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Top 10 Funny Tik Tok Videos

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

Many parents think that is a waste of time. Are they right? Well, no, if TikTok posts promote positivity and impact teenagers or youngsters. TikTok is a short-time video-based platform where everyone can represent their creativity with almost every talent you have. And, making people laugh is one of the best skills very few have in the world. When represented by a globally recognized app, i.e., TikTok, this talent makes a huge difference to all people across nation and religion. Long story short! We'll keep it simple and tell you some of the interesting facts related to TikTok before discussing those top 10 funny TikTok videos

Funny TikTok Videos

Owned by a Chinese tech-giant ByteDance, the TikTok app did a great job and became popular within a short time, among other social networking media platforms. Today, billions of people worldwide use it for marketing, entertainment, a showcase of talent, fun, and so on. TikTokers together share a community where everyone can be a creator. We believe that getting real engagement (organic) is one of the main reasons behind the popularity of the app.

  • For instance, young girls seeking to become social media influencers or models find it a perfect fit.
  • On the other hand, attention-seekers or other youngsters who want that no-so hard fame and trigger themselves by tons of likes and comments find TikTok as a suitable platform.

No doubt, TikTok is becoming more competitive than before. Just like Google, you have to understand its algorithm and different ideas to get real-time engagement. We will mention all these in further sections of our article, along with essential tips on making funny TikTok videos.

Top 10 Funny TikTok Videos

Check out a list of the best ten funny TikTok videos below.

1. Crazy Phone Skipping (Twinmelody)

Twinmelody has gone so popular on TikTok. Well, they make every kind of video, including funny as well as other entertaining stuff. This particular video is super crazy as defined by them as well as by users. Even though it looks like they are following specific challenges, but the video with phone skipping comes out to be funny. At the same time, they are showing their creativity with a correspondence dancing challenge.

2. Quarantine giving mood swings (Stokes twins)

Stokes twins make this video as both funny as well as emotional. It’s a great combo because users are going to trigger emotions of both fun as well as inner sentiments of affection. We love this video of theirs a lot. No matter how much you will be, there’s always some sort of affection towards our well-wishers and close persons.

3. Liburan were coming… (proteinhewami)

Liburan was coming means two dashing dogs on a motorbike were coming. Goggles on, and they're out for a star ride! Any pet lover would love seeing their pets ruling the game like this. Even though it's a proud moment for the dog family, the humans are finding it as a matter of serious laughter among the platform. They are amazed to see those cute dogs driving a little motorbike. Here, the creativity of both the person making video and the dogs showcases excellently.

4. Funny Animals (leojesus23)

Cats are dominating the home in the absence of the owner! Yeah, it's great to see them like playing, ruling, and making fun of the whole thing. While they're on a mission, dogs come. We must say that it's a highly engaging video requiring lots of effort by videographers and editors. Only a professional can make such Content. While leaving the cats alone at the start, the owner said to his cat, "You guys be good now!"

And, at last, when he came back home, he was just startled by seeing the fight between so many cats and dogs.

5. Margo The Dragon

Here we got another funny video with a dragon Margo. We think that she is a partner with Margo in all his videos. In this specific video, they are doing a fantastic thing when she calls out Margo, and he didn't even respond a bit. Capture the reaction of Margo when the girl screams aloud. The video also got a lovely response from viewers. All in all, we found it amusing Iguana video.

6. Who did it better (Zootarino)

It's a funny duet video in which an animal and a kid are falling from above. The fresh background music further makes it a dashing video. These sorts of duets are very eye-catchy. The video says that you have seen a glitter, but have you seen this. They are making it a fun part by throwing an animal or kid from above instead of glittery stuff. So, we pretty much loved their creativity. Hopefully, they don't get hurt as much, Lol!

7. When the dog accidentally drank 5-hour energy (ethanpark28)

The dog has gone shitty crazy in this video after drinking an energy drink. Well, it puts the owner into a troublesome situation. The dog is just moving here and there in super speed. Take a lesson and don't give your dogs' energy drink. They are already energetic, and giving them such drinks means you will be experiencing a really lol stuff. It can be harmful also.

8. Catfights (thesnobcats)

Have you seen catfighting? If not, go and see this one! Here, two cats are fighting in such a hilarious mood that everyone can laugh badly. And, the background Bollywood music is further making them mad. We think Bollywood hits everywhere, even in the fighting world of cats. The fight is like a fight between two cute babies when they are immature and don't know their stuff is so funny in front of others.

9. Funny dog (animalsdoingthings)

We believe it to be the super funny TikTok videos of 2021. Just take a look at the dog's reaction to get mad. Initially, you may think that the dog is scared of something, but it's not the reason. Something is going over there on the other side, which led to this reaction. If you've got that moment, you will feel a kind of crazy over this dog. It is superb! 

10. Grandparents dancing (Emilyjanefc)

Grandparents are dancing on a TikTok which previously they won't believe that they can do it. When TikTok is funny, it can let everyone flow with it and make them entertaining too. Vow! It is a challenge to follow those steps in background music. This TikToker has made this video mentioning that she proved their grandparents wrong by letting them dance for a TikTok video. This particular video made in natural lighting has also got so much engagement. 

Tips for making Funny Videos on TikTok

We will list some tips on making funny TikTok videos that come out to be attractive. These are a compilation of suggestions given by experienced TikTokers.

Tips for Making TikTok Videos

Funny Content

You have to put out an entertaining content that stands out among others. Make sure to insert only such funny Content that looks like a kind of getting real attraction from users. Remember 'Content is the King' while making these videos.

Real-Time Engagement

Want those real-time subscribers? It’s not that tough to get them if you have already followed our first tip. Then, you have to think of developing the right promotional strategy. That could be WhatsApp, Facebook, or any social media or even ads platform where you can get real-time followers.

Use TikTok filters & Participate in challenges.

TikTok is versatile if you look at it closely. There are lots of settings and things to do in a single app itself. So, we would like to encourage you to participate in those challenges and use tik-tok specific filters to get noticed and grab high rankings.

Pay attention to the background.

People love to see those things that are strange or weird. It means something unique and crazy. So, it's better to pay attention to your background and transfer it from ordinary to something dashing, fresh, unusual, or stupid. You can draw some wall art, or go to any pleasing area to get that feel.

Use a versatile tool to edit videos.

The TikTokers with a blue tick on the app don't just shot and post the video. A lot of efforts come in between to make that video stand out from others. After following the above four tips, you need to get your hands-on any versatile video editor tool.

For reference, you can use our recommendation i.e., Filmora by Wondershare.

We can provide you some validations behind our pick. First of all, it's a very user-friendly platform and used globally even by many business owners for their promotional stuff and so on. Secondly, you will get all the right kinds of video editing tools for creating funny TikTok videos, including transitions, background music, and others.

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Hopefully, you have enjoyed our post on the top 10 funny TikTok videos. Making entertaining Content may not be so easy. Therefore we also discussed some tips to help your way in TikTok. Always keep in mind those points while making any sort of video. In general terms also, they will prove to be very helpful. 

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