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Join YouTube MCN or Not: ULTIMATE Guide

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Feb 19, 2024• Proven solutions

Growing the subscriber base and improve the revenues faster is always a priority for budding YouTube channels. On the lookout for the fast and quickest way for plunging most of them might opt for MCN (multi-channel network).

This is a technical term involving the collaboration between different YouTube channel owners. Before delving deeper into MCN YouTube, you need to have a second opinion about everything related to MCN.

Part 1: What is YouTube MCN (multi-channel network)

If you are curious to learn more about what exactly MCN in YouTube is all about, then here it is. Sometimes multiple YouTube channels collaborate to form a network and they rigorously work together to gain more exposure and revenues.

They share various tools and assist each other in channel management and charge a specific percentage of the revenue generated out of the partner channels. They promote each other through the network and split the generated revenue.

In most cases it is a win-win deal for both the YouTube channels, as their popularity and reach is enhanced due to the network. The ultimate goal of these MCNs is to grow the audience base, enhance earnings and support/assist each other to flourish together.

Part 2: What can I get from joining MCN YouTube network?

The offerings from MCN YouTube are aplenty. When everything is managed properly, the profits increase and you get better exposure beyond your usual audience. But, care must be taken while choosing the network you want to join and collaborate with. Here are the things that you can expect from a successful MCN collaboration.

1. Broad market

Growing from the scratch and reaching a wide audience in YouTube is usually tough as it involves lots of effort and time. Content distribution is the key to get more publicity among the potential consumers. Forums, social media, and websites are different ways for content sharing but it is a rough path when travelled alone. With MCN YouTube, you will get a dedicated team to help you out in this regard.

Your business will stand out when your personal branding is strong enough. With YouTube MCN you can easily build your brand and market the content to a larger viewer base.

broad market MCN YouTube

2. Digital rights protection

The functioning of a YouTube MCN is not only restricted to revenue generation or brand promotion. They also take care of your channel, when you face copyright strikes that otherwise results in losing money and other advanced YouTube features. The MCN handles the copyright management issues, while you concentrate on creating engaging and valuable content.

digital rights protectation

3. Collaborations with other YouTubers

These MCNs allow you to collaborate with other YouTube channels and enhance your business exposure. In such a case you getter better foothold in the YouTube network, as other YouTubers in your network share the videos within the community and allow it to get more views. When such a larger audience is consuming your content, there are higher chances of getting the best out of MCN.


4. Better video production facilities

When you are a beginner, you mostly run with a limited resource in terms of budget and equipment. These MCNs ensure that you get the tools and technology like studio equipment to create and edit videos. Top-notch post-production tools are also available with them to boost your channel’s videos.

Part 3: Cons of joining MCN YouTube network

You should never ignore the downside of every step you take while grooming your YouTube channel to touch the heights of success. Here are few of the prominent drawbacks of joining any MCN YouTube network.

1. Split revenue

Although, YouTube clearly doesn’t mention the revenue you will generate from your YouTube channel under the YouTube partner agreement. Your channel and YouTube respectively share 55/45 revenue. When you take help from your MCN the 55% earnings will further deteriorate after paying a percentage of your AdSense revenue to them.


2. Outcome is not always exciting

If you are thinking that the viewership will jump up multi-fold after involving a MCN, then you need to hold on and rethink. It is not guaranteed that a MCN will always end up giving you more view and subscribers to your channel, though it happens with some people.

Go through what you will be gaining from the YouTube MCN in terms of promoting your videos, promotional offers and increasing the subscriber as well as boosting your channel’s exposure.

Any MCN won’t guarantee you for achieving a specific number of subscribers or views if you join them. It’s important to work out what is important for us and for what reasons you are teaming up with that MCN.

In case there is no ROI for you with a YouTube MCN then it’s better to be on your own and try hard to enhance the reach and revenue. Without an ROI, it is futile to sacrifice your earnings in vain.

The bottom line

If you are asking us that you should join a YouTube MCN, then we would recommend you that the decision lies with you. As a YouTube channel owner and content creator, you have a certain goal to achieve.

So, it’s you who needs to figure out the important steps to be taken for attaining all the short and long term goals. Weigh your options and then opt for MCNs, if their assistance and service are close to meeting your expectations with your YouTube channel.

To decide whether to go for a YouTube network partnership or not, first check what percentage of your revenue they will be charging. It’s a key constraint for deciding about the viability of the partnership. If after calculating the proposed revenue sharing you have substantial profits, then going with the MCN is worth it.

The next point is the term of the contract. Never go for contracts that stretch for a longer duration. Put more stress on the legal contracts with the help of a professional lawyer. You need to be very careful about rights, termination of contracts and the likes. Though, we won’t be elaborately explaining the legal decisions involved in officially joining any YouTube network.

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Richard Bennett
Richard Bennett is a writer and a lover of all things video.
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