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• Audio Editing
1. Basic audio editing tips
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2. Advanced audio editing tips
2.1 How to Improve Sound Quality
2.2 How to Add Audio Effects
2.3 How to Mix Audio Tracks into One
Wondershare Filmora9
Perfect your audio file with multiple audio effects and tracks.
  • Over 50 audio effects and royalty free music
  • Make good use of your music with Audio Mixer and Audio Equalizer
  • Optimized audio fade in & fade out algorithm

How to Add Audio Effects to Your Video on One Click

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Jun 24, 2021• Proven solutions

We often love to record sound tracks as well as videos at home and want to share them with friends but it is not always possible to record these tracks with good quality. Sometimes the background music is very noisy or it has the unwanted part, we may want to remove that unwanted noise from recorded tracks to make the audio quality better, and we can also add more audio effects to polish the whole editing.

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Suitable Software for Adding Audio Effects

Some of you might be interested to capture activities of animals in forests, but we often end up with too much surrounding noise. In order to make activities of those captured animals very much clear to viewers and get better sound quality, it is good to use some tools that can edit background music with ease. This editing task will help to improve overall quality of recordings and will increase the market value of your audio tracks. There are so many software tools available online for audio editing but for better results you need to choose the one that really helps and meets your need. And before you start editing your audios from recordings, it is important to know that this editing requires more efforts compared to video editing.

Wondershare Filmora9 is rated higher for such applications because here all audio effects can be adjusted with one click only. The audio keyframing and built in Equalizer in Wondershare Filmora9 are capable enough to create amazing audio effects and it will make recorded audios more appealing to your ears. All interactive features of Filmora will set new dimensions to your videos with awesome audio background and they will soon become popular in market. Whether you are a beginner in this field or en expert audio editor, in both cases Wondershare Filmora will show you the best results.

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How to Add Audio Effects to Video with Wondershare Filmora9

It is much easier to edit an audio track with wondershare filmora9 in order to improve its overall quality. If you want to remove noise or unwanted audio signals from your videos, you can use the interactive features of wondershare where you can easily import, export files and modify them with one click into the format you want. To achieve all these benefits, you can follow these steps:

Step 1. Import your source files to Filmora9:


You can either drag and drop files to the media library directly or click “Import” button to load as many audio or video files as you need. 

Step 2. Detach audio track from video:


The next important step to separate the noise or unwanted audio from the source video. In order to detach these audio signals, you need to right click the video on the video track, then simply select Detach Audio, and the background sound of the video will be detached out to the audio track. Then you can modify or delete it as per your need without affecting original video.

Step 3. Do audio keyframing(fade in and fade out):


After you detach the audio to the audio track, you can double click it on the track, and then you will see the Fade in and Fade out options (there are also some other audio settings such as volume, equalizer and denoise). Just drage the slider on Fade in and Fade out option to make smooth audio transitions directly, and then you will see the fade in and fade out waves on the timeline. All of this will make the editing very dramatical and full of personality. 

Step 4. Add Sound Effects:


Simply go to the Audio tab, select Sound Effects, and then you will see a list of sound effects such as Atomic Bomb and Camera Snaps. Just drag the sound effect you like to the audio track and align it with your video.

Step 5. Export your video:


Once you finish your editing on the timeline, you can click Export button to save your video as mp4 or other supported formats. Or you can upload it to Youtube and Vimeo directly.


Wondershare Filmora9 is one of the top rated software tools for audio editing due to its incredible features and interface. If you want to create wonderful audio effects on your video, it's highly recommended to download this software to your computer to enjoy all amazing editing tools.

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