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How to Download Game of Thrones Subtitles Season 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8 Easily?

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

Game of Thrones is a fantasy series that left a great dramatic impression on the fans. No one on the planet would ever be satisfied after watching the whole season at once. There are many people who still wish to watch it or make a similar visual style video even when it is over.

And watching it may call for subtitles for every scene. You probably are not having any clue on where to get Game of Thrones subtitles. If yes, this article is the best place to rely on.

Actually, you can get them with easy-to-use subtitle downloader software, but in this article, We will offer some best platforms with the help of which, you can easily download the Game of Thrones subtitles for any season 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8. You will learn:

Part 1: Where to Download Subtitles for Game of Thrones

Here are the 8 best Game of Thrones subtitles downloading websites for each season. Take a look.

1. Game of Thrones season 1 subtitles - Subscene

Subscene is the first website that will let you have Game of Thrones subtitles with you in no minutes. If you are all fascinated with this fiction drama’s season 1 and unable to resist watching it all over again along with the subtitles, taking the help of Subscene is a wise idea.


  • Provides subtitles for all the seasons
  • One can download Game of Thrones subtitles in various languages; from Arabic to Vietnamese, it has got all

Subscene Game of Thrones season 1 subtitles

2. Game of Thrones season 2 subtitles - My-subs

Introducing, a website that allows people to get any of the TV series’ subtitles downloaded in the language they prefer. The second season is really appreciated done and covers 10 episodes dealing mainly with the events of "A Clash of Kings" from the 2nd novel of "A Song of Ice and Fire" series.


  • Let you select and download season or episode-wise subtitles.
  • Help you download Game of Thrones subtitles for different languages.

My subs download Game of Thrones season 2 subtitles

3. Game of Thrones season 3 subtitles - Kaggle

Here is the other platform to download Game of Thrones subtitles season by season effortlessly. Kaggle comprises the JSON file for each season, having a key for every single episode. Also, each of the episodes is mapped at dialogue level.


  • You can also access the metadata information of the subtitle file.
  • You can create your own transcribed notebook if you are an advanced user.

Kaggle Game of Thrones subtitles

4. Game of Thrones season 4 subtitles - Subdl

To download the 4th season of Game of Thrones subtitles, we have Subdl for you. this is one of the reliable sites to serve the purpose and works efficiently.


  • You can choose the language as per your needs and enjoy the subtitles.
  • It is not complex at all.

Subdl to free download subtitle

5. Game of Thrones season 5 subtitles – Otakuwire

Next, up on the list of top places to download Game of Thrones Subtitles is Otakuwire. One can navigate to this website to easily acquire the Season 5 – Game of Thrones Subtitles.


  • The site is user-friendly and simplistic design. In other words, beginners can easily browse and download subtitles.
  • Offer selective episode-wise downloading of subtitles.


6. Game of Thrones season 6 subtitles – DHILLON

The sixth season is having 10 episodes where the continuation of the struggle for the Iron Throne is highlighted. To enjoy this season with the subtitles, take the help of Dhillon.


  • Easy to download the Game of Thrones subtitles.
  • Doesn’t contain any annoying ads.


7. Game of Thrones season 7 subtitles - Asksubtitle

The season that premiered in 2k17 had 7 seven episodes in all. But these were enough to enthrall the Game of Thrones fans. To download the Game of Thrones subtitles for this season, Asksubtitle can be your companion.


  • Every video format comprising DVDRip 720, BluRay 1080p, etc. are supported by this website for subtitles.
  • Quite intuitive and neat.

Asksubtitle download season 7 subtitles

8. Game of Thrones season 8 subtitles – Srtdownloads

Here’s to the eighth season. Srtdownlaods can help you download Game of Thrones subtitles for season 8. This is the final season, having six episodes.


  • The website lets you filter from the latest to most popular movies of all time.
  • One-click operation and you can enjoy the series with subtitles.

Srtdownloads Game of Thrones season 8

Part 2: How to Add Game of Thrones Subtitles to Episode Online

Do you know how to add Game of Thrones Subtitles to each episode after downloading the .srt file? Below, we will give you instructions step by step to add subtitles with online subtitle editor - Veed.

Step 1. Open the Veed Homepage

You need to go to its page to click Upload Video. After a while, the Game of Thrones Subtitles video will be uploaded from your PC. Besides, Veed also supports devices, cameras, dropbox and link to upload episodes. So convenient!

upload Game of Thrones episode

Step 2. Add the .srt Game of Thrones Subtitles File

You can see the uploaded video will be on the right side. Now, click Upload Subtitle File.

click subtitle to upload

Step 3. Adjust the Subtitles File

Now, you can change the start and end times of the subtitle file. There are various subtitle font styles to choose from. Font size, alignment, and text background color are available to customize.

adjust srt subtitles

Step 4. Export the Video

Click Download at the right corner to save the video to your PC.


No matter what, Game of Thrones is a pure amalgamation of intense characters, wonderful acting as well as a great story. Having Game of Thrones subtitles is a great idea when you want to get a glimpse of the series once again. So, download them from one of the above-mentioned sites and enjoy them anytime you want.

We hope we would help you with this and you were satisfied. Drop us comments below and let us know if we could help you more. Thanks for reading, guys!

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Liza Brown is a writer and a lover of all things video.
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