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The Way to Make Dynamic Video Collages?

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Jul 18, 23, updated Mar 27, 24

Videos are a crucial component in everyone's lives. Even businesses rely on videos to promote their products and services in the most effective and engaging manner. People love to capture their day-to-day life and share it with the world to attract more and more followers. If you also want to get active on social media and share your life with other people, dynamic videos are your chance.

Don’t know what dynamic videos are? No problem, because from definition to editors, this article will help you to make dynamic videos. Jump ahead and find what you need in further discussion.

In this article
  1. Part 1: Understanding Video Collages
  2. Part 2: The Purpose of Split Screen
  3. Part 3: 5 Best Video Collage Makers
  4. Part 4: How to Make a Video Collage in Filmora?
  5. Part 5: Boost Your Video Collage

Part 1: Understanding Video Collages

Getting into video collages without understanding their basic purpose or what they can do for you is not the best thing to do. Before using anything and investing your precious time in it, you should know what benefits it can provide for you or what its applications are.

Don’t panic if you don’t know anything because this part will help you a lot. Here we will guide you through the basics of dynamic videos to upgrade your functionality:

Definition of Dynamic Video Collages

Combining multiple videos, clips, images, or other intuitive visual elements into a cohesive presentation is termed a “video collage.” Several types of video collages are present on the web, and one of them is Dynamic Video Collages.

From layering to the arrangement of the visual metrics, you can customize everything as per your need. It is one of the most engaging factors that can help you attract more users and share multiple multimedia content with the world innovatively.

Purpose of Dynamic Video Collages

Now that you are aware of what Dynamic Video Collages are, you must be wondering what their core purpose is. It is not wrong to say that the purpose of these collages solely depends on the context or interpretation of the intention of the creator. However, some of the core purposes of Dynamic Video Collages are discussed here:

1. Storytelling and Presentation

With the usage of video collages, you can present your stories in a more eye-catching manner. Moreover, these collages can also be used to present the business model in the most understandable way.

2. Mosaics and Highlights

You will notice that video collages are often used to showcase memorable events and highlight important occupations. From sports to entertainment, every person can use video collages to present something such as performance, achievements, etc.

3. Effects and Expressions

These collages can also play a significant role as a platform to present artistic expressions and effects. You can combine diversified visual elements, such as graphics, images, texture, and more. Along with this, it can also help to evoke presentable emotion in the audience.

4. Promotion and Projects

If you wish to provide a visually rich experience for the audience, you can get assistance from video collages. It helps to showcase the projects in visually appealing formats. You also have an opportunity to promote your products and services in an optimized manner with video collages.

Benefits of Dynamic Video Collages

The benefits of visual collages are not limited to some specific areas. It can offer diversified productive benefits for you. A few of them can be seen in the understated points:

1. Engagement and Communication

The video collages help to provide a visually engaging experience with the combination of multiple videos. It also assists in capturing attention and acts as an effective communication medium.

2. Emotional and Expressional Impact

You can get creative freedom with video collages with impactful compositions. Above all, it also integrates the potential to evoke high-level and realistic expressions and emotions.

3. Flexibility and Marketing

Video collages are easier to share on multiple platforms and benefit more than blogs. You can also use this as a medium of omnichannel marketing in multiple domains. Moreover, the flexibility of video collages across multiple domains is also part of this.

4. Easy To Create

You don't need to master specific skills to create dynamic video collages. These video colleges are easy to create, and you can present them to the world without issues.

Make Dynamic Video Collages

Use simple video editing tips to make cool and wonderful videos with Wondershare Filmora features and effects.

Wondershare Filmora 12

Applications of Dynamic Video Collages

In this content-driven world, you can find diversified applications for dynamic video collages. You can use it to engage with others or share your daily activities without issues. If you are still curious about its applications, the below-given points will satisfy your queries:

1. Digital Marketing

One of the common uses of video colleges is digital marketing. You can showcase products, highlight their features, and convey explicit brand messages.

2. Content for Social Media

Besides digital marketing, you can also use these video collages to create specified content for your social media. It lets you compile multiple photos and videos to share more in a limited time with the world.

3. Personal Use

It is not compulsory to use video collages for business purposes because you can also use them for personal use. From birthdays to weddings, you can create personalized video collages for every occasion.

