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Best Video Brighten Apps in 2022

Adjust Video Color and Brightness Easily

Wondershare Filmora is one of the most popular video editing software among YouTubers, which allows video creators to adjust video color in an easier way with its auto-enhance, color match and LUTs.

When photographing with an iPhone or Android device, you may encounter a variety of lighting issues. If you record them in a dim setting, you may find that your movies are excessively dark or of low quality. Recording in low-light conditions may result in a too gloomy video to see clearly and may potentially degrade video quality.

In such cases, utilizing video brightening software on an iPhone or Android might be one of the greatest ways to brighten a video. In addition, we've compiled a list of Video Brightening Editor App programs for you on this page. Carefully read the information below to learn more about their characteristics, supported operating systems, and more!

Part 1: Best Video Editing Apps to Edit Brightness on iPhone and Android

Brightness is important in a clip, whether you realize it or not. Viewers would not sit through a dark video in which they can't see anything. You need the right amount of brightness in your film to make it more engaging and eye-catching. And the apps we've looked at below can help you do just that.

1. FilmoraGo

FilmoraGo is a video brightening editing tool made specifically for cellphones. It's simple to use, and even beginners can use it to edit films. FilmoraGo enhances the video's brightness, making it crisper and more vivid.

This application's features include capturing clips, cutting them, adding background music, applying overlays and effects, and more. This popular program also supports Ultra HD resolution. FilmoraGo includes several powerful tools that enable you to put even the most unique and creative ideas into action.

You may make movies, work on music videos, and share the finished products with your pals. This software saves you time while still providing entertainment!

To brighten a video, simply get the app on your phone and install it. Launch the app and select the "+" button to add the video you wish to modify. By clicking on the 5-second mark in the menu settings, you may alter the video's brightness. Click on the "Export" button to save the altered video for later use.

2. Capcut

Number second on our list is the Capcut video editor that users have grown absolutely fond of. After testing both the Android and iOS versions of CapCut, we discovered that the software is extremely user-friendly and provides many useful features tailored to TikTok users.

Split-screen, vintage, humorous, dreamy, party, and so on are just a few of the various effects available. Those effects add new components to your video, giving it the appearance of being professionally edited. You'll discover sub-categories of effects inside each of these categories, allowing you to fine-tune your changes to obtain the precise one that's suitable for that clip.

To brighten a video, simply tap on the "+" feature in the new Project tab. Import your video. Head over to the Edit section and apply Brightness from the Adjustment section.

3. iMovie

For iPhone and iPad owners, iMovie is the app of choice. YouTubers who wish to edit videos on their phones often use the iOS video editing software. It combines a user-friendly interface with fast performance, ensuring that visual content is never compromised while using a free video editor.

It offers 4K and multi-track editing, a variety of filters, and the ability to incorporate free music that adapts to the duration of a film. To master the iMovie learning curve, you don't need to be an expert in video processing. iMovie's theme library is one of the most prominent features. Each choice includes music, transitions, and text overlays, allowing you to save time and effort when editing.

4. InShot

InShot provides all of the options you'll need to improve the quality of your recordings with the brighten video software. Because this is an all-encompassing software, it gives a lot of flexibility and features. InShot will assist you with creating movies, flipping and rotating film, adjusting music playback speed, and applying filters.

Thanks to many handy features, this video brightness editor tool will make your video editing experience pleasurable and productive. Select the New option from the video menu to alter the brightness.

Next, from your Android phone's gallery, choose the video you would like to brighten up. Now click on the green circle with the checkmark and then on the Filter choice whenever a new screen appears. Change the brightness of the clip using the Brightness function from the filter by moving the sliders.

5. Videoleap

Videoleap is a fantastic Android and iPhone brightening app. You can improve the brightness of a video captured in low-light circumstances with the aid of its filter pack. You may also utilize a wide range of premium and free services to edit your film further.

For expert video editors, Videoleap has several useful features. Keyframe animations, layered editing, chromakey combinations, and other capabilities are among them. Standard operations, such as editing films and generating clips, are simple enough for beginners to utilize. When you click on the menu option, simply adjust the Brightness and another criterion.

