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Best Photo Music Video Makers for All Users

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published May 20, 22, updated May 20, 24

According to the current trend in the online world, users prefer watching a video rather than checking out photos. These days, social media platforms are full of creative short videos from users where they make photo music videos. In fact, there are popular video creators who have gained fame from their photo music videos only.

In order to create a video out of your photos and music files, you will need a photo music video maker. There are different types of picture music video makers available to satisfy the requirements of the users. We have picked the best photo music video makers for computer users and mobile phone users. Besides, there are online photo music video editors so that you can make videos from your photos on the go.

Part 1. Best Photo Music Video Maker for PC and Mac

If you are a computer user, you will need a dedicated photo music video editor to create photo music videos. There are loads of such photo music video making and editing applications available. We have picked the top five best photo music video makers for Windows and Mac users.

1. Filmora

We recommend Wondershare Filmora as the best picture music video maker. Creating a photo music video is extremely simple with Filmora. You need to drag and drop your photos and music files and arrange them properly on the timeline. Thereafter, you need to apply transitions, texts, and effects and export the video and share with anyone anywhere.


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Filmora also lets you capture your screen video as well as webcam video in case you want to include any video clip on your photo music video. There are also stock media files available that you can use on your videos. Moreover, there are graphical elements and animations present to enhance your video content and quality. Here are the pros and cons of Filmora.

Pros –

  • Drag and drop photos from your hard drive instantly.

  • Robust timeline to arrange photos and place music.

  • Wide range of transitions and effects with animations.

  • Add different audio effects and import stock media files.

  • Save the video file in different file formats as required.

  • Easy-to-use interface for everyone without prior knowledge.

Cons –

  • Limited trial and premium video editor.

  • Rendering videos can be slow at times.

2. Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker is an exclusive free photo music video editor for Windows users. You can install the application from Microsoft Store. You can add photos sequentially and add music in the background to create your desired video. The video editor lets you crop, trim as well as join video clips. There are options to enhance photo quality with different filters available, and you can add texts to the photos for more illustrative videos.

The software supports different media files, and hence, you can import your desired music, photos, and video clips as per your requirements. You can adjust video speed and volume, and you can apply animated pan and zoom effects to the photos. The Pro version lets you create videos in 4K resolution, and there are some exclusive quick editing tools available. Here are the pros and cons of Windows Movie Maker.

Pros –

  • Add different filters and stickers to photos.

  • Trim, flip, rotate, and join video clips.

  • Add different types of audio files.

  • Create custom titles and credits.

  • Useful pan and zoom effect present.

  • Publish 4K videos with Pro version.

Cons –

  • Free version has limited video resolution.

  • Very limited transitions and effects available.

windows movie maker

3. Lightworks

Lightworks is a pro-level video editor where you can create stunning photo music videos. The software supports importing all the different types and formats of media files. The platform is tailor-made to create photo music videos for social media sites. You can publish your video in any resolution, shape, and frame rate. Lightworks is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux computers.

Lightworks has a fluid timeline with autosave feature, and you can work with proxy files for high-resolution media files. This helps to speed up workflow and render faster. There are options for working on shared projects and connecting with Cloud storage. You can also attach metadata to your videos for advanced users. Here are the pros and cons of Lightworks.

Pros –

  • Standard photo editing and advanced video editing options.

  • Supports wide range of media file formats.

  • Robust timeline for quick addition of photos and music.

  • Various motion graphics, transitions, and color correction option.

  • Background processing for faster rendering and useful autosave option.

Cons –

  • Reports of application crashing for high-resolution videos.

  • Advanced features are available for premium users only.


5. OpenShot

If you are looking for a completely free and open-source picture music video maker, OpenShot is the best option. The software is compatible with all desktop operating system. The software supports almost all different types of photos, video clips, and audio file formats. The cross-platform support makes video making and editing seamless for team members.

The user interface is intuitive and you can drag and drop media files. There are options for trimming, rotation, resizing, splitting and various such standard editing. You can opt for time-mapping, speed control, and correction of digital parameters. You can add custom watermarks and overlays to your video. Here are the pros and cons of OpenShot.

Pros –

  • Pan and zoom effect, scrolling effects, and speed control.

  • Wide range of transitions and filters to enhance video content.

  • Add 3D objects and animations to your videos.