4. Artistic Projects

Another considerable application of video collages is the creation and composition of artistic content. You can use it for visual storytelling along with boosting of immersive experience.

Part 2: The Purpose of Split Screen

Research is a basic component of creating unmatchable, immersive, engaging content for blogs and sites. If you are a content writer or a multimedia content editor, you may face problems while acquiring the specific content to write or apply. However, as technology and the need for digital content emerge, so do the techniques for this.

One of the basic yet effective techniques mostly used by content creators is Split Screen. When you divide your desktop or laptop's content in half, it is known as a split screen. Other than the previously discussed content, there are some other purposes of split screen. Some of them are discussed here:

01of 06Effective Comparison

From content writing to video editing, you need to compare the content to ensure creativity. If you are using the split screen, it can be helpful for you because you can compare content on both windows in real time.

02of 06Different Storyline Perspectives

You can get aid from a split screen to depict the actions or happenings in different locations. Moreover, you can also follow multiple storylines simultaneously and experience a broader range of perspectives.

03of 06Clone Visual Effects

Clone visual effects mean applying the effect in one part of the video and creating its modified version. To clone the visual effects in real time, the split screen is the best option.

04of 06Content Preview

Every video editor needs to see how your video will look after editing to analyze its engaging and modified metric. With split screens, you can have optimized content previews without any problem.

05of 06Compression and Constraints

Split screens are genuinely effective in maximizing the productivity of the users. You can also compress the time limits with a split screen and can also utilize this for technical constraints.

06of 06Personal Preference

Some users find it difficult to open the windows every time they wish to search for information. For this reason, they use the split screen because it lets you explore the windows without minimizing the first one. So, it can be said that a split screen's usability depends upon the users' perspective.

Part 3: 5 Best Video Collage Makers

Knowing the effectiveness of dynamic video collages without knowing the video collage makers is like getting thirsty but not drinking water. You can create studio-friendly dynamic videos to ensure higher functionality and share more in a limited time.

The most trusted and reliable video collage makers that can help you in creating cinematic dynamic video collages are listed here. From description to features, you can find valuable information about these video collage makers here:

1. Filmora Video Editor

With over 100 million users, Wondershare Filmora never fails to amaze users with its optimized functionality ratio. You can use this premium-grade video collage maker on several platforms such as desktop, tablet, or mobile phone. Filmora also integrates the Split Screen so you can maximize your productivity without losing focus.

It also encompasses uncountable preset templates to fabricate the cinematic level video in a limited time. One of the best things about Wondershare Filmora is that it comprehends the nondestructive and layer base edition and video-creating procedure.

filmora video editor interface
Free Download
Free Download

Key Features of Wondershare Filmora

  1. Using its AI Copywriting feature, you can create inspiring and descriptive content in a limited time.
  2. With the built-in Instant Mode of Filmora, you can create videos by adding media files. No specialized skill is required to make a video with Filmora.
  3. By using the Title Editing feature, you can create expressive titles for your videos. Moreover, it also allows you to edit multiple videos at once.
Pros of Wondershare Filmora
  • It offers free cloud storage through which you can back up and store your needed media resources easily.
  • You can also do motion tracking in the video collages without impacting the content in videos.
Con of Wondershare Filmora
  • Some of the features of Filmora are limited to the paid version, so you cannot use them unless you are a premium user.

2. Canva

In Canva, you can find a huge array of layouts and grids to create perfect video collages. It also integrates several free templates, which are also used to create high-level videos. If you are a startup, you can also use this tool to create the logo for your brand. Arguably, Canva is one of the most used platforms for creating intuitive video collages.

canva video collage online

Key Features of Canva

  1. In Canva, you can find uncountable elements and illustrations for every type of project. It also integrates royalty-free images.
  2. Canva also offers several intuitive and engaging filters and effects to make multimedia files more upgraded and cinematic.
  3. You can remove the unattractive background from photos and videos and can also replace them with the backgrounds of your choice.
Pros of Canva
  • It can encompass a modernized editing feature through which you can turn simple videos into engaging videos.
  • There is an extensive library of pictures, themes, templates, and other visual elements which can make your work easier than ever.
Con of Canva
  • Canva is an online tool, so you cannot use its exclusive features and make high-level video collages if you don't have a reliable internet connection.

