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Top 10 Travel Vloggers on YouTube to Inspire You in 2024

Ollie Mattison
Ollie Mattison
Originally published Aug 08, 23, updated Feb 29, 24
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A vlogger creates, uploads, and publishes a video blog, usually on YouTube and Facebook. Sometimes we can say a vlogger is someone rather than write about their life, films it.

A travel vlog is a short video that showcases adventures and chronicling travel. There are many best travel vloggers on YouTube channels ranging from daily vlogging, storytelling editing, cinematic flair, 360 viewing, and sexy drone shots committed to pump-out inspiration on travel regularly on a programmed basis.

Thus, in this blog, let us check out our list of the best travel YouTubers below.

Part 1: 10 Best Travel Vloggers on YouTube

The need for a travel vlog rose even more during the pandemic because we cannot pack our bags and go on adventures when half of the world cannot travel and is stuck indoors. Besides, a travel vlog also gives ideas for new travelers to choose their destination, chalk out a budget, and plan.

Thus, as a travel vlogger, it is good, to begin with, action by going around rather than just sitting down and recording. But, how?

Don't worry, as, in this part, we shall give you the ten best travel YouTubers of 2024 that you must check out:

1. Thomas Heaton

Total Subscribers: 501K

Thomas Heaton, who joined YouTube on November 24, 2014, has one of the best travel YouTube channels. As a travel vlogger whose central focus is on landscape and outdoor photography.

2. Eva Zu Beck

Total Subscribers: 1.33M

With a whopping million subscribers, Eva Zu Beck became the best travel vlogger on YouTube. She joined YouTube on February 24, 2013, as a polish travel vlogger whose primary focus is on raw adventure-seeking.

3. Fun for Louis

Total Subscribers: 1.99M

Fun for Louis Joined YouTube on November 7, 2011, and takes vlogging as a daily routine for fun. He is a travel vlogger inspiring others, traveling worldwide, and having fun.

4. Allison Anderson

Total Subscribers: 618K

Allison Anderson Joined YouTube on July 5, 2009, as a travel vlogger whose interest is in life, minimalism, and storytelling photography. She shares her experiences through cinematic videos and storytelling as the best travel YouTuber.

5. Mr Ben Brown

Total Subscribers: 655K

Mr Ben Brown Joined YouTube on Oct 15, 2006, as a travel vlogger whose visual web series showcases some stunning cinematography. He is an expert storyteller, so whether you are motorbiking, skiing, or hiking, he makes you feel like you are moving with him as he travels around the world.

6. The Cottage Fairy

Total Subscribers: 759K

On March 21, 2020, the Cottage Fairy Joined YouTube as a travel vlogger, especially those who live in a cottage or love fairies. Her videos tell the world that we can live any way we want as long as it makes us happy.

7. Vagabrothers

Total Subscribers: 1.11M

Vagabrothers Joined YouTube on October 5, 2013. They are wacky boys who love to travel to exciting places worldwide on cultural and culinary discoveries.

8. Ronnie and Barty

Total Subscribers: 288K

Ronnie and Barty are ex-film makers based in a mountain town known as Manali in India. They Joined YouTube on July 6, 2010, and focused on showing the cultural lives of the people who live in the Himalayas.

9. Hey Nadine

Total Subscribers: 496K

Hey Nadine is an excellent travel vlogger who Joined YouTube on November 24, 2006. She shares travel advice and wanderlust adventure via her best travel YouTube channel. She puts in her channel travel lifestyle with a creative flair for entertainment, fashion, food, and fun.

10. Kamran Ali

Total Subscribers: 17.6K

Kamran Ali, also called KamaranOnBike Joined YouTube on October 11, 2006, as a travel vlogger who has traveled worldwide by bike as a photographer for the past six years. Most of his content includes short stories, travel encounters, and 4k footage of the mountains.

Part 2: How to Start a Travel Channel from Scratch?

Starting a travel vlog as a newbie might seem problematic as many travel vlogs are on the Internet. However, you should know that there is every tendency for you to start a travel blog now and outshine older travel vlogs if you follow these tips to become the best travel YouTube channels on the Internet:

1. Define your story or focus on a niche

Choose an aspect of travel stores you love and focus on that. So many viewers love to follow a general narrative, as the more generic content you have on your channel, the less likely it will stand out, and it will get drowned in the competition.

2. Find a YouTube strategy by bringing something new and mind-blowing

Focus on giving out quality content, Model yourself and your travel channel in a plain, plain, fun to watch, funny, intelligent, and precise way, and try to bring something extra to your destination.

3. Keep on improving, be persistent, and be realistic.

The most important thing in working on your travel channel is learning to improve your channel, be realistic in your content, and be persistent.

4. Create quality videos

With the help of Filmora, you can create quality videos for your travel channel to stand out ahead of your competitors.

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Hence, this article has helped you discover the ten best travel vloggers on the Internet and recommended ways to achieve the greatness of the best travel vlogger on YouTube from a newbie. It also gave you an insight into the best tool for editing your travel video (Filmora) and standing ahead of your competitors.

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