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How Different YouTube Aspect Ratio affect Your Video Style

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Jan 07, 22, updated May 20, 24
How Different YouTube Aspect Ratio Affect Your Video Style

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The aspect ratio gets changed for different social media platforms. YouTube aspect ratio is quite different from others and here is all that you must know about it.

Part 1 Is 18:9 the BEST Aspect Ratio for YouTube?

YouTube is considered to be a wider platform than those others are. Moreover, people get each type of video here and this is the reason why it becomes the best platform to make a reach to massive audience and promote your brand. However, it is worth considering having a proper YouTube video size ratio.

Video requirements for YouTube

01How to Change Aspect Ratio to 18:9 for BETTER Videos

Accepted aspect ratios on YouTube

02What Is the Best Size For a YouTube Video/YouTube Image Sizes?

It is important to know that the YouTube ratio for videos and images may vary. However, the size is not only meant by the dimensions. Resolution and aspect ratio are also equally important for having the perfect size of the video and images. When you talk about the videos, the best dimension and resolution is considered to be 1080 by 1920p. Similarly, the aspect ratio for these videos is 16:When you create short video on YouTube then this youtube shorts aspect ratio remains the same because videos in this resolution and aspect ratio perform the best as they are in full HD.

Talking about videos, YouTube images cannot be neglected. If you will not follow the recommended size of YouTube images then you may have to face issues in posting them. YouTube images are at best when they are posted in the perfect size. Banner images on YouTube must be posted in the size of 2560 by 1440 pixels. Size of images may also change depending on the device that you are using. This can be different on desktops and tablets accordingly. On desktops, the size is 2560 by 423 and on tablets, the size becomes 1855 by 423.

YouTube video sizes

03What Is the Best Frame Rate For a YouTube Video?

Frame rate is another important aspect to focus on when you are taking about posting content on YouTube. This is so important because without frame rate your video will not get the desired quality. It is must to know thing that video which you are posting must be in the actual and same frame rate in which it has been recorded. The most common frame rates for YouTube videos are 24, 48, 30, 25 and 60. However you can post the videos in any other frame rate but these are recommended the most.

It is equally important to deinterlace the content before you are posting it. This means if your video has 1080i60p and you want to convert it into 1080i30p then you will need to change the frame rate first.

Accepted formats on YouTube

Part 2 How to Make Your Videos Look Their Best?

01The Right YouTube Dimensions

You can upload videos of so many different dimensions and sizes. These start from 240P to 2160P. The smallest dimension of YouTube videos is 426 by 240 pixels. However, the largest dimensions may go till 3840 by 2160 pixels. YouTube allows all the video dimensions between these ranges. The most accurate YouTube dimension is 1920 by 1080 pixels. The guidelines that are followed on YouTube videos are pretty clear. You can get the quality of 4K if you go for the highest dimension and the quality decreases as you decrease the dimension of your video.

best dimension for YouTube video

02Ways to Change YouTube Video Sizes

As a YouTube user, you have the option to change the video sizes and resolution so that you can get a vivid viewing experience of your videos. This may also boost the audience number on your videos. To change the video size of YouTube, you will just need to follow some simple steps that are mentioned here:

Step 1: First of all, you will have to open the video whose size you want to change. After this you will have to open the setting option from the icons that are displayed below the video.

Step 2: After opening the settings icon, you will find the option of quality. Choose that option and there you will see a list of dimensions amongst which you have to choose the one in which you wish to put your video. For example it may be 720p or less and more.

Step 3: As soon you choose the dimension or resolution the next step you have to do is go for it and click on save option and your video size is changed.

03How to Record YouTube Videos with the Right Dimensions

As you know the most familiar YouTube video aspect ratio is 16:9, so the videos cannot be created in the vertical mode. Keep in mind that you create the videos in horizontal mode. This will look professional as well as will boost your video quality too. Also it is worth considering that the video dimensions matter a lot when you are creating the videos. Do consider the device that you are using to create the video as many devices can create the videos in the highest resolution possible.

 You must also know that videos with higher dimension and resolution need more space so before making the videos do have a check on your storage space too. It is also a good idea to maintain the balance between high quality videos and your storage space.

04How to Create YouTube Thumbnails That Get More Clicks

Every video creator wishes that his videos get more views. This is only possible when you will have excellent and engaging thumbnails so that they get more clicks. Here are some ideas that you can opt for your video thumbnail in order to get it more audience and views:

Go for video still: It will be an interesting idea to add video still to your YouTube videos. By doing so you can give your audience an excitement about what they are going to experience. Video still can do the work of giving a glance to your audience and afterwards if they will see the similar things then they will be satisfied about what your deliver to them.

Boost curiosity: sparking curiosity in your audience is another way to get more clicks on your videos thumbnails. Being curious about a particular topic makes the viewer stay up to the end. Suppose that if you pass the same message that they can easily guess then they will lose interest in your video. Try to have some spark of curiosity in the videos which will make them more engaging.

Perk of using contrasting colors: As far YouTube videos are concerned using colors is neglected but it can be a perk to your videos and thumbnails. You can use colors to make your videos look notable and eye-catching and also suiting the YouTube platform. Colors are powerful to draw your audience’s attention but for making it hold you will have to add other elements also.

Using the correct tools: Without proper editing, video creation is of no use. You will need to edit your videos wisely and make sure to add sparking elements to them. You may get many tools like Filmora, which can do the desired work for you. Choosing wWondershare Filmora Video Editor can be beneficial for you as you will get so many extraordinary features in this tool. Features of Filmora tool are as follows:

This tool allows you to choose amongst several formats with a number of editing options.

You can get a proper storage for your videos so that you need not to worry about the storage in your device.

Videos created by this tool are of high quality and also you can create them in highest resolutions.

You can use the feature of removing background sound and music to make your videos more appreciable.

There are 100 layers of media to create amazing videos here.

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Key Takeaways from This Episode

YouTube has the second largest audience when it comes to any social media platform. This is the reason why branding your products here is a worth investing idea.

As each platform have different technical requirements so as YouTube. There are several things to consider while creating video to upload on YouTube. These things include correct size and dimensions, YouTube video ratio, accuratesounds, etc.

To boost the brand and market value, these technical requirements play an important role. To meet these requirements, various tools like Filmora, etc. are used. These tools make the videos more engaging and impressive so that it can make a reach to larger audience.

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