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[Top List] Best VHS Sound Effect That You Can Use in Video Making

Do you want to make your video look like it's from the 90s? Then, make sure to add vintage overlays and VHS sound effects to give it the old feel.
Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Jul 13, 23, updated Mar 27, 24

Do you know why some videos grab your attention more than others? It's about the visuals and the effects used in those videos. Effects are important in improving the overall experience and making a video more engaging. But it's not just limited to video effects; audio effects can make a significant difference too. You can create specific themed content by adding effects to your videos.

When it comes to quality content, audio effects can add an extra layer of depth to it. They can transport you to a different time, place, or mood. However, you can create an old vintage-style video and make your audience go "WOW." You can add an old retro-themed filter to your video, but adding a VHS sound effect is more important. This audio effect will make your video look more authentic and professional.

In this article
  1. Part 1: How Are VHS Sound Effects Helpful in Video Creation?
  2. Part 2: Best VHS Sound Effects To Use in 2024
  3. Bonus Part: Creating The Best VHS-Themed Videos With Wondershare Filmora

Part 1: How Are VHS Sound Effects Helpful in Video Creation?

Do you know how much VHS noise sound effects can be helpful? No problem if you don't know how because this portion is going to answer you anyway.

1. Creates a Nostalgic Ambiance

VHS sound effects can bring back the feeling of nostalgia, just like the visual effects. The distinct sounds associated with VHS, like the gentle hum and hiss, create a vintage ambiance. It can make your video feel more authentic and take viewers back to the time of VHS tapes.

2. Adds Authenticity

Adding VHS audio effects can make your video feel more authentic. Similarly, if you want to recreate the experience of watching content on VHS tapes, this effect can help. Simulating audio imperfections like dropouts and tracking errors can make the video seem more genuine.

3. Sets Time Period

These audio effects help set the period and setting of your video. You can match the sound with the visuals using VHS tape sound effects. Moreover, it creates a consistent audio-visual experience that accurately represents a particular era.

4. Improves Genre and Atmosphere

Such sound effects are particularly effective in genres like horror or suspense. The gritty or distorted audio aesthetic associated with VHS can add depth and intensity to a video. It further improves the experience of your content and engages your audiences.

5. Experimenting Unconventional Techniques

Audio filters like VHS allow filmmakers and video creators to express their artistic style and vision. Using VHS-inspired audio elements, you can experiment with unconventional techniques. It also creates unique and original compositions that stand out from traditional sound designs.

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Part 2: Best VHS Sound Effects To Use in 2024

A video is incomplete without good-quality audio and sound effects. So, if you want to create a VHS-style video, make sure to use VHS audio filters as well. Here are some classic VHS sounds you can use for your content.

1. Video Cass. Recorder 06

This audio effect gives your video the nostalgic feel of an old video reel playing. Its VHS-inspired audio effects last for 30 seconds. You can use this effect to create a vintage atmosphere in your videos. This effect can also transport your viewers back to the era of classic video recordings.

2. Creepy Distortion

You can create a haunting and unsettling atmosphere with this sound effect. It adds a creepy VHS sound distortion effect to your content. This effect is perfect for horror or suspenseful scenes. Moreover, this audio filter has a duration of 30 seconds.

3. VCR Deck Insert VHS Ta PE416803

With this audio effect, you can simulate the experience of inserting a tape into a VCR. You can add this effect to your video to enhance the authenticity and realism of a scene. It will help you in a situation where a tape is being loaded into a VCR. The duration of this audio is 20 seconds.

4. VCR Deck Insert VHS Ta PE416801

In this effect, you can hear the sound of someone inserting a tape into a VCR and pressing the play button. You can use this effect when showing scenes of tapes being loaded and played on a VCR. This 10-second audio effect will add an extra layer of realism and nostalgia.

5. VHS Player

Experience the entire process of using a VHS tape with this audio effect. You'll hear the opening of the VHS box, inserting it into the VCR, followed by the playback sound. Then, there's the fast-forward effect; additionally, you can enjoy the sound of the fast reverse. Finally, you'll hear the stop, ejection of the VHS, and the storage of it back into its original box. This effect lasts for 3 minutes and 5 seconds.

6. VCR: Forward

Get the feeling of fast-forwarding through a VHS tape with this sound effect. It lasts 1 minute and 4 seconds and adds the authentic sound of a fast-forwarding VHS tape. You can use this audio effect when you want to add a similar effect to your content.

7. VCR VHS Tape Rewind M PE1046902

You can use this effect in your VHS-styled videos. It produces the sound of a VHS tape rewinding, followed by the VHS pause sound effect. This effect adds a distinct audio cue for rewinding and pausing scenes involving a VHS. The duration of this VHS effect is 4 seconds.

8. VCR: Rewind

Take a trip back in time with the sound of a VHS tape being rewound. This audio file adds a VHS rewind sound effect to your video. The duration of this file is 1 minute and 9 seconds. It will provide the nostalgic sound of a quick rewinding of a VHS tape.

9. Video Cass. Recorder 07

Using this audio effect, you can create the sensation of a video reel playing in a video cassette recorder. This VHS audio filter lasts for 30 seconds. You can use this effect to emphasize the vintage vibe of your video further. It also adds an old-fashioned charm to your video content.

10. VHS Player Rewind

This sound effect, provided by Pixabay, lasts 1 minute and 13 seconds. It starts with a glitchy and nostalgic VHS rewind sound to your video. The audio file brings back memories of vintage technology by adding the VHS rewind effect. You can recreate the experience of the 90s using this audio filter.

Bonus Part: Creating The Best VHS-Themed Videos With Wondershare Filmora

Filmora Video Editor is the ultimate tool and an incredible software for video editing. From audio effects to professional video edits, this tool can do a lot of stuff. This tool is now powered with AI technology which means more features are added in its latest version. You can edit your video and add sound effects that sync with your content feel.

Add VHS Sound Effect
Add VHS Sound Effect

To make such videos having VHS effects, first, you need to learn how to use Wondershare Filmora. If you follow the following steps, you can easily edit your videos.

Step 1Starting Your Project

Open Wondershare Filmora and click on "New Project" to begin. This will bring up a new window where you can get started on your video. Import your video file by selecting the "Import Media" option and choosing the file from your system. Then, drag and drop the video into the timeline area to organize and prepare it for editing.

import video to filmora
Step 2Apply VHS Effect to the Video

It's time to add the VHS effects to your video. Look for the "Effects" option in the top bar and click on it. Next, search for "VHS" to find a variety of VHS overlays. Choose the one that suits your style and drag it onto the timeline, placing it over your video.

add vhs effect to filmora
Step 3Apply VHS Sound Effects

For the VHS audio filter, go to the "Audio" tab, select "Sound Effect," and search for "VHS." Proceed further by selecting a suitable sound effect and dragging it onto the timeline beneath your video.

add vhs sound effect to video
Step 4Export Your File

Once satisfied with the result, click the "Export" tab at the top left of the screen to save your video with the applied VHS effects.

export final vhs video


In conclusion, a good video depends not only on your camera. There is so much post-production work behind good-quality content. You have to create a feel and ambiance in a video using effects and other overlays. You can create an old-themed video using the right filter and adding a VHS audio effect. Wondershare Filmora provides you with a platform where you can create such content with ease.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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