How to Edit Video Brightness

By Nov 11,2016 21:56 pm

Sometimes you may find that the when shooting home video in bad light or against the sun, it appears to be too dark or blacked out. In fact, you can easily lighten up the video by editing video brightness using Wondershare Filmora (originally Wondershare Video Editor). Now in this article, you will learn how to easily make necessary adjustments thus improving your dark video with it. You can download the program first and then follow the steps below.

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1 Import your video

After running Wondershare Filmora (originally Wondershare Video Editor), click the “Import” button to preview and import your video to the program. It’s also possible to directly drag and drop your video to the primary window. Then drag and drop the target video to the timeline for editing.

edit video brightness

2 Edit video brightness

Double click the video which needs editing, and then the Video Editing window will be opened, where you can adjust some settings of your video. Among them, brightness is used to customize the overall lightness or darkness of your video image. This setting lets you make simple adjustments to the tonal range of your video.

To edit the video brightness, direct your mouse cursor to the indicator, and move it to the left or right along the slider. After releasing the left mouse button, the respective value will be set. You can immediately see the result in the preview window. If you don't like the result, you can always click the “Reset” button during the process to reset any setting to its original value.

Tip: In order to achieve the best result, you can also edit the “Contrast” setting to change the difference in color and brightness in different parts of the video image.

video editor brightness

3 Preview and export the edited video

After everything is done in order to edit the brightness of your video, you can preview the edited file to make sure you got the necessary result. To do this, just click the “Play” button to start the playback.

If you are completely satisfied with the result, click the “Create” button and save the edited video file into one of the supported formats in the “Format” tab. You can also choose the “Device” tab to create a video for a mobile player, mobile phone or a gaming console of yours. What's more, you can even directly upload the video to YouTube or Facebook in the “YouTube” tab or burn to DVD if you like.

video editing brightness

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

Here is a video tutorial for you:

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Once you need video on top of video or lets say you create a youtube show and want your logo to be on top of the video at all times you'll need Filmora as it has endless video and title tracks or layers. ... if that's not interesting than iMovie is a great choice!
well considering this wants 59$ for something that is essentially the same as iMovie on my Mac, which is free and integrated with my iOS iMovie versions too, and which is more powerful due to the compatibility with desktop and mobile versions of the app, i dont see why i should even consider trying this app at all. Macs have iMovie, we dont need this
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