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How Have Game Recording Software Improved Their Stature in the Market? An Overview

Discover the best game recording software for your PC in this developing industry. Record your gameplay in real time and enjoy the benefits that come with it.
Quintela Originally published Feb 28, 24, updated Mar 27, 24

Recording gameplay on PC has been an essential part of operations for many streamers. This has led to developing several recording software dedicated to this specific purpose. With the market flooding with these tools, it is important to look at the quality instead of the quantity.

Let’s dive into the world of top game recorders for PC featuring services for the finest content creation. Take a look at their benefits, along with a simple and cost-effective alternative to make screen recording much easier on your PC.

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Screen Recording Now
Screen Recording Now

Part 1. Finding a Good Gameplay Recorder on PC? Get One Instantly!

Now that you are aware of some top benefits that game recorders provide, it is time to learn how to reap these benefits. There are currently several apps to help you capture gameplay on PC. The following list provides an insight into the top 10 apps to record gameplay on your computer:

Top Gameplay Recorder Tools on PC:
2. OBS Studio
3.Xbox Game Bar
4.Action! – Game Recorder
5.XSplit Broadcaster
8.Geceta by Movavi
9.Radeon ReLive


Bandicam stands amongst the top gameplay recorders available for PC today. It is an easy-to-use and free screen recording software that can capture anything you want on your screen.

Bandicam offers several useful features when it comes to screen recording. You can record audio, choose webcam overlay, draw real-time on the screen, and more. Bandicam also offers long-term screen recording, stretching as long as 24 hours. Besides recording gameplay, it is also suitable for recording lectures, webinars, video calls, and more.

bandicam game recorder for pc

2.OBS Studio

OBS Studio offers open-source software for recording and live-streaming videos. The game recorder for PC is available for download on Windows, Mac, and Linux. OBS allows real-time audio and video capturing abilities without compromising on performance. You can capture multiple sources simultaneously, including windows, text, images, webcams, and more.

The tool allows users to set unlimited scenes and seamlessly switch between them. You can easily choose custom transitions, duplicate screens, and tweak other aspects.

obs studio game recorder for pc

3.Xbox Game Bar

Your Windows PC will likely have an in-built Game Bar offered by Xbox. It is a customizable gaming overlay that makes gaming easier. Among other useful features, the Game Bar allows for real-time recording of any gameplay on the PC.

The Xbox Game Bar offers easy keyboard shortcuts that can be customized for various functions. The start and end of the recording are also narrated by the tool, so you can hear when changes are made. Game Bar can also help find new teammates with LFG (Looking For Group) and chat with other Xbox users.

xbox game bar game recorder pc

4.Action! – Game Recorder

Action! – Game Recorder is one of the best software currently available for recording gameplay on PC. With smooth recordings and high-quality streaming, it is a reliable option for novice and expert gamers.

It can record HD gameplay at up to 120fps with low CPU usage. Users can easily get around its easy-to-use interface. You can export your videos directly to Facebook and YouTube. Action! also supports live streaming to Twitch, YouTube, and Upstream. You can even control the video recording on your PC via your smartphone.

action game recorder for pc

5.XSplit Broadcaster

Another remarkable tool that offers simple yet powerful gameplay recording is XSplit. You can use tools to create content for popular platforms like Twitch, YouTube, and TikTok. XSplit Broadcaster comes as a feature-packed production studio for content creation.

XSplit offers unlimited customization options when it comes to recording gameplay. It offers flawless video and audio quality without putting additional load on the system. XSplit ensures lag-free gameplay, so your efficiency is not affected while recording.

xsplit broadcaster game recorder for pc


If you want high-performance HD recordings without interruptions in your gameplay, FBX is a reliable option. It is a dedicated game recorder offering many useful features to users. FBX can save highlights of the best parts of your gameplay. You can customize hotkeys that instantly save short videos of your best action.

It can also capture high-quality screenshots for easy sharing. FBX also allows live streaming options with rapid setups. The tool can automatically adjust to your bandwidth to help eliminate jerky streams.

fbx game recorder for pc


For fast and efficient recordings, you can opt for D3DGear. It is a high-quality game screen recorder for PC containing all the essentials for smooth recordings. The tool is available on Windows computers as a plugin and add-on software.