  • Dedicated audio editing and mixing options.

  • Overlay and composting options, templates for titles.

Cons –

  • Not suitable for making 4K resolution videos.

  • Can crash if your computer is not high-end.


Part 2. Best Online Photo Music Video Editor

If you are someone who makes photo music videos occasionally, installing a dedicated video editor on your computer will unnecessarily take up space. That is why there are online photo music video editors available where you can make videos from photos instantly on the go. Here are the top five best photo music video editors online.

1. Clideo

Clideo is the best online photo music video editor as it is a platform where you will get all the tools for proper video creation and editing. There are tools for merging, resizing, cropping, and compressing video clips. You can adjust video speed as well as add subtitles wherever required. You can add any music from different sources. There is a dedicated slideshow maker available to create instant photo music videos.

Besides, you can opt for the dedicated video maker where you can add photos, video clips, and audio files to create stunning photo music videos. There are loads of presets, effects, and transitions available to enhance your video content. The online tool works on all popular web browsers as well as devices. Here are the pros and cons of Clideo.

Pros –

  • Upload photos from different sources.

  • Presets for creating videos for social media platforms.

  • Supports different file formats for photos, video clips, and audio.

  • Wide range of tools available for video and photo editing.

  • Suitable for computer as well as smartphone users.

Cons –

  • Not suitable to edit 4K videos.

  • Limited transitions and effects.


2. Animaker

Animaker is a quick photo music video editor online. You can make photo music video, create Gifs and short videos as well as do live video editing. The platform is designed for beginners to create and edit video without any prior experience. There are templates available to enhance the video creation process. Besides, you get access to a huge video media library.

The platform is particularly popular among users who want to include animated characters in their videos. You can build your character and apply different facial experiences. You can add voiceover and the characters can lip-sync accordingly. You can also create visual animations to make your videos stand out. Here are the pros and cons of Animaker.

Pros –

  • Wide range of royalty-free music and stock media files.

  • Create animation characters and add voiceover.

  • Create 4K resolution live videos and add subtitles.

  • Customization of background, actions and expressions.

  • Add overlays, transitions, and custom watermark.

Cons –

  • Some users have reported lagging issues.

  • Based on Flash which may not be supported in future.


3. Animoto

Animoto comes with a huge stock library from where you can get media files for your videos. Upload photos and video clips along with music and create your video instantly. The platform also offers royalty-free music library. There are various templates available for quick video creation and saving time.

Besides, there are different fonts and text effects available. You can add your own music and voiceover and trim and crop photos and videos as required. You can attach custom watermark, work with different aspect ratios, and upload custom fonts. Here are the pros and cons of Animoto that you should know.

Pros –

  • Wide range of time-saving video templates.

  • Edit photos and video clips and add stylish texts.

  • Access to a huge collection of stock library media files.

  • Share videos directly on social media platforms and embed in websites.

  • Smooth and intuitive user interface for all categories of users.

Cons –

  • Free version attaches watermark.

  • Premium plans are expensive.


4. focuses on allowing users to create videos on the go with a few clicks only. You get to upload photos, add texts and titles with background music and select a few powerful effects to apply on your video. With a few clicks only, you get to create an amazing photo music video. The video editor supports adding images, texts, and music and removing background noise.

There are loads of video effects and filters that you can apply on your videos. The unique thing about the tool online is that there are options for adding subtitles, converting audio to text, and transcribing videos. The platform is relatively faster than most online editors. Here are the pros and cons of

Pros –

  • Choose from wide categories of photos and music.

  • Screen and webcam recording possible.

  • Video compression and converter available.

  • Simple but powerful user interface.

  • Options to add subtitles and transcription.

Cons –

  • Free version comes with lots of limitations and watermark.

  • Limited graphical elements available to apply to videos.

veed io

5. Biteable

Biteable is a popular online video maker where you can instantly create professional-quality videos. The platform offers several templates for music video, presentation videos, corporate videos and much more. The user interface is super intuitive and there is a huge collection of stock media files that you can use on your videos.

The tools are simple but powerful and you can customize texts, images, and colors as per your requirements. You can also instant export the video on different platforms as per the demand. If you want to make photo music video for social media, Biteable is perfect for you. You should be aware of these pros and cons of Biteable.

Pros –

  • Large collection of different video templates.

  • Allows color customization, theme selection, and animations.

