How to Add Audio Effects to Your Video on One Click

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We often love to record sound tracks as well as videos at home and want to spread them among friends to make them popular but it is not always possible record these tracks with fine quality. Their background music is mostly very noisy and we wish to remove that unwanted noise from recorded tracks. Also if we are able to improve the background of recorded audios or captured videos then their quality is automatically increased.

Some of you might be interested to capture activities of animals in forests but we often end up with too much surrounding noise and the real effects of that video are reduced. In order to make activities of those captured animals very much clear to viewers in addition to better sound quality it is good to use some software tools that can edit background music with ease. This editing task will help to improve overall quality of recordings and will increase market value of your audio tracks. There are so many software tools available online for audio editing but for better results you have choose the most trusted one. And before you start editing your audios from recordings it is important to know that this editing demands more efforts as compared to video editing.

Wondershare Filmora is rated higher for such applications because here all audio effects can be adjusted with one click only. The built in Equalizer present in Wondershare Filmora is capable enough to create amazing audio effects and it will make recorded audios more appealing to your ears. All interactive features of Filmora will set new dimensions to your videos with awesome audio background and they will soon become popular in market. Whether you are a beginner in this field or are en expert audio editor, in both cases Wondershare Filmora will provide you best results with its incredible platform.

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Add Audio Effects to Your Video with Wondershare Filmora

It is not always possible to use instruction manual for audio editing so an advanced tool has been developed for your editing needs that makes everything much easier with its equalizing effect. We are here talking about Wondershare Filmora that is capable enough to adjust all audio features in your customizable files and results quality output with amazing sound engineering. You might be thinking about how this equalizing effect will work for your audio editing needs; then below are few important details:

About Audio Equalizer

Equalizers are a kind of hardware and software filters that adjust loudness of audios over certain frequencies as per need of human ear. The pitch of audio signals varies with frequencies and they result different effects on our ear; the Equalizer present in Wondershare Filmora set proper boundaries to these audio signals so that their effect can be equalized and acoustic projects can have higher quality. These Equalizers can work for rooms, cars etc. with different shapes or sizes of speakers so that sounds generated from all instruments can be added perfectly to resulting files.

How to add audio effects to video with Wondershare Filmora

It is much easier to edit an audio track with wondershare filmora in order to improve its overall quality. If you want to remove noise or unwanted audio signals from your videos then prefer to use interactive features of wondershare where you can easily import, export files and modify them with one click into desired format. To achieve all these benefits with one platform you have to follow these steps:

Step 1. Import the video clips in Filmora:

How to add audio effects

First of all you have to import your desired video clip of any size on to Filmora. For this first of all launch the video editor software on your device and then select edit ratio 4:3 or 16:9 as per your need before going ahead to front window. Now use import option present on your screen to bring desired video clip on to software platform. It is also possible to use drag and drop feature to get your videos.

Step 2. Detach audio track from video:

How to add audio effects to your video

The next important step to your editing needs is separation of audio files from captured videos so that only required content can be edited. In order to detach these audio signals, you have to move cursor over video so that it can be highlighted and then simply select audio detach option after right click on video. Within few seconds the separated audio will appear on screen in form of music timeline; now as it is separated from original video file so you can modify or delete it as per your need without affecting original video.

Step 3. Use Built-in Audio Equalizer:

How to add audio effects with audio equalizer

In order to improve quality of audio signal, now you have to use built in audio equalizer of Wondershare Filmora. It is possible to add so many audio effects onto your music timeline as like country, blue, sparkle, low bass, dance and classic etc. Users are free to select audio effects as per their choice and within very less time the audio signals will be equalized automatically.

Step 4. Apply Audio effects:

add sound effects to your video

Simply go to the sound tab present on your screen and then make selection for any of the desired audio effect out of a long list or big library. Drag that effect over your audio track and save the changes; you can also play track in between to check its quality.

Step 5. Export your video:

Export your video at any format

Once your customization task is completed then it is time to save your new edited video file back to your system. It is possible to choose any desired format for this resultant video.


Wondershare Filmora is one of the top rated software tools for audio editing due to its incredible features and interactive platform. If you wish to create wonderful videos with catching background music then prefer to download this software on your system to enjoy all amazing editing tools present inside.

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Craig, use the audio detatch
Hi Liza. Hope you can help me. I shoot with two cameras both different angles. What I want to do (In the editor) is during the middle of the clip swap to the camera two view for 30 secs then back to main view. I have been cutting and pasting but I only want to use the sound track from the first clip. It seems what ever i do I can never get the audio to match the lips. is there an easy way to do this in wondershare (I have the MAC version)

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