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Actionable Tips On How to Post on Reddit - Step-by-Step Guide

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Feb 02, 23, updated Mar 27, 24

What's your reason for posting on Reddit? Usually, there are two. Trying to make money on Reddit or trying to grow an audience online.

Luckily, both reasons require the same strategy to see success. However, it takes a bit more than simply writing something and clicking "Post" on Reddit.

This guide covers everything from what to post to how to post and crucial factors that will help your content skyrocket as fast as possible.

In this article
  1. How to Post on Reddit?
  2. Essential Tips That WILL Help You When Posting on Reddit
  3. Video Tutorial - How To Use Reddit - Complete Beginner’s Guide

How to Post on Reddit?

First, let's go over the technical part of the process- How to post on Reddit, both on Desktop and mobile?

How to Post on Desktop

To post anything on Reddit, first, you need an account. Click on Sign Up and create your account.

Then, follow this process:

Step1 Go to and click on "Create Post"

post on reddit

Step2 Then, choose a community to post in. This is also known as a subreddit

select subreddit to post

Step3 Next, type in your title and write your message below

Step4 If you want to add images or videos, select "Images & Video" and upload your files

reddit images and videos

Step5 The next section is titled "Link". Here, you can add a website you want your post to lead to

Step6 You can also select the "Poll" option and give users the chance to vote on something

When you're done creating your post, scroll down and click "Post." It will immediately appear in the subreddit you've chosen.

If nothing is violating the subreddit's guidelines, the mods will let it sit there without removing it.

How to Post on Mobile App

Once again, you need a Reddit account from the mobile app before anything else. Then, open the app and do the following:

Step1 Click on the "+" button at the bottom of your screen

post on reddit mobile

Step2 Add your title, message, images, links, and anything else you may want

type in title on reddit post

Step3 Click on Next from the top-right corner of the screen

Step4 Choose the subreddit (community) you want to post your message in

select a subreddit to post

Step5 Check if everything looks good, add the appropriate tags

Step6 Hit Post

Essential Tips That WILL Help You When Posting on Reddit

Reddit, like any platform, has its own rules. Its algorithm that, when followed, rewards you with excellent results.

That said, here's absolutely everything you should know before posting on Reddit.


Subreddits allow Reddit to be more organized. It lets users of similar interests join specific communities that only focus on those interests.

Some important rules to follow:

  • Each subreddit has the prefix "r/" in front of its name
  • You must post relevant content in each subreddit. For example, if you want to post something related to food, you should find a subreddit related to food, e.g., r/food.
  • Most subreddits have their own rules and guidelines within. This is usually displayed on the right-hand side of the page.


Simply put, etiquettes refer to Reddit etiquette. They are the dos and don'ts of Reddit. Reddit has posted an official list of the proper reddiquettes all users should always try and stick to.

The goal behind this is to make Reddit a safer and more enjoyable platform to use. However, if you do not follow proper reddiquette, you will usually see the adverse effects in your Karma points. In other words, your Reddit Karma will decrease.

And we all know that the opinion of users without sufficient Karma isn't as valued as those who have a lot of it. So, if you want to be a valued and influential member of Reddit, follow proper reddiquette.


Reddit Karma is one of the essential features of the platform. It is what determines your value and status as a Reddit user.

The more Karma points you have, your opinion will be valued, respected, and trusted. Conversely, the less you have, the harder it will be for others to take you more seriously.

Keep in mind, having few Karma points isn't bad. It doesn't mean you can't use Reddit. You may still use the platform to ask questions, seek advice, read, learn, and interact normally.

There are two very effective ways to get more good Karma on Reddit and obtain it for longer.

First, obey the Reddiquettes and be a good person on Reddit. Be friendly, helpful, and honest, and offer advice when needed.

The second, AVOID these three things at all times:

  1. Forcing and spamming users to Upvote your posts
  2. Posting the same piece of content on as many subreddit as you can
  3. Posting content that violates any guidelines a subreddit may have

Video Tutorial - How To Use Reddit - Complete Beginner’s Guide

Apart from what has been mentioned above, we also prepared a video to help you with posting on Reddit. If you have any interests, you can watch it to establish your overall outlook on posting on Reddit.


The only way to get good and learn how to post on Reddit is with practice. So, use the things you learned here to achieve better results. And keep posting and stay consistent. It will all pay off in the end.

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Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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