D3DGear can record gameplay smoothly without causing the game to drop much in the frame rate. It also allows users to live stream their gameplay to Twitch. D3DGear can also record Oculus Rift VR gameplay with HD SBS stereoscopic videos. Furthermore, it can produce Constant Frame Rate (CFR) movies, often required with Adobe software.

d3dgear game recorder for pc

8.Gecata by Movavi

Movavi offers its state-of-the-art game recorder for PC in the form of Gecata. The tool is a lightweight and solid program for recording and streaming gameplay. You can use it to grab the best moments of your gaming experience and share them with your peers across the globe.

Gecata enables users to record and stream their games at the same time without any lag. You can also record webcam and microphone, in-game sound effects, music, and dialogues all in one click. Gecata provides full control, allowing you to customize overlays to monitor frame rate, bit count, and other metrics.

gecata movavi game recorder for pc

9.Radeon ReLive

Radeon ReLive by AMD certainly deserves a spot on this list of game recorder software for PCs. It is a user-friendly game recorder that helps users capture and share gameplay videos and screenshots. Radeon ReLive is configuring-friendly and has a minimal impact on the FPS rate.

The tool works on systems with AMD graphics cards. It allows users to tweak their game and display settings, allowing for seamless gameplay. Radeon also contains a switch for saving power and preventing the system from overheating.

radeon relive game recorder for pc


Formerly known as Screencast-o-Matic, ScreenPal is a user-friendly tool designed to capture and share screen recordings. You can record and edit your content on the same platform using this versatile tool. ScreenPal is available on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Chromebook devices.

Besides recording gameplay on a PC, you can also use it for education, work, and other personal purposes. ScreenPal comes with a built-in editor that helps you tweak your videos after recording them. You can also host and share content on its easily accessible cloud.

screenpal game recorder for pc

[Cost-Effective] Screen Recording in Wondershare Filmora

The tools mentioned above are great for recording gameplay on PC. However, you might have noticed that many of these tools offer pricing plans that can prove heavy on the wallet. If you are looking for a cost-effective solution for recording gameplay, Wondershare Filmora is a stellar choice.

Filmora by Wondershare is an all-in-one solution when it comes to content creation. While other game recorders for PC often offer specific tools, Filmora offers a 360-degree approach. Besides recording the screen, Filmora also allows users to compile and edit their recorded gameplay without ever exiting the platform.

Anyone Can Create a Tutorial With These Easy Steps

Free Download
Free Download

How to Record Gameplay Using Wondershare Filmora

The Screen Record feature on Filmora is a simple yet powerful function that can help you capture your computer’s screen and webcam. You can record audio using the microphone and the system at the same time.

Filmora also lets users customize the area of the screen they wish to capture. This makes it arguably the best game screen recorder for PC. To capture gameplay on PC using Filmora, follow the steps below:

Step1Open Screen Recorder on Filmora

Install and launch Wondershare Filmora on your PC. You can select the “Screen Recorder” feature from the startup window on Filmora.

access screen recorder from homepage

Alternatively, you can also go to the “File” tab and select “Record Media” from the dropdown list, then choose to record the webcam, PC screen, or voiceover.

access recording option from interface
Step2Adjust Screen Recording Settings

Once the Screen Recorder panel opens, you can choose the recording ratio from the menu under the “Square” icon. The available options are to record the full screen, a target window, or any custom size. You can then toggle the switches next to the "Microphone," "System Audio," and "Camera” options to turn them on or off. Filmora also lets users adjust the frame rate, quality, and other parameters.

adjust recording settings
Step3 Adjust Screen Recording Settings

Once the Screen Recorder panel opens, you can choose the recording ratio from the menu under the “Square” icon. The available options are to record the full screen, a target window, or any custom size. You can then toggle the switches next to the "Microphone," "System Audio," and "Camera” options to turn them on or off. Filmora also lets users adjust the frame rate, quality, and other parameters.

Step4Record Through Filmora and Conclude

After specifying the settings, tap the “Record” button to start recording your gameplay. Filmora will ensure your gameplay is not affected by the recording. Hit the “Stop” button once you are done and edit the file in Filmora. Finally, export the recorded gameplay to a location of your choice.

start and stop recording


Many dedicated software are available to help you capture gameplay on PC. The top game recording software for PC and their pricing plans are mentioned above for your convenience. However, our advice is to switch to Wondershare Filmora. Not only does Filmora offer a cost-effective solution, but it is also much easier to use and provides high-quality recordings without lag.

Quintela Mar 27, 24
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