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8 Best Popular Instagram After Effects Templates

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Jul 17, 2024• Proven solutions

Are you looking forward to adding some creativity to your Instagram posts? The Instagram story After Effects template is a great way to add fun elements to your posts and also stand out in the crowd.

With the evolution of the IG, today, you can easily create and publish the filters for Instagram stories. There are several new and fresh after effects Instagram template that you may try out.

In this article, you will learn eight best After Effects Instagram templates.

8 Best Instagram After Effects Template

1.Instagram Promo

If you wish to promote your IG account, the Instagram Promo after effects template is a great, streamlined option. There are 13 text layers and 13 media place holders in Instagram Promo that you can edit.

For showcasing your product portfolio, vacations, travel life, fashion, sports, food, modeling, or wildlife, the Instagram story after effects template is the ideal and neat way. You may use it on TV, social media platforms, or the Internet and download free. It doesn’t require any plugins.

Instagram Promo

2.Animated Instagram Stories Kit on Behance

The Animated Insta Stories Kit Behance comes with over 175 animated elements like ten titles, 20 background, 120 animated stories, ten live photo presets, 15 swipe-up elements, and more. You can readily use all the tools. It is one of the best for influencers, agencies, and bloggers.

Just add your media to change color and text, render it, and share it on Instagram. It is one of the best and most potent after effects Instagram template to add a definition to your static image.

Animated Instagram Stories Kit on Behance

3.Instagram Stories

Instagram stories have over 300 compositions that are stylish and are differently animated moquettes. It is mostly used for ads and is divided into 15 categories. They are a basic template, business, beauty, carousel, sale, education, sport template, travel, stomps, video template, backgrounds, transitions, kinetic, animated typography, and holographic template. It was prepared as Adobe after effects and presently, a great Instagram story after effects template.

Instagram Stories

4.Instagram Holiday Stomp

For creating a lasting impression, the Instagram Holiday Stomp is the best After Effects Instagram template. Celebrations like New year, Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, or Solstice becomes comfortable with this Insta after effects template. Simple to edit, quick to render, and no plugins make Instagram Holiday Stomp an instant hit. The color controls are simple, and it is 100% after effect. 

Instagram Holiday Stomp

5.Instagram Story After Effects Template

It is mandatory to look your best on Instagram. From selling a story to just promoting your brand, your content must have a smooth and fresh appearance. Get noticed by choosing Instagram Story After Effects Template. Insert your custom text, photos, or videos. It is easy to edit and change colors with this Instagram template. Download it free, and there are several categories to choose from.

Instagram Story After Effects Template

6.After Effects Instagram Story Sales Template

Changing the avatar on your account is very important to keep your viewers engrossed. With this Instagram story after effects template, you can create a 3D model out of your single image. You need to create your account and add your avatar to make use of the After Effects Instagram Story Sales Template.

After Effects Instagram Story Sales Template

7.Instagram Stories (For After Effects)

It is a five-star rated after effects Instagram template, amazingly handy with over 1285 story variations for every occasion. You can check out the live preview of templates from the helpful creative panel library. Just install the panel to try out several variations of your content. Instagram Stories for After Effects is ideal for travel, sports, business, personal blogs, predictions, quotes, etc. The PixLeaks creative tool lets you create handy, fast, and easy after effects. It has a fast rendering option, full HD resolution, and adjustable templates.

Instagram Stories

8.Instagram Stories Bundle

Instagram Stories Bundle consists of 90 Instagram HD resolution stories, 90 posts, 62 transitions, and 60 color grades. Make changes to your texts and videos or images in just a few clicks.

It is easy to customize and needs no plugins. With trending and modern design, promoting your blogs, posts, events, quotes, and sharing your opinion and thoughts becomes simple with this Instagram story after effects template.

It includes HTML preview, universal expression, tutorial guide, color control, After effects cs5.5, and above. You can impress your audience on all social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Instagram Stories Bundle


Now that you know the best after effects Instagram templates, make use of the best effects to create a great impression on your viewers. Give a fun makeover to your boring static images with these above-mentioned Instagram story after effects template.

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