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15 Best Royalty Free Music for Vlogs

Are you a big fan of making vlogs? Then you would certainly be familiar with the overwhelming task of choosing the right music for vlogs. The process of choosing the perfect background music for vlogs isn’t always a piece of cake. You have to make sure it goes with the overall theme, and above all, is royalty-free so that you don’t get sued.

To help you out, we have compiled a list of some of the best royalty-free music that can help make your vlogs stand out. Check out our top 15 picks of these stock music files in the proceeding article, and take your vlog channel to the next level.

Part 1: 15 Amazing Royalty-Free Music for Vlogs

Here are the 15 amazing royalty-free music for vlogs that you can use to spice up your vlogging.

1. Mr. Toad

Mr. Toad by Jack Pierce is almost a 2-minute-long track that can be a useful addition to your vlogs. The track is bouncy and fun-filled and can help bring a funny and quirky element to your vlog. It is best for when you want to add a mischievous and playful mood to your video using simple instruments.

mr.toad music for vlogs

2. Night-City Drive

If you want to add a catchy, upbeat, mysterious tone to your video, this is your go-to track. Night-City Drive falls in the category of thriller and mystery and is perfect for spicing up your vlog. Above all, the 40 seconds-long track is available for free download. Night-City Drive can be a perfect match for your suspense and mystery videos.

night city drive vlog music

3. Dark Ritual

Compiled by Alexander Vasenin, Dark Ritual is an anxious and dark royalty-free music track. The one-minute-long track is filled with a creepy and horror vibe, with screeching tires and malicious bells to tune up the vibe. You can get the track using a pro license, which has different pricing schemes ranging from 40 to around 650 USD.

dark ritual royalty free music

4. UX Paradise

UX Paradise by Tiny Music is the perfect match for your lifestyle or fashion vlogs. The track has an electronic pop and euphoric vibe. You can display UX Paradise on your lifestyle vlogs to bring an optimistic tone to the video. The 2-minute-long track also contains male vocals that can help bring the best out of your vlog.

ux paradise by tiny music

5. Wedding Moment

Want something to liven up your wedding vlog? With Pixabay’s Wedding Moment, you can never go wrong. The bright and peaceful soundtrack is a solo piano track best suited for weddings. It can help bring a dreamy and hopeful vibe to your vlog, followed by elegant and smooth motions.

wedding moment pixabay royalty free music

6. Sunny

Sunny is a gentle acoustic royalty-free track that can bring a positive and upbeat vibe to your vlog. The track features upbeat instruments, including guitar, marimba, glockenspiel, and strings. You can opt for "Sunny" if you want to add a cheerful mood to your video. The track is available for free with proper credits, or you can get a pro license which includes a license certificate.

sunny music for vlogs

7. Piano Flight

Piano Flight is a 2-minute long soundtrack by Immersive Music. The song features floating piano and smooth strings that create a dreamy and warm aura. You can use this track to bring a hopeful, determined, and empowering mood to your vlog. The track can be used in adventure vlogs, inspirational videos and to create a mystical vibe in your vlog.

piano fight by immersive music

8. Relaxing

If you want to add a calming and ambient aura to your vlog, you can choose this track. The track is approximately 5 minutes long, and you can find an additional 9 minutes in the purchased version. The track is perfectly ambient and can go on any massage, meditation, yoga, or landscape video.

relaxing royalty free music

9. You Live in My Heart

You Live in My Heart can prove to be the perfect emotional rollercoaster for your vlog. Filled with sentimental beauty and romance, you can use this track to bring emotion to your vlog. The hopeful piano with a classical vibe retains a romantic and peaceful aura. The track is available for free download and is a user favorite too.

you live in my heart music

10. Travelled Far and Wide

Want to make your viewers all sentimental and nostalgic? Add this track to your vlog, and you will certainly need lots of tissues. Travelled Far and Wide is a modern classical track with elements of piano and strings to create a gentle and floating mood. You can use this heartfelt track in your vlog to create a reminiscent and melancholic aura.

travelled far and wide music for vlogs

11. Cyber Tyrannosaurus

Filled with tense and abrasive elements, Cyber Tyrannosaurus is the perfect track to set a menacing and uplifting mood to your vlog. You can center this track on themes like cyberpunk, thriller, futuristic, and sci-fi. The track also contains some borderline horror elements along with synth bass and percussion instruments which can create a dangerous aura in your vlog.

cyber tyrannosaurus royalty free music

12. Epic Hollywood Trailer

 Taking inspiration from blockbuster Hollywood trailers, this 2-minute-long track is just what you need to add that element of mystery and suspense to your vlog. Starting from a queer and suspenseful tone, the track then builds up to elements of restlessness and energy, which can be a good choice for vlogs.

epic hollywood trailer music

13. Instinct

This particular soundtrack features the Taiko drums, which are traditional Japanese percussion instruments. The vibe of Instinct is well-suited for suspense buildups, energetic videos, action vlogs, documentaries, and much more. The track is available as free music for vlogs with attribution.

instinct music for vlogs

14. Chasing Victory

Giving off a James Bond vibe, Chasing Victory is a royalty-free soundtrack perfect for action and adventure vlogs. It can be used for vlogs involving chasing movements, running marathons, racing, and much more. The total duration of this track is 1 minute and 30 seconds. You can download it for free on Pixabay.

chasing victory music

15. Born to Run

Born to Run is a fun and charismatic tune with a total duration of almost 3 minutes. The track can bring a funky and upbeat vibe to your vlog owing to its Blues Rock groove, electric guitar, and handclaps. You can use it in your action or sports videos to bring a cheerful and energetic spirit to your vlog.

born to run royalty free music

Wrapping Up

Choosing the right music for vlogs can be time-consuming. Here, we have compiled a list of the best royalty-free music for vlogs out there, so you don't have to dish through multitudes of online websites and files. Go through the list above and find one that suits your vlog theme the best.

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