  • Wide range of royalty-free music.

  • Directly share videos on social media platforms.

  • Supports voiceover and come with intuitive user interface.

Cons –

  • Free version puts a Biteable watermark.

  • There are limited customization options.


Part 3. Photo Music Video Maker Apps

If you are a smartphone user, you can make amazing photo music videos thanks to the video editor apps available. We have selected the best photo music video makers for Android, iOS, and Windows phone users.

1. Inshot 

InShot is an easy-to-use app that lets you convert your photos into a beautiful video. It is an Android app and can be great for making fancy videos with music. With the app, you can add music, emoji, text, and transition effects. It also lets you blur the background or play video in slow motion. The app can also be used as a photo editor so that you can share stories on social media.

It has many distinct features due to the advanced video editor. The voice changer serves perfectly for adding voice effects. It lets you add filters and effects and you can even adjust brightness and contrast. InShot comes with various background patterns and you can even upload your own photos for background. These are the pros and cons of the InShot Android app.

Pros –

  • Standard video making and editing options available.

  • Advanced video editing with picture-in-picture, chroma key, and color picker.

  • Apply audio and video effects as well as choose from texts and stickers.

  • Proper photo editor to enhance video content and quality.

  • Use voice changer, color picker, voiceover, and adjust speed and volume.

Cons –

  • Certain advanced features are reserved for paid users.

  • Support team is not readily available.


2. Filmigo Video Maker


Filmigo Video Maker comes with powerful video editing options. It is a dedicated Android app that can be great for personal and professional video creation. The app lets you duplicate, rotate, split, and trim the clips. The multiple themes and transitions let you make great videos instantly. It is also loaded with animated stickers, GIFs, and emojis. You can even add text and choose from different fonts and styles.

Additionally, it will let you save the video in HD or full HD resolution. There is no limit to video length. The app allows you to share the video directly to social media platforms. You can also use it as a meme generator. Users can even choose from popular music. These are the pros and cons of Filmigo that you must know.

Pros –

  • Making artistic subtitles from different text styles and fonts.

  • Customize videos with multiple themes and transitions.

  • Edit videos by adding animated stickers and emojis.

  • Save the video without any quality loss.

  • Create appealing videos with voice enhancement and blurred backgrounds.

Cons –

  • The app pushes frequent updates.

  • Users keep reporting minor bugs.

fimligo video maker

3. Photo + Music = Video

Link -

Photo + Music = Video is an exclusive app for Windows users. Therefore, if you have a Windows device, you can download and install the app to create photo music video. The app lets you select any number of photos to create your videos. You can choose from the themes to create instant video. There are beautiful filters and effects to beautify your video. 

Besides, you can add background music from any list as well as your custom music. The app has a dedicated photo editor and you can edit your photos before using them for the video. You can blur the background, add borders and frames, as well as attach custom texts and stickers. Here are the pros and cons of Photo + Music = Video app you should be aware of. 

Pros –

  • Unlimited photos selection for video creation.

  • Choose from different themes, filters, and frames.

  • Edit photos as per requirements before using in the video.

  • Customize texts and titles and change the background.

  • Different effects and stickers to apply to photos.

Cons –

  • Has too many ads which could be annoying.

  • Limited to Windows 10 device users only.

photo music video

4. Video Maker with Music Editor

Link -

If you are an iPhone user, this is the app for making music videos out of your photos. It features a huge collection of music tracks. The app also comes with volume and speed control. You can even use your voice over the video to give life to the videos. The app takes minimum time to process videos.

You can easily trim or cut off the videos for removing unwanted frames. The app is equally useful in editing audio and music tracks. Even after making the video, you can save and share your videos. Here are the pros and cons of Video Maker with Music Editor that you must know.

Pros –

  • Add photos, edit video and audio.

  • Select music from different categories.

  • Add unlimited music to the video.

  • Audio fade in and fade out effects.

  • Super intuitive user interface.

Cons –

  • The app can hang when editing high-resolution videos.

  • The in-app purchases are relatively expensive.

video maker with music editor


We have listed all the best picture music video makers for all categories of users. If you want to make photo music videos on your phone, we have lined up the apps for Android, Mac and Windows users. You can also use photo music video editor online if you want to make a video on the go. For computer users, we recommend Wondershare Filmora for creating professional-quality photo music videos.

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