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How to Create a Killer Unboxing Video: A Complete Guide

Shanoon Cox
Shanoon Cox
Originally published Nov 23, 21, updated Feb 04, 24
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Unboxing videos are a bizarre trend. However, these videos are getting the highest traction, and more videos are getting onboard about various products.

And, if you haven't already checked one, an unboxing video is what it sounds like. At its core, "unboxing" is the procedure of recording the moment when a particular product is removed and opened from the packaging sold in.

Again, you're probably thinking:

'Why would anybody gaze at other folks opening their product packaging?'

More than 90,000 people type 'unboxing' into YouTube each month, and that's quite interesting as well as strange. Also, these are just a few of the insane statistics about the eCommerce trend of unboxing videos.

In this article, you'll see the science behind such unboxing videos and learn how to create an attractive one by taking inspiration from others.

So whether you're not sure why we admire unboxing videos or you wish to know how to use them to your benefit, you're in the right place!

Part 1: What is an Unboxing Video?

Within the unboxing videos, people open boxes and narrate their actions. Unboxing videos are incredibly famous with kids, grabbing up tons of millions of subscribers as well as millions of views. Such videos are also usually great for kids to watch (with a few caveats). But the matter of the subject of some unboxing videos is not age-appropriate. And, there are niche-specific videos as well on different channels.

Are unboxers paid by the companies whose services or products they consider opening on YouTube? Companies don't generally pay the YouTuber directly for featuring their products in a video. When an unboxer becomes super popular (with subscribers and tens of millions of views), companies may send the products for free, but not always. Sometimes hosts disclose this, sometimes not. However, companies do sponsor highly famous and influential YouTubers in other areas. For instance, they may pay the YouTuber to make a personal appearance at a toy store or convention.

Part 2: 5 Best YouTube Unboxing Channels

There are considerable merits to offering your customers a branded and personalized unboxing experience.

Even if you decide to get your products featured in a YouTuber's unboxing videos, you can help promote your brand and improve brand awareness. So which is the perfect or ideal YouTube channel for unboxing videos for you to try to get featured on? The answer is: “It depends!”

Not every YouTuber is the best for every eCommerce business—and a YouTube channel simply being huge and influential doesn’t make it relevant for your brand. So it's essential to consider brand suitability while trying looking for a YouTuber to create unboxing videos.

This means considering whether they use harsh language or if their target audience has some overlap with your target audience.

Keeping it in mind, here are some of the top YouTube unboxing channels for inspiration:

1. Unbox Therapy

unbox therapy

With around 17 million-plus subscribers, Unbox Therapy is a great channel with a ten-year history of sharing various videos presenting the hottest and most excellent products on the planet. According to their YouTube stats, tech gadgets are a regular feature on the channel, and they have amassed four billion-plus views.

2. Ryan's World

unboxing world ryans world

This titan of teeny the unboxing video world is one of the immensely paid YouTubers for a reason. This channel features fun animation and unboxing videos, simple science experiments for kids, and other educational content. Those interested in doing the best unboxing videos for a younger audience could learn a lot from this platform.

3. Tech Unboxing

tech unboxing

At 700k plus subscribers, Tech Unboxing may not be the most significant content creator on this list, but it's no slouch. The channel mentions everything about the high-tech gadgets and isn't afraid to brag about the products reviewed. The track also hosts frequent giveaways of tech products and unboxing videos that the host likes that other tech enthusiasts may look at it with fun.

4. Dr. DeBox

dr debox unboxing video

DrDebox looks at tech, gadgets, and other products ordered from online sites and offers viewers rundowns of their functions and how they operate. With 590k plus subscribers and billions of video views, DrDebox has a prominent audience and presence on YouTube that can help improve awareness for the products he reviews.

5. UNBOXING Fashion & Sports

unboxing fashion sports

Unboxing Fashion & Sports is a channel specializing in well unboxing videos for a range of sports and fashion apparel (frequently shoe brands like Nike or Adidas). Its content generally features a close-up of the reviewer taking products out of the box and moving them around. At the same time, text highlights relevant product features—all set to catchy music without being disturbing. With 17k plus subscribers and a strong focus on sports apparel, this YouTuber knows how to attract a target market.

Part 3: How to Create a Killer Unboxing Video

Firstly, you have to take note of the following points to create the best unboxing videos.

1. Select an Unboxing Niche

2. Practice Speaking Clearly and Slowly

3. Use the Best Unboxing Set-Up

4. Make Sure to Timely Unbox the Products

5. Don’t Delay the Unboxing in Your Video

6. Show the Product in Use

One of the prominent factors about unboxing videos is that anyone can make them. You don’t need to be uniquely talented but go with the products that have broad appeal. Once you create such videos, you can share them on your social media networks or personal website.

