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YouTube Monetization Tips: How Many Views Do You Really Need to Make Money

Larry Jordan
Larry Jordan Originally published Nov 02, 23, updated Jul 12, 24

Every influencer wants to make it big on YouTube. However, the YouTube view monetization programs are not that clear. Most people don’t even know how YouTube monetization views work. How many views on YouTube do you need to start making money from your content on the platform? Some people have even been made to believe the common misconception that views alone determine the amount of money a YouTuber earns. Let’s have a look at what entails views for YouTube monetization and the factors that affect your earnings on the platform.

In this article
  1. Part 1. The Real Number of YouTube Views You Need to Make Money
  2. Part 2. Factors That Affect Your YouTube Earnings Per View
  3. Part 3. Editing YouTube Videos for YouTube Monetization with Filmora
  4. Conclusion
YouTube Channel Grower
A cross-platform for enhancing and editing YouTube videos for more engagement!
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Part 1. The Real Number of YouTube Views You Need to Make Money

Despite a lot of people seeking a successful career on YouTube, only a handful make it big on the platform. Some of the big names like Mr. Beast have proven how lucrative YouTube can be with the right following. However, for newcomers or beginners, succeeding on YouTube is a challenging feat.

The most burning question is how many monetized views on YouTube do you need to make money? A great deal of creators are still aiming to monetize YouTube views. Let’s have a look at what YouTube monetization review time involves and the views that get paid.

how many views to earn on youtube

Eligibility to YouTube Views Monetization

Ideally, you will start earning ad revenue on YouTube for every 100 views on your videos. This will only happen after being accepted to the YouTube Partner Program (YPP). The program enables revenue sharing from ads and gives creators access to more features and resources like the Copyright Match Tool.

Anyone residing in countries where the YPP program is available can apply, To get accepted, you will need to meet the following requirements

  • 1,000 + Subscribers and 4,000+ public watch in the past 365 days, or
  • 1,000 + Subscribers and 10M+ public watch in the past 90 days

Which YouTube Views are Paid

The ad revenue generated from the program is split between different parties. Specifically, Google pays out $68 for every $100 an advertiser pays to the publisher. However, YouTube earns only when viewers skip the ad before 30 seconds, which means you will not be paid. With only an estimated 15% of the viewers watching the required 30 seconds of a video to qualify for payment, not every view will result in being paid. Only the YouTube monetization per view gets paid.

percentage of views paid

Factors Affecting the Number of Views Needed to Make Money

To make good money on YouTube, however, you’ll want to cross the 100,000 views per video mark. This may sound easy, but getting the accurate amount earned is more than just these simple numbers. Several factors are involved:

  • Your youtube niche
  • The level of viewers' satisfaction
  • The value of your views or presentation’
  • The rate of engagement in your videos

The main factor that determines how many views for YouTube monetization you need to make money is niche. For instance, a channel in the Finance and Technology niche will make more money per 1000 views than those affiliated with comedy or gaming. This is because YouTube channels are monetized by Google Adsense, which pays more for more profitable niches.

On average, you can earn between $1 to more than $25 per 1,000 monetized views on YouTube. This comes down to the specific content you are making and the niche of focus. Those in niches like Finance and Tech will make more money because the Revenue Per Mille (RPM) is higher than other niches. In terms of engagement, videos with higher click-through rates (CTR) and average view duration (AVD) tend to earn more from ads. Other factors such as the country where your viewers are located, time of the year, and type of ads you are running also affect the money earned.

Part 2. Factors That Affect Your YouTube Earnings Per View

The amount of money that YouTubers make may seem complex to understand. Does YouTube pay per view? Yes, but not per video view. YouTube will pay you for views that appear on your channels. The actual revenue will depend on several factors.

Factors Affecting Earnings per View

The amount of money YouTubers make per view is affected by various factors:

  • Ad Revenue Rates: The rates vary depending on the country where viewers are located, the time of the year, and the ad your YouTube channel is running.
  • Audience Demographics: Advertisers usually pay more to show their ads to viewers in some demographics, especially those who are interested in specific products or have a high income.
  • Audience Engagement: Videos with high CTR and AVD earn more income from ads.
  • Watch Time: YouTube channels with longer viewers watch time earn more money.

YouTube’s Revenue-Sharing Model

The YouTibe’s revenue-sharing model determines how much creators are paid. The standard revenue share is 55% for the creator and 45% for YouTube based on views that generate money. However, the platform may adjust the revenue share for certain creators. This may include creators participating in a special program or those who are part of a network.

An Ad blocker can reduce a YouTuber’s earnings. They prevent ads from displaying on videos, and consequently the creator from earning money that you have generated from those ads. As they become more popular, YouTube estimates that ad blockers cost creators billions of dollars in lost revenue every year.

Attracting Higher-Paying Advertisers

Higher-paying advertisers are interested in YouTube channels that align with these features:

  • Audience Demographics: Higher-paying advertisers are interested in videos that show certain demographics. For example, an advertiser of a luxury car will pay more to show ads to viewers who are interested in such cars.
  • Audience Engagement: Higher-paying advertisers are willing to pay more to show their ads to channels with higher engagement to increase the chances of people clicking on their ads.
  • Watch Time: YouTube channels with longer viewers watch time attract more advertisers. This is because viewers will be engaged for longer periods, increasing their chances of viewing the ad.

Other Revenue Streams on YouTube

You can earn a lot more per 1,000 views by influencing your viewers to buy products even before your channel gets monetized. Other ways of making money on YouTube include

  • Selling branded merch or courses
  • YouTube Premium subscriber’s subscription fee
  • Recurring monthly payments by members for special benefits
  • Highlight fan’s messages in chat streams
  • Sponsorships by partnering with brands to promote their products or services
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Brand deals

Part 3. Editing YouTube Videos for YouTube Monetization with Filmora

Good content will increase audience engagement and grow your YouTube channel. Wondershare Filmora offers a range of features that make video editing quick and easy. From instant mode for beginners to AI features for automation, the Filmora is like your partner in video editing.

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Free Download

With Filmora, you can enhance and edit your videos for more engagement on YouTube. You can also edit images posted on Facebook, such as thumbnails. Here are some of the top features to explore.

1. Split Screen Video Editor

With a wide range of pre-made templates to choose from, split your video screen with a single click. Choose to put to videos side to side or in any way that you like.

split screen video editor

2. AI Image

Automatically generate images by typing what you want. The text-to-image feature generates 3 resolutions that you can use directly for your video project.

ai image

3. Keyframing

The keyframing feature creates fantastic visual animations. It allows users to change position in the hand-drawing pattern and customize opacity to make shorts precise and concise. You can also scale the subject of the clip.


4. Speed Ramping

The speed ramping feature allows you to adjust the speed in your video to be in better control of your keyframes.

speed ramping

5. Mask & Blend

The mask and blend feature of Filmora allows you to make a creative video clip. It comes with a pen tool for creating free-form shape masks.

mask & blend


With YouTube monetization how many views does it take to make money? This will depend on a variety of factors, but the sweet spot is after hitting 100,000 views per video. Since the quality of the content you upload can influence how much you make, we recommend using Wondershare Filmora to edit your videos. The video editing software comes with fantastic features for creating highly engaging videos.

Larry Jordan
Larry Jordan Jul 12, 24
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