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Complete Guide to Aspect Ratios about YouTube Videos/Shorts/Ads

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Nov 29, 21, updated Jul 17, 24

Yes, you are right. Social media is the platform that no one can refrain from in the current world of technology, news, events, and friends. One such platform gained so much popularity in the last few years. That is YouTube, a platform that is used worldwide for a multitude of purposes. Such as watching videos, uploading or sharing videos, tutorials, trends, series, coaching, serials, shorts videos, news, events, displaying ads, and lots more. No doubt, the list is endless.

Well, while dealing with YouTube videos, there is one most crucial point to keep in mind. If you have a vision or some thought, you can create a new genre of video under YouTube. And that is the YouTube Aspect Ratio, to have the best visual experience for the users worldwide.

youtube platform

Aspect ratio is simply the width to the height ratio for the screen. But it holds great value to create a difference while displaying YouTube Shorts Videos with proper ratio and size as it is only then that it will get proper attention and get trends.

Part 1 Aspect Ratio for YouTube Videos

YouTube is the platform that demands perfection, not in terms of the content of the video only, but there are some other aspects that one needs to consider. So, what could be the right approach while dealing with YouTube Video or Photo size? Thinking what could that be? Well, friends, it is the YouTube Video Ratio or, in simple terms, YouTube Aspect Ratio that tells a lot about the visual representation of the video. If YouTube Video dimension size is not as per the required parameter or according to the device screen, it is so. Then YouTube itself makes adjustments to the rest of the video corners filled with either white or grey bar, which is not the right approach for an appropriate user experience. For that, you must be aware of the required width and height of YouTube Video, that is, YouTube Video Aspect Ratio. Below are covered prime devices with their YouTube Aspect Ratio and related information. Go through them to get the basic idea:

youtube aspect ratio

Note: YouTube Video Player can adjust the video size automatically to make it fit into the screen. Sometimes, doing so results in a bar's white or grey/black area along the edges.

YouTube Aspect Ratio for Desktop/PC Version:

If you are a desktop, PC, or laptop user, the standard YouTube Aspect ratio is 16:9, which is for landscape view. In the case of vertical video with a YouTube Aspect Ratio of 9:16, YouTube will make some adjustments by providing padding to the corner of the video. (That is not the right way for the optimum view as it may result in interfering with the dynamic vision of the YouTube Video.)

YouTube Video Aspect Ratio for Android devices:

There is an interesting fact about the YouTube Video Ratio for Android devices. Actually, in the case of Android mobile devices, the YouTube app will make an auto adjustment to the video file size and set the video as per the screen space.

YouTube Video Ratio for iOS Version

Like Android phones, iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad, YouTube App player will also automatically adjust the Video file size to fit the screen. It does not matter whether the video is in Square, horizontal or vertical format; it will auto-adjust the aspect ratio.

Let’s take the example of Vertical Video display in YouTube Screen:

vertical video example

Also, by selecting the Expand option, the video will adjust itself to fill the entire screen.

Part 2 YouTube Shorts Aspect Ratio

The world is moving swiftly, and with day passing, people want to complete their tasks as quickly as possible. The impact is seen in the field of the YouTube Video making process also with the introduction of YouTube Shorts. After following the short video trends of TikTok, this time YouTube appeared with its new feature YouTube Shorts, which allows a user to create a short video that ranges from 15 to 60 seconds. The only need is for a Smartphone and YouTube Application Shorts camera. And then you are good to go. Note that YouTube Shorts videos get searched and watched by people mainly through their phones.

youtube shorts ratio

Here also comes the concept of YouTube Shorts Ratio as YouTube Videos primarily follows Vertical format. Following are the requirement for YouTube Shorts Ratio:

Aspect Ratio: Vertical format standard ratio is 9:16 (That fill up the entire screen vertically)

Resolution: To comply with vertical format, the required resolution is 1920X1080 px.

Note: There is also provision for square videos with a 1:1 ratio for YouTube Shorts. But that results in extra white or black padding at the top and bottom areas.

Other possible YouTube Shorts ratios are 4:5, 2:3, 1:2.

Part 3 Aspect Ratios for YouTube Ads

If you want to monetize from your video or Shorts, use YouTube Ads to generate additional income. Or, if you are already in some business and want to grow your business, do it with YouTube Ads.


Now, you might be wondering, what would be the possible YouTube Outro size or YouTube Video Aspect Ratio for YouTube Ads? Check here:

YouTube Video Aspect ratio and Proportions: 19:9 (640X360), 4:3 (480X360)

Aspect Ratio for Desktop Ads: 16:9

Sponsor Card Ads Ratio: 1:1

True View Discovery Ads Ratio: 16:9 or 4:3

Part 4 Think More about YouTube Aspect Ratio

You have been listening about YouTube Screen size or YouTube Aspect Ratio so far many times. Now the biggest question is, how to adjust the Aspect Ratio of YouTube Video or Shorts?

Are you puzzled?

how to set aspect ratio

Yeah! Wait, there is the solution. Edit the aspect ratio of your video before uploading it under the YouTube Platform. For that purpose, there is one option named Wondershae Filmora Video Editor That is used to provide you with the Aspect ratio editing and modification option.

Let's understand how you can do so with Wondershare Filmora that most YouTubers are using to edit and adjust the Aspect Ratio of YouTube Videos.

You need to download and launch the software from the main window. There is a drop-down choice to select the desired aspect ratio for the video.

Wondershare Filmora

Get started easily with Filmora's powerful performance, intuitive interface, and countless effects!

filmora box
wondershare filmora

There is another option also, after launching the software, upload your project video. Then, under Project settings, change and set the required aspect ratio.

filmora project settings

Simple isn't it. Yes, the process is quite simple. You can easily change YouTube Video size dimensions without any hassle using Wondershare Filmora editor and that quickly. So, get up and record some interesting YouTube videos or Shorts, mix them up with colors, spicy talk, and change the aspect ratio with ease. You are ready to rock the world of YouTube videos with these simple steps, the right approach that most YouTube Videomakers follow worldwide.


So guys, finally, I hope now you are pretty sure about what is YouTube video ratio, its importance while dealing with videos, shorts, or posting any ads to promote your business. YouTube file size is something that is changing its dimensions as per the user experience and needs. In the last few years, the user base shifted from TV, desktop to phone, laptops, and smart devices. As a result, the aspect ratio also gets changed with time. Thus, having a proper understanding of adjusting the width and height of YouTube Videos to bring the dynamic vision to the video will create a real difference. Also, using Wondershare Filmora will open the door of options to modify your YouTube file size and many editing options along with.

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