3. Kapwing

Kapwing lets you create premium-grade dynamic video collages, and you can export them in the desired formats without any issue. It helps you in creating and editing videos to generate the best content. While making video collages, you can also use its built-in collage templates from its versatile library. It supports timeline-based editing, which gives you full control over several metrics of your videos.

kapwing video collage online

Key Features of Kapwing

  1. With Kapwing, you can edit videos in real time with your team members and friends. It saves you from sharing the video every time after editing.
  2. It also offers you the chance to add expressive and accurate subtitles in the videos and auto-sync them to your videos.
  3. There are hundreds and thousands of royalty-free stock assets in this. It includes GIFs, photos, videos, audio, and other things.
Pros of Kapwing
  • It supports Smart Cut, through which you can remove the unrequired silences from videos to get rid of boring parts.
  • There are unlimited overlays in it that give you unlimited possibilities of making your video more cutting-edge in a limited time.
Cons of Kapwing
  • Users can face irritable restrictions and limitations while exporting their dynamic video collages on devices.

4. Adobe Express

It is one of the most reliable tools through which you can create intuitive, dynamic video collages on the web, mobiles, and desktop devices. It offers modernized capabilities to leverage your branding videos in no time. You can also access Adobe fonts and assets with this video collage maker. The built-in layouts and grids of this tool are also well-optimized and modernized.

adobe express video collage online

Key Features of Adobe Express

  1. You can use professionally designed templates to create the most efficient and engaging content without investing extra effort.
  2. It also offers the integration of designing with AI, so you can also transfer text to images with this tool.
  3. No matter if you are working alone or with a team, it lets you synchronize your projects with other people so you can work in a collaborative manner.
Pros of Adobe Express
  • There are endless customizing possibilities in Adobe Express that help you to make collages without compromising your creativity.
  • You can remove the background from images and videos or cam edit it in multiple ways effortlessly.
Con of Adobe Express
  • It does not support the SVG format, which can be a major restriction for many users.


Do you wish to make dynamic video collages of professional quality? There is nothing to be concerned about because got you covered in this domain. It's a game-changing tool because you can create gorgeous promotional content with this. Moreover, it also supports the auto resizing option, through which you can resize the collages in multiple dimensions.

veed io video collage online

Key Features of

  1. io helps you to record engaging videos, and you can also edit them directly on without any restriction to download them on your device.
  2. This tool helps you in adding accurate and synchronized subtitles, and you can also transcribe the audio of the video into text.
  3. As it also comprehends the Video Converter, you can convert your video file of one format into another.
Pros of
  • In case your video collage has a large size, you can use the built-in video compressor for compressing videos in lossless quality.
  • The Video Merger of can assist you in merging multiple videos together to create one optimized masterpiece.
Con of
  • There is no broader range of audiograms in It can be stressful for users that want to add audio to videos.

Part 4: How to Make a Video Collage in Filmora?

The best video collage maker among the tools listed above is Wondershare Filmora. It offers higher functionality along with innovative features. Do you want to make dynamic video collages with Wondershare Filmora? Do you want to know how to create video collages with split screens and overlays? No worries because the instructions listed here can help you a lot:

Free Download
Free Download

Method 1: Split Screen

Here is the procedure for making dynamic video collages with the help of a split screen:

Step 1Launch Filmora and Add Clips

Initially, install and launch Wondershare Filmora on your device and click the "New Project" option. To continue, go to the "Click here to import media" section and add the videos. Next, drag the video to "Timeline" to enable its editing.

add clips to timeline
Step 2Select a Collage Layout

Following this. open “Wondershare Filmstock” and search for the "Video Collage Layouts" from the "Search Bar." Once you find the best layout, click the “Download" button to download it. Next, go to the tab related to the college you have downloaded. This may include "Titles," "Transitions," "Effects," and other metrics.

select collage layout filmstock
Step 3Add Clips to Collage Layout

After adding the collage layout, add the clips of your choice in the customized arrangements. You are also free to manage the “Start Time” and “Duration” of the video. Along with that, you can access “Effects,” “Transitions,” or “Stickers” to check the Filmstock package that is downloaded into Filmora.