With this tool, Instagram users can simply create high-quality stories and other streaming videos. The Videoleap brightness video program adds amazing video and audio effects, filters film emulators, and creates stunning videos, among other things.

6. BeeCut

BeeCut is another brightening video editing program with several unique features. It allows you to add filters, messages, and music to films and modify volume, trim, and rotate clips. You may also use this program to brighten and improve the color palette of movies. It features a user-friendly design and is quite simple to operate. The absence of sophisticated settings will appeal to beginners, who will be pleased to edit or make short video clips with just a few clicks.

BeeCut can generate movies in a variety of resolutions, however high-quality films take longer to load. Simply launch BeeCut after installing it on your phone. To upload a video, launch the app and click the "+" symbol. Now choose whatever aspect ratio you like and wait a few seconds for your file to upload. To brighten the video, go to Filters and pick the "Brightness" option.

7. Filmmaker Pro

Filmmaker Pro is among the best video brightening program for both skilled and new users. With a wide range of helpful features and a large number of tools, this program can rival even costly video editing applications.

The extensive capability enables you to generate high-quality content that will attract a lot of attention. Filmmaker Pro allows you to create Hollywood-style films and share photos through social networking sites. To brighten a video, go to the 'Add Project' tab and select a video to modify. The video will show in a timeline, where you may alter it by pressing it. For android video brightness, choose 'Adjust.' Brighten a dark video in Android by moving on a slider from the left side to ride by clicking on 'Brightness.' And that's all there is to it.

8. Magisto

The Magisto brighten video software uses Artificial Intelligence to identify the greatest sections of your video. Object stabilization, fantastic filters, and dazzling effects are among the ways used to improve the footage. Consequently, you'll be able to create visually appealing videos that draw in a large number of visitors.

Owing to artificial intelligence, the Magisto video brightness editing software lets you make professional-quality films fast and effortlessly. It can edit your video files accurately and add fantastic graphics, effects, filters, and music to create a captivating tale.

To lighten a video, open the application and choose one. Next should be tapped. Adjust the parameters for Brightness until the video is optimal. Save the video and exit the program.

9. VivaVideo

VivaVideo is a free video editing software for Android and iOS devices that allows you to edit or develop new videos. It uses a special video editing tool to make a fresh and unique video for free on your smartphone.

This application is a professional-level video lighting editor that can enhance any movie by adding effects, trimming, splitting, transitions, and more. It has a filter option that allows you to modify the video's brightness, contrast saturation, and warmth. You may combine numerous photographs and videos to create a mix that appears better in the final video, in addition to brightness adjustment.

Once you've got the video, go to Filters, Adjust, and choose the clip you wish to alter. You may adjust the video's visual characteristics here, such as brightness and contrast. You can even crop a video to make it seem better.

10. Chromic

Chromic is a video brightening program that provides customers with a wide range of professional filters to enhance their movies substantially. The program comes with a strong image processing engine that allows it to create vivid, unique videos.

Chromic will elevate your video editing skills to new heights. Use this useful tool to give all of your video recordings a unique flair. Even the darkest film may be brightened with Chromic.

chromic video filters editor

To brighten the video, on your smartphone, open the Chromic Video Editor. To add a video to the display, choose it. Adjust the brightness of the video by tapping on the Sun symbol. While you're at it, you may also change the colors and other settings.

Part 2: How to Brighten a Video on Your iPhone Before or While Recording

A gloomy video isn't fun to watch, but it's frequently difficult to know in the present if the video you're capturing is too dull to see clearly.

Brightening an iPhone video can help you see the activity on-screen and make it more appealing if you share it on social media or post it to a website.

Because the iPhone's built-in camera app does not enable you to brighten films after they have been recorded, you should always try to light a video before you begin recording.

Step 1: Switch to video mode by opening the camera app and swiping left. Touch the screen to bring up a box with a sun-shaped symbol.

Step 2: Move your fingers upward on the iPhone screen to brighten the scene when you begin filming. This may be done at any moment while the video is being recorded.


There are a ton of Video Brightening Editor Apps that will make brightening the videos after filming quite easy for you. Long gone are the days when you had to re-film now and again until you would get that one final shot that has every color adjustment aspect fit to perfection. With the advent of amazing software such as those covered in this article, brightening a dark video has never been easier!

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