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How to Shorten Video On Mac

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May 12, 2021• Proven solutions

Apple product or mac users usually find it difficult to edit or shorten videos. This issue has persisted for a long time that most users are always left with a lot of questions about how to get through with their quest.

Most often than not they are always asking questions like How do I shorten video on mac? How do I trim an MP4 video on mac? How to edit video on mac? How to trim the middle of a video on the QuickTime play app? So many questions begging for an answer. 

Mac users usually search for solutions on issues like “ QuickTime trim is not working”  “QuickTime video crop.” Based on this, this article provides valuable answers to most of these questions. For a quick one, we recommend an easy and understandable approach on how to shorten video on Mac using QuickTime app. QuickTime player is designed to shorten or trim video on Mac using a trimming bar. 

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Top Three Best, Mac Video Editors.

Apart from using Apple’s QuickTime play app to shorten a video, there is a whole lot of affordable software designed to give you the best results with a few editing features. Most recent iPhones cameras exceptionally shoot smart and quality videos. This has made producing short films on iPhone devices very easy. Having MacBook gives you a cutting-edge advantage to produce the best and awesome films with the help of video editing software. Below are the three best software you can use to edit or shorten a video on mac.

  Wondershare Filmora X 

    Adobe Premiere Element 


Wondershare Filmora X 

Filmora X is awesomely equipped with some convincing benefits ahead of most other mac video editing software usable by Apple Mac OS. Filmora editing software for mac is affordable and comes with some free trials. As a beginner, start by downloading Filmora X for free. 

Download Win VersionDownload Mac Version

    The software is built to support almost all sorts of video formats such as MOV, AVI MKV, MP4, and AVCHD.

    Filmora X for Mac is designed to attain all masterwork video editing such as cut, split, trim, and blend in a few seconds. 

    Modifies your edited videos to any outstanding video formats or twitch the video to mobile gadgets.

    The software makes available the most advanced video editings tools such as mosaic, tilt-shift, jump cut, face-off, and many more. 

    The software makes available over a hundred (100) videos and audio tracks to uplift your program and sheet media.

Tips On How To Edit Videos With Filmora X For Mac.

    Upload media files. You can upload almost any media file from your cameras, computer, smartphones, or any other suitable device.

    Edit your media files. One of the easiest and quickest ways to edit your media is by clicking on the edit icon. You can equally add other video effects and filters to customize it. You can develop a green screen effect to achieve advanced video editing. 

    Install and enjoy. Once you have finished editing your video and installed it, then you can easily share them on YouTube, Vimeo, or burn it to DVD. Try it and experience quality at its peak.

Adobe Premiere Element 

Adobe Premiere element for mac is a video editing software owned by Adobe. The software is so simple that beginners can create beautiful videos with it. The software is built to carry out some awesome editing features, such as 

    Directed editing. 

Most times, Adobe directs the users to create professional peering videos through a step by step direction. It has proved to be helpful to new users as it is built with a less complicated algorithm. Users can easily vent the creativeness in them with Adobe Premiere Elements.

    Smart Editing 

The software is made to join two videos together selecting the best scenes in the video. If you want to post your best video on social media, the software will help select the best scenes to post. The AI smart feature makes the software one of the best in the industry. 

Good and quality things come by, leaving your pocket with a heavy hole. The Adobe Premiere elements come with a big price, not like Filmora X that has free features. This is why one of the advantages of Filmora X over Adobe Premiere elements is its affordability and reliability. Adobe Premiere elements pricing plans start at $99.99, the least you can get. 


This cloud-based video editing software is mostly used to produce videos for Vimeo, social media, and YouTube. The software has a reputable name among Hollywood producers as a result of its excellence in the field of production. Lightworks is built with amazing features such as drag and drop technique, video routing ability, keyframing and direct exportation to YouTube. The least pricing plan for Lightworks is $24.99. 


Among the three software, we looked at Filmora X share almost the same features as the other two industry-leading software. It is one of the best software to shorten a video on mac. The same quality you get working with Lightworks or Adobe Premiere elements can also be gotten working with Filmora X. Why then spend more when you can get it for less? Filmora X is affordable and reliable, you can download it for the best results. 

Download Win VersionDownload Mac Version

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