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How to See Deleted Reddit Posts in 10 Seconds - 5 Simple Ways

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Feb 02, 23, updated Mar 27, 24

Let's say you saw an exciting Reddit post a few days ago. But you didn't have time to go through it, and you bookmarked it. Now, you came back to read it and, oh no…... It has been deleted for some reason.

No need to worry. You can see deleted Reddit posts in seconds. In fact, there are several simple methods to do this.

We'll cover the best ones below and explain how to use each one.

In this article
    1. Unddit
    2. Reveddit
    3. Resavr
    4. The Wayback Machine
    5. Google Cache

5 Ways to See Deleted Reddit Posts

1. Unddit

Unddit is a third-party tool that uses This is a database that stores comments users leave on Reddit.

The main reason Unddit is so popular and used is because of its simplicity. It is easy to use the tool and takes about 10 seconds to set it all up. Let’s go over the steps to use Unddit and reveal some deleted comments on Reddit.

Step1 First, go to

Step2 Click on the red "Unddit" button and drag it to your bookmark bar

unddit button pointing to bookmark

Step3 Go to the deleted Reddit post

Step4 Click on the Unddit bookmark you just saved

This will automatically lead you to a new page. There, Unddit analyses and displays all the deleted comments from that post.

results page on unddit tool

On the downside, Reddit doesn't work well with most Reddit posts. It's more effective for revealing deleted comments. Additionally, it may show an error from time to time. Unfortunately, the reason isn't always displayed, and it's something we need to live with.

2. Reveddit

Unlike Unddit, Reveddit will always help you find deleted Reddit posts. It's a powerful tool and much more stable compared to so many others out there.

This tool tracks Reddit activity in real-time. For example, you can use it to track deleted posts from specific users and subreddits. You can also insert a direct link into its search bar and head straight to the deleted post.

To use Reveddit, you should follow these steps:

Step1 Go to

Step2 Type in a specific username, subreddit name, or simply insert the link of the deleted post

search bar on reveddit tool

Step3 Click "Go" and it will display every deleted Reddit post within that search query

reveddit results page

There's one thing you need to remember about Reveddit. While it quickly shows deleted posts on Reddit, this only applies to posts and comments that were deleted by moderators or bots. So, if a user deleted their post, Reveddit won't display that one in the results.

3. Resavr

Resavr is another simple tool that instantly displays deleted comments on Reddit.

It's pretty similar to the other tools, except it only reveals comments, not Reddit posts. However, Resavr can display comments much longer than 650 words, while some tools can't do this.

Here's how to use this simple tool. It only takes a few seconds:

Step1 Go to

Step2 Type in a keyword in the top-right corner search bar

resavr home page

Step3 It will display a list of Google results with Reddit posts that have deleted comments

The main disadvantage of Resavr is its search feature. There's no way to search for a specific Reddit post. Instead, you can only view recent posts with deleted comments. Or you can type in a specific word and go through all the posts that pop up to find what you're looking for.

4. The Wayback Machine

The Wayback Machine is a powerful tool that stores archives of other websites' caches. It's a non-profit site that lets you see deleted Reddit posts and comments that have been stored in the past.

It's a bit more complicated to use, but it offers fantastic results. So, here's what you need to do:

Step1 Visit (Wayback Machine's official website)

Step2 Paste the link to the deleted post and hit "Enter"

wayback machine search bar

Step3 Wayback Machine will display the results in a calendar format. Click on a date to see all deleted posts on that day in history.

result page on wayback machine website

Wayback Machine is a little slower when loading the results than other tools. But it gives you a comprehensive list of all the deleted content highlighted when it loads.

There is another downside. This tool doesn't archive everything instantly. So, there is a chance that some posts won't pop up if a Reddit moderator deleted the post before Wayback Machine could archive it.

5. Google Cache

Last but not least, it's the Google Cache method. This isn't so much a tool as it is a way to reveal deleted Reddit posts. It won't go as far back in time as Wayback Machine to display deleted Reddit posts. It only shows recently deleted ones.

On the bright side, this method is straightforward to use. All you need to do is:

Step1 Search for the deleted Reddit post on Google

Step2 When you find the result, click on the three dots next to the page's link

google search result three dots

Step3 Then, select "Cached" from the small new window that pops up

google search result cached feature

This takes you to a previous version of the page when Google bots last visited it. Hopefully, this was when the post wasn't yet deleted. You can't know until you see the page and check it out.

Google Cache can be either a huge win or a total failure. It depends on the post itself. If it works, it will show you everything. However, if you're too late to the party, you won't be able to see anything from the deleted post.


Being able to see deleted posts on Reddit can be tricky. Reddit doesn't allow this, but it often gets overlooked, thanks to some of the tools we've discussed here. Even though it's not permitted, sometimes we all want to read a post we saved a while ago.

Just remember, these tools can often stop working. This is because they don't meet Reddit's guidelines and run without the company's permission. It's not illegal or anything, but it just may crash and not display your desired results. Use them while you can and find deleted Reddit posts you want to check out.

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Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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