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Tips for YouTube Thumbnail Size [Aspect Ratio Included]

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Apr 07, 22, updated Feb 29, 24
Versatile Video Editor - Wondershare Filmora

YouTube serves as one of the best entertaining platforms worldwide. It is high time to work on the width and height of the YouTube thumbnail when you try to upload videos for your channels at the YouTube space. The thumbnail plays a vital role that appears as a cover page for your videos. The aspect ratio of this page should meet the guidelines of YouTube for a successful upload.

In this article, you will get valuable insights on the best size of YouTube thumbnail and the respective changes you can make on this factor to enhance visibility. Here, you will study the role of the YouTube thumbnail and the methods to edit its dimensions to ensure the proper reach of the expected audience globally. Research on the best formats of YouTube Thumbnails and design them accordingly to fit perfectly at the allotted space in the online platform.


 Part 1 What are YouTube Thumbnails?

The YouTube Thumbnail is the first image that appears in your video. When you create a video for your YouTube channel, it is essential to insert the thumbnail that describes the content of your video. Based on the thumbnail image, the viewers will get an idea about your uploaded video. This thumbnail plays a vital role in triggering the audience to make a click at your video. Design an attractive thumbnail with a meaningful message that inspires the audience quickly. It aids in increasing the subscribers for your channel. It helps you in the better reach of your audience.

While creating a thumbnail image, do not forget to use a reliable editor to make the picture impressive. Work on every detail on your thumbnail image and add possible effects on it for meaningful results. The YouTube Thumbnail reveals the idea about the video and acts as a deciding factor for the viewers whether to click it or not. This thumbnail image takes a greater part in the success of your video and helps in boosting your followers globally.


 Part 2 Width and Height of YouTube Thumbnail

There are restricted guidelines while designing the YouTube Thumbnail. The width and height of the YouTube thumbnail are important while designing it using a sophisticated program. As per the instructions of YouTube thumbnail, the image sizes must be 1280*720 pixels and the minimum width is 640 pixels. The ideal aspect ratio is 16:9. Only if you meet these requirements, you can successfully upload the thumbnail in your videos and publish it in your YouTube channel flawlessly. Scale down the thumbnail images with incredible applications without compromising the quality factors. Edit the images accordingly without disturbing the resolution of the picture. Use efficient programs to edit the YouTube thumbnail images as per your needs.


 Part 3 How to Make a Thumbnail on YouTube

To edit the YouTube Thumbnail images, the Filmora app serves the best. It is a prestigious product from Wondershare and offers a simple interface for the users to work efficiently on the media files. Many YouTubers prefer this program because of its attractive features and comfortable usage. With the help of this app, you can edit videos and images like a pro and bring a professional impact on the files. It helps you to unleash your imagination and work beyond limitations efficiently. Create impressive videos without limits and bring an astonishing impact on the media files using this program.

The stunning features of the Filmora application

  • An excellent toolbox that provides the basic edits like trim, crop, resize and rotate on the images

  • Add desired filter effects on the media to acquire impressive results.

  • Change the background of your image using the Green Screen feature

  • Insert titles and edit the motion elements based on the needs.

  • Customize the colors on the images with the help of jaw-dropping color combinations provided by this awesome tool.

These are the remarkable functionalities of the Filmora app and you can discover a lot when you make a try on this tool. Every YouTuber adopts Filmora to edit the videos optimally to engage their subscribers without any compromises.

Wondershare Filmora

Get started easily with Filmora's powerful performance, intuitive interface, and countless effects!


To edit the YouTube Thumbnail using the Filmora application

Step1 Install the app and import the image

Download the program from its official webpage according to your system OS and install it. Then, add the image into the app timeline by tapping the Import media option.


Step2 Resize the image

Drag and drop the uploaded image into the timeline and tap the ‘Export’ button. Here, you will find resizing attributes like Resolution and size. Tap the Settings option and edit these values according to YouTube Thumbnail and click the Export button again to save the edited file at the desired storage location.


Apart from resizing, you can crop, trim, rotate the images as per your needs using this app. It is a reliable platform that assists to create an impressive impact on the media files. You can edit the videos and reshape them based on the requirements in no time. The Filmora offers a complete solution for audio and video file edits and aids you in creating enlightening media files for your needs.

 Part 4 What happens if YouTube thumbnails are 1920x1080

The thumbnail images get pixelated and appear unclear on your YouTube channel. The clarity of the image is affected by uploading image sizes that are not advised by the YouTube guidelines. The video thumbnails on YouTube are crucial to reaching the target audience. It is good to stick to the prescribed width and height of YouTube Thumbnails to avoid unnecessary issues. Due to the dimension mismatch, the pixel elements distort giving out unpleasant images on the screen. To be successful as a YouTuber, it is high time to follow the thumbnail image measurements to avoid the blurred images on your uploaded videos. The distorted thumbnail image reduces the click counts thereby affecting your reputation as a YouTuber.

 Part 5 YouTube thumbnail formats

The YouTube thumbnail format are JPG, GIF or PNG. The compatible size limit is up to 2MB. The advised aspect ratio is 16:9. The thumbnail fits aptly with the provided space when you stick to this format without any excuses. For perfect results, you must abide by the YouTube thumbnail dimensions and upload it on time to engage your subscribers. You will face upload issues if you try to include videos in different file formats. It leads to compatibility problems. It is a wise practice to abide by the YouTube standards to avoid unnecessary problems. Before uploading your videos for the YouTube channel, check whether the file format, resolution and dimensions meet the values as per the recommendations. If you find any controversies, then immediately use a reliable app to edit the images according to your needs and directly upload them to the desired platform effortlessly.

Wondershare Filmora

Get started easily with Filmora's powerful performance, intuitive interface, and countless effects!



Thus, this article has valuable insights into the width and height of YouTube Thumbnails. If you are a newbie YouTuber, then this article will help you how to create an efficient YouTube Thumbnail for your videos and the role of thumbnail in attracting the audience for your channel. Use the Filmora app and edit the media files efficiently to abide by the guidelines of YouTube. Filmora acts as a powerful tool to meet your media files edit needs and aids in the flawless upload of YouTube videos without any issues. Choose Filmora and enjoy the essence of posting insightful videos at the YouTube platform impressing your subscribers around the globe precisely. Connect with this article to create an efficient YouTube Thumbnail for your requirements using the Filmora video editor program.

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