling YouTube Channels Best for You
  2. Part II. Storytelling's Potential on Your YouTube Videos Popularity
  3. Part III. Start Your Own Storytelling Channel with the Ultimate YouTube Video Maker - Filmora

Part I. 8 Storytelling YouTube Channels Best for You

One of the great ways to boost your video engagement is through storytelling. Here are some popular storytelling YouTubers who are all unique in their respective niche. Whether it's comedy, travel, or fashion, these channels will want you craving more!

1) TED

ted talk on storytelling

Subscriber Count: <17 million

TED or TED conference is a YouTube channel that promotes international content, whether on science, technology, culture, or academics. They invite the world's greatest minds to give their insight on a particular topic and tell a story to connect with a broader audience.

Videos on TED are usually posted daily; in this past month alone, they've shared more than 50 videos on their channel. What makes TED different is its story-driven narration. This is evident in their most viewed content, such as Inside the mind of a master procrastinator - by Tim Urban.

2) Internet Historian

youtube storytelling channels image

Subscriber Count: <3 million

Internet historian is probably one of the best storytellers on YouTube. His unique animation style and uncanny humor make his video unique and full of engagement. His channel debuted back in 2017 and since then has seen massive growth.

Now the Internet historian is not a regular uploader, and it could take as much as a month before he publishes new content. Nevertheless, his mode of storytelling is what makes his channel stand out. This is apparent in his latest video, "Man in Cave," which makes the viewer guess what will happen next.

3) Storybooth

best animated storytelling youtube channels

Subscriber Count: <4 million

Storybooth is an animation channel that produces real-world stories for digital platforms like YouTube. Their videos range from sad and funny stories to motivating content for all audiences. Viewers on Storybooth love how appealing the narration is.

Like Internet historians, they post videos every month, but that has to be expected since they rely on animation. "Standing up to bullies" is right now one of their most viewed media that depicts their unique art of narration.

4) MrCreepyPasta

mrcreepypasta story telling youtube channel

Subscriber Count: <1.6 million

MrCreepyPasta is a famous horror story narration channel that produces content on a weekly basis. It tells real or fictional stories to depict an eerie feeling among its viewers. Some of their content is viral thanks to the innate entertainment value it provides through story narration. The "Slenderman Series" from this channel got popularized for the same reason.

5) StoryTime at Awnie's House

best kids storytellers on youtube

Subscriber Count: <730K

This storytelling YouTube channel is dedicated to children's content. It covers toddler literature and educates them about different topics. Dramatic storytelling is a big reason this channel has grown over the years. Videos on this channel usually take a week to be available for viewers. "The Toot Fairy" & "Becoming Beautiful" are a few examples of Awnie's experience in this niche.

6) Lessons from the Screenplay

film niche storytelling youtuber

Subscriber Count: <1.4 million

If you are searching for the best storytelling YouTube channels on film-related topics, we recommend giving this channel a try. Lessons from the Screenplay bring movie narration to a new level thanks to its profound execution. Each video speaks quality, and that's the reason that the content is usually posted yearly. "The Dark Knight — Creating the Ultimate Antagonist" is among their profound works, which even now raises the bar in storytelling.

7) FunForLouis

travel youtuber on street

Subscriber Count: <1.9 million

Louis is a travel vlogger with a positive attitude toward storytelling. His channel is dedicated to sharing outdoor content with audiences of all kinds. What makes his videos unique is his sheer focus on cinematography and visual edits. Louis uploads vlogs every week and you can learn video narration through his personalized content.

8) Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

detailed story telling youtube channel

Subscriber Count: <19 million

Kurzgesagt is a German studio that makes narrative-driven (animated) content. Their art style is unique, and it helps them produce videos on several topics ranging from science, and technology to religion and philosophy.

After binging their videos, you can rest assured that they are one of the best YouTube storytelling channels you will ever follow. In the past, they released their content every month, however these days, you can expect one Kurzgesagt every week.

Part II. Storytelling's Potential on Your YouTube Videos Popularity

Studies have shown from time to time that one of the best ways to grow an audience is through the concept of storytelling. This technique is absolutely crucial for platforms like YouTube since the average engagement span of your viewer is not going to be that high.

Telling captivating stories, however, results in audience retention, increases your watch time, and even has the potential to skyrocket your subscriber count. Here are some of the benefits that storytelling YouTubers gets by simply applying this technique:

Benefit #1: Stories form a Deeper Human Connection

The main difference between the creators blowing on YouTube and the ones publishing a lot but not getting recognition is the story. YouTubers consistently put stories in their videos, allowing them to form a deeper human connection. Their viewers are educated and connected with that person, which is the reason for their success.

Benefit #2: Stories help the Audience to Relate

A good story solves a problem and helps people to relate. Let's suppose you are doing a tech review. In this case, you definitely want to know what type of people are listening to you and how you can solve their problems.

Through story, your problem connects with theirs, and the audience starts relating with your content. This way, they won't be bombarded by facts and information and can immerse themselves as you talk about the tech gadget.

Benefit #3: Stories Act as a Tool for Focus Retention

There is a ton of content on YouTube, making it easier for an average viewer to get overwhelmed. Storytelling eliminates this and lets you level up your content a little bit. Even if your videos are long, story-driven content keeps your viewers engaged and looking for more!

Part III. Start Your Own Storytelling Channel with the Ultimate YouTube Video Maker - Filmora

So yes, storytelling is a great way to get higher retention, more watch time, and more incredible views overall; but how can you get started? Well, the best way to employ this technique is using a video editor such as Filmora. It will enable you to produce captivating videos and distinguish them with a compelling story.

The great thing about Filmora is that it comes ready with all the necessary features required to make in-depth YouTube content. This means you don't have to waste much time on third-party applications and can get started right away.

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  • Simple drag & drop interface
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Now, if you're looking to create a brand-new storytelling YouTube channel or want to employ story narration in your existing videos, here are a few useful resources.


All in all, these were some of the best storytelling YouTube channels that every viewer should follow. Storytelling is not as easy as it sounds, and it could take a lot of hard work before you start seeing results with this technique. However, as long as you do an in-depth analysis of your niche and study your audience's mindset, storytelling could boost your YouTube channel. Also, be ready to give tools like Filmora a try if you want to bring story narration in your videos to a whole new level!

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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