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How to Collaborate with Other YouTubers

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Nov 11, 22, updated Mar 27, 24

Collaborating with other YouTuber is a great way to make friends, grow your channel and let others recognize your work. But it's not that easy to find someone you can collaborate with. Every move you make should be thought about or studied first so that you don't make a mistake in your decision. In this article, you will learn What is you tube collaboration, things to do while on collaboration and how to collaborate with other YouTubers.

One of the best ways to grow an audience on YouTube is to collaborate with other content creators. While the process may seem simple, however, there are things you must do to ensure that you're collaborating with the right YouTubers in a proper manner.

In this article
  1. What is YouTube Collaboration
  2. Importance of Collaboration
    1. Determine your target audiences
    2. Find YouTubers with a similar audiences
    3. Brainstorm collaborative video ideas
    4. Contact YouTubers
    5. Collaborate with the same content
  3. Here's how to find YouTubers to collaborate with

What is YouTube Collaboration

A YouTube collab takes place when two or more YouTubers from separate channels work together and create a video. Collaboration videos can take on many different forms and are meant to promote every creator taking part in the collab.

To an outsider YouTube is just a video platform they mess around with to watch a few videos each day and go about their business. To more enthusiastic fans, and to the people who make YouTube what it is, YouTube is more mine to an open market of content creators making videos tailored to all kinds of people. YouTube is one of the most highly competitive fronts for content creation in the world, and yet you'll see that all the biggest channels in any given genre or niche work together. Through personal outreach or through apps like grin, content creators on YouTube connect with one another in order to do collaborations.

Importance of Collaboration

For vloggers who are just starting out, collaborating with other YouTubers is very help full. Because when you do collaborate there is a big chance that your channel will grow.

Smaller YouTube channels can band together to become stronger than the sum of their parts. Big YouTube channels can do collaboration to foster even more ridiculous growth. And sometimes big channels work with small channels to help them grow.

By doing a YouTube collab, two relatively isolated audiences are introduced to the others content, and in most cases this usually goes quite well. Of course, this is speaking about smaller YouTubers operating for a niche of users. Sometimes, huge YouTubers will happen upon small fry in the wild and link to or mention them causing a huge, one way flow of traffic to that channel as an endorsement.

meet other youtubers offline

Find a content creator, create a video together and move on. However the process is more complicated and should be done with caution, as many issues can arise when collaborating with creators.

Here's How to Collaborate on YouTube

1. Determine your target audiences

You need to determine your target audience to ensure you collaborate with ideal candidates Because successful collaborations depends on that. There's no point in collaborating with a YouTuber who has a completely different audience than yours the collaboration will not be very effective if you do.

It can be tempting to collaborate with YouTuber based on the size of their audience, but you must not put your channel growth at risk by selecting the wrong collaborators. People have different interests your audience will not like every type of video and vice-versa.

2. Find YouTubers with a similar audiences

Your goal should be to find channels that are a similar size to yours and create content similar to yours. You can find YouTubers through a variety of different sources. Some of the most popular sources for finding creators to collaborate with include YouTube search, recommendations, social media, in person meetups and local groups.

Many of the YouTubers will start seeing your talent and get attracted by your work. To be a successful YouTuber you have to be a successful contributor to your people.

find youtubers with similar audiences

3. Brainstorm collaborative video ideas

You should have a plan ready since you will be the one approaching to collaborate, then just approve if you agree with all the outcome you have talked about. Content creators will reach out to other creator in hopes of collaborating with them before they even have a video idea for the collaboration this is not what you should do. Before you send an email or message to request a collaboration, brainstorm some potential video ideas so you decide to work with you an easier one to the individual you're reaching out to. Make sure your ideas are relevant to both channels involved not just yours.

Know your field the best way what your audience want to watch which type of content is getting more views and stick to a good principle of posting your video regularly.

4. Contact YouTubers

Next, you need to get in touch with your potential collaborators. You can contact YouTubers in a variety of different ways, but the most common ways are email and direct messaging. If the creator you're trying to collaborate with is small, direct messaging might be the ideal option. For large creators, contact them via email.

Be personal and specific. Start by introducing yourself and describing the kind of content you make. Then, talk a little bit about his or her channel. Say what videos you like, how long you've been subscribed. Then describe the kind of collab video you'd like to make together. Don't copy paste the same message to multiple creators. Rather, choose the few who you think would be the best match and send them each a short, personal and direct to the point message.

5. Collaborate with the same content

When your potential collaborators see your message or email, they'll have a few questions. Do your best to answer their questions as honestly as possible. After all, you are trying to work with them. When the fine details have been worked out among both parties, the next step is to collaborate. In other words, it's time to create, upload, and promote the video. This part of the process should be the most straightforward, but don't rush the process.

Here's how to find YouTubers to collaborate with


Go to YouTube and try searching for topics that you create videos about. Then, search around for channels that are a similar size to yours. Try using search filter to narrow your searches down by view count, upload date.

search collaborate target youtube


Another great place to ind YouTubers is forums relevant in niche. Often, creators will hang out in niche-relevant forums and promote their videos in them. Making these forums a great place to find creators to collaborate with.

Social Media

Finding creators in your niche is as simple as searching through hashtags, posts and account followers. Also, many YouTubers have links to their social media pages on their channel page, so consider finding someone on YouTube and then following them on social media.

find youtuber collaborator social media

In person meetups

If you've been in the YouTube industries for a long time, I'm sure you've met a YouTuber like you, or in the comment section most probably your fellow vloggers often commenting on your latest video. There you can ask them if they love to collaborate with you, but make sure to check their work first, if you have the same content then that's good to go.

in person meetups youtube

local Groups

Your niche will impact your ability to find similar channels to yours through local groups. With this said, however, if you're in a popular location, there's a good chance that somebody in the same niche as you will be presents in a local groups. Local groups is one way for you to find a potential partner for collaboration.


Overall, it's nice to work with someone who loves filming, editing and posting on YouTube too with any luck, this article explained what a YouTube collab is. It's a good feeling to know your fellow vloggers who share same passion as you. You will also gain friends if you do such collaborations, there are also chances that he or she will help you with things you don't understand about the YouTube world.

There's a lot to work with and through here, but the end goal is more than worth the means required to get there, before you even think about reaching out for a collaboration, you need to be creating high-quality content of your own so that the people you approach can know what to expect from you the same applies to the other way around if you're scoping for YouTubers to collaborate with, you need to do your homework on them.

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Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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