add clips to layout
Step 4Export the Dynamic Video Collages

After making all the modifications, click the "Export" button from the top right of the screen. To proceed, change its "Name," "Save to" location, "Preset," "Resolution," and other metrics. Finally, hit the "Export" button to save the video collage on the device.

export final video

Method 2: Overlay

Another significant method to make dynamic video collages with Wondershare Filmora is to use its overlays. Don't know how to use it? The understated steps will guide you about this:

Step 1Import Video Clips to Filmora

To start, open Wondershare Filmora on your device and hit the "New Project" option. Following this, select the "Click here to import media" option and add the video clips you want to make a collage. Don't forget to drag the imported video in "Timeline."

insert video clips to timeline
Step 2Select an Overlay

Next, go to “Effects” and search for a specific overlay with the help of the "Search Bar." Following this, select the effect of your liking and drag it on the video in the timeline.

select overlay from effects
Step 3Add Clips to Overlays

Next, customize the overlay in your desired size and dimension and add the “Video Clips” to add in collage. You can also manage the arrangement of clips in collages.

adjust overlays in videos
Step 4Export the Video Collage into the Device

Afterward, click the "Export" button from the above panel and use the on-screen "Output Settings" to modify and personalize the video collage. Once done, select the "Export" button and save the video collage on your device.

export final overlay video

Part 5: Boost Your Video Collage

Several factors play an important role in boosting and improving the quality of your video. Luckily, Wondershare Filmora also supports several factors that can enhance your video's productivity. These factors include the followings.

Free Download
Free Download


The transitions in videos create a smooth flow and add a sense of consistency. Moreover, It also helps to make the videos more visually appealing and engage users. It acts like the smoothest break in the scenes that attract the users and capture their attention. In addition, you can also give a great storytelling experience to users with transitions.

use transitions in filmora

Video Effects and LUTs

LUTs stand for Look Up Tables, and they are used to maximize video engagement. Moreover, video effects can also make videos more cinematic and studio friendly. It can add versatility and flexibility that ensures the longevity of videos. You can also make corrective adjustments in videos and express your creativity to the world.

use effects in filmora

Title Effects

Titles Effects are extremely crucial components of videos because they express the theme and purpose of the video. The audience is likely to guess the content of videos from the title because it's the first thing they will see. You have to keep it informative and attention-grabbing, along with keeping professionalism in mind. It can also help in boosting the retention of videos.

use titles in filmora


In this article, you have learned about dynamic video collages, their definition, purposes, benefits, and application. It can be said that it is an optimized option to attract more users and boost your video retention. You can use video collages for both personal and professional purposes. It also helps you to share your artistic and creative side with the world.

To enhance your productivity ratio, you can also use Split Screen. To learn more about the split screens, you can look at the above discussion. The best tools that can help you make videos without any issues are also discussed above for your ease. However, the best among them is Wondershare Filmora. It also integrates LUTs, transitions, and effects.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I make a video collage on my laptop?
    To make video collages on your laptop, you can take assistance from the most useful tool named Wondershare Filmora. It is a feature-rich tool, so also modify your video to make them more engaging.
  • How do you make a collage with pictures and videos?
    Users think that making collages with pictures and videos is not easy. However, it is not true in the case of the reliable collage maker. Several collage makers claim to be best when creating customized content, yet the most beneficial and effective one is Filmora. You just need to import clips in Filmora, add overlays, customize their settings, arrange clips, and export them in the desired output format.
  • What is the benefit of video collage?
    With video collages, you can experience visual variety and effective storytelling. Moreover, it also helps to generate the best presentation and highlight multiple events. Sharing more content in limited time and effort is also a specialty of Filmora.
  • Which app can make a video collage?
    If you wish to know the most reliable and feature-rich app through which you can make a video collage, the answer is Wondershare Filmora. It also encompasses tons of reputable and innovative features that can make your videos more upgraded.
  • What is the best video collage maker?
    One of the highly reputable and significant college makers that offer straightforward procedures is Wondershare Filmora. It also comprehends integrations with Filmstock that help access more content to make cinematic-level collages.
Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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