Do you want to create your creative unboxing videos for others to find? Do you like to introduce your customers to your products in your own YouTube Channel, so you have total control over the content and messaging of each video?

Here is a step by step guide to help you revamp the creation of your unboxing video:

1. Use a Good Camera & Video Editing Software

While you probably don't require that high-tech camera that professional Hollywood filmmakers would consider shooting or filming 8k+ ultra-HD movies, you need a good camera that can capture HD footage (preferably at least 1080p). This allows providing your unboxing videos just enough of a professional look to not deactivate or disable the interest of potential viewers.

In addition to a camera, ensure that you have a stand or a decent tripod for it. This way, you don't have to hold onto your camera by yourself (or have an assistant hold it) while you're filming. In addition, this minimizes camera shake, which assists in making easy-to-watch videos.

On the other hand, video editing software is a must for taking all of your video compiling and recording into a cohesive video that will be attractive for viewers to watch. There are tons of accessible video editing tools to choose from and some paid options that may have helpful features. However, our favorite pick is Wondershare Filmora due to its beginner-friendly yet professional editing elements. Let us know what you can't do with this software! It's a combination of professionalism and reliability you can consider for all your video editing needs.

The hottest feature of Wondershare Filmora for making attractive unboxing videos is audio ducking. With this feature, you can effectively lower the background vocals while adding your voiceovers. And, that's extremely valuable in making these kinds of videos.

Wondershare Filmora

Get started easily with Filmora's powerful performance, intuitive interface, and countless effects!

filmorax boxpng

2. Prepare Your Stage/Photo Lightbox

If you look at some famous unboxing channels listed above, you'll notice that much of their content is shot in a well-framed space where there isn't much in the background to disturb them from the product being viewed.

Often, this is a "photo lightbox" or an empty table (a small container with a smooth white backdrop that enhances lighting while reducing shadows for making photos look greater). Lightboxes can also be helpful when you're taking snapshots of your products to put up on your eCommerce website, so it's a great idea to make (or buy) one that can fit your products.

3. Practice Making Videos

Before uploading videos to YouTube, take some time to practice making your unboxing videos using random items or already-opened products. This way, you can work upon setting up your stage and camera, keeping the product within an aim, narrating your unboxing video, editing footage to reduce the "dead air" where nothing is being done or said, and more!

When you're over making your first test video, play it back and look for issues like excessive "ums, ahs," or things that are out of focus and other sentence fillers. Don't worry if your first video isn't that great—that's what practice (and your video editing software) are for!

4. Don't Waste Your Viewers' Time

If you want to make the best unboxing videos, ensure that you get to the “unboxing” section quite instantly! As indicated by the Expert Voice: "remember that you compete for viewers' attention with lots of other video content. Keep your introductions brief and quickly get to the unboxing." If you take too much time to get to the section of unboxing video, you risk losing your audience’s interest and them going away from your content before you can introduce your product.

5. Compile Things Up Once in a While

If you unbox your products, you might instantly run out of content ideas to make. You may look up your YouTube channel losing traction without the new content. So, try to compile things up once in a while—as the Ryan's World channel discussed earlier.

Creating other kinds of content, such as how-to videos and advice videos for specific products, product updates, and simple news, or even short promotional bits, can help keep your publishing frequency top-notch.

Just remember: everything you publish or post should still be related to your brand and your channel's core content!

6. Promote Your YouTube Video or Channel on Social Media

There are specific odds that your eCommerce business is active on other social media channels, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Taking benefit of your audience on other social media platforms to promote your YouTube channel can assist you promptly earning some easy subscribers and allow you better promote your products for the current followers.

Part 4: FAQs about Unboxing Videos

1 - What should be included in the unboxing video?

As discussed earlier, you can include products related to your channel’s niche in your unboxing videos.

2 - How long should an unboxing video be?

Time will vary depending on the actual unboxing product, but try to keep it below 5 minutes.

3 - Can you monetize unboxing videos?

No. Text-based commentary isn't acceptable for monetization. It must be vocal, and for you to show your face as well would be even better.


Unboxing videos are a bang on that; hate them or love them, they are here to stay. Whether you're a brand owner, a consumer, or both, you've probably considered one or two while purposelessly browsing.

You can use the above tips or strategies to create a compelling unboxing experience for small brands to get the most out of a best unboxing video.

What are some of your favorite unboxing videos? Comment down below!

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