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Best Hashtags for YouTube To Get Your Views to 6 Figures

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Apr 14, 23, updated Jan 17, 24

Youtube hashtags have the power to get more viewers to your channel. Choosing the right ones at the right moment will help you grow much faster.

Knowing this, how do you know the perfect hashtags for YouTube?

The answer is simple. This guide lets you know precisely how to discover the best hashtags for YouTube. In addition, you'll learn what tools to use and how to always find the correct tag for each video.

In this article
  1. Best YouTube Vlog Hashtags
    1. Keyword Tool
    2. TubeBuddy Chrome Extension
    3. VidIQ Chrome Extension
  2. Bonus: Edit Your Vlog Videos Like A Pro With Filmora

Best YouTube Vlog Hashtags

Hashtags are powerful features that can connect the right viewer to your content. They merge videos and viewers with similar topics and interests.

If you have a vlog on YouTube, there is a set of hashtags that work perfectly with this type of content.

This is a list that might help:

  • #vloggingmylife
  • #vlogginggear
  • #vloggerlife
  • #vloggers
  • #vloglife
  • #vlogger
  • #vlogging
  • #youtuber
  • #vlogs
  • #dailyvlog
  • #vloggingcamera
  • #vloging
  • #vloggingcommunity
  • #vloggerlifestyle
  • #travelvlogging
  • #vloggingmum
  • #foodvlogging
  • #vlogginglife
  • #newtovlogging
  • #disneyvlogging
  • #vlogging101
  • #vloggingsetup
  • #vloggingfamily
  • #vlogday
  • #kidsvlogging
  • #imvlogginghere
  • #beautyvlogging
  • #microvlogging
  • #motovlogging
  • #instavlogging

When using hashtags for YouTube, it's essential to put yourself in your viewers' shoes. So first, ask yourself what your ideal viewer is searching for.

For example, if you’re creating a video on how to cook past, think about all the ways the viewer would search for this on YouTube. A few hashtags may come to mind are #pastarecipes, #pastacooking, #tasypasta, and so on. I hope you get the idea of how hashtags work.

This may take a lot of time. However, a YouTube hashtag generator can make this process a lot quicker and even more effective.

Best Tools for YouTube Vlog Hashtags

You should know that more than these thirty hashtags will be needed to help your videos succeed. But sometimes, you will need better or more appropriate ones.

The best way to always have the perfect tags is to use a YouTube hashtags generator. It's a tool that digs up the ideal tags for every type of video.

Here are the three best YouTube hashtag generators you can use:

1 Keyword Tool

This tool's primary purpose may be to help with keyword research, but it has a valuable hashtag extension.

First, type in the topic of your video. For example, "vlog." Hit Search.

youtube hashtag generator

Then, select the Hashtags panel.