How to Flip Video Quickly and Easily

It’s very common that you filmed some amazing portrait or landscape videos but in the wrong direction. This is an error made by many people because not everyone will always think about orientation when filming. Is there an easy way to flip/rotate video so that you can watch them without turning your head sideways?

What you need is just a professional video editor like Wondershare Filmora (originally Wondershare Video Editor) to flip/rotate your video clips easily and quickly. This application offers a remarkably easy way to flip videos clockwise or anticlockwise, horizontal or vertical. What’s more, this flip software also offers a broad range of video editing features, effects and intro/credits. In the following, I’ll describe how to flip a video in Windows using this video flip program. If you’re a Mac user, just adopt Wondershare Filmora for Mac(originally Wondershare Video Editor) to achieve the same. First, please download Filmora for free as per your operating system and then follow the steps below.

1.Import Your Original Video Clips

After launching Filmora, click "Full Feature Mode" to begin. Click "Import" to browse your file folder on computer or drag the video clips directly into the media library. When you import all of them, click the thumbnails showing in the left pane to preview in the right screen window. Note that this video editor supports an array of video & audio formats, such as MOV, MP4, AVI, WMV, DV, avchd (MTS, M2TS). And still image files like JPG, BMP, JPEG, PNG. TIFF are all fully compatible. And then drag your video files from media library to the video Timeline.

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2. Flip the Whole Video

Then double click the video or right click it and select “Edit” to access the editing panel. In the window that appears, you’ll find four flip options located on the top. Click on the function you need, and check the real-time effect in the previewing window. Though only four buttons available, you can create more options by using them together.

  • rotate video 90° clockwise;
  • rotate video 180°;
  • rotate video 90°counterclockwise;
  • flip video horizontally: left to right
  • flip video vertically: upside down
  • flip video vertically and rotate 90°clockwise;
  • flip video vertically and rotate 90°counterclockwise.

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3. Flip Only a Part of the Video

Sometimes, you may just need to flip parts of your video file, e.g. only 1 minute instead of the whole video. In this case, you need to split your video into separate files, and then repeat step 2 to flip them individually. To do it, just move the playhead to the position you want to split, and click the "Scissors" icon in the menu bar.

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4 Export Flipped Video

When you’re satisfied with the result, click "Export" in the middle right to save the flipped video. In the pop-up output window that appears, select your wanted format or configured preset for your portable player directly to watch on the go.

You may also want to upload your creation to YouTube or burn to DVD disc for better preserving, just go for it. Finally click Export to let this video flip program perform the rest.

Flip video editing output

With Wondershare video editor, you can do more than just flipping video files. For example, you can apply special effects, add background music, create picture-in-picture effect, and more. Try it now!

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Mar 05,2018 16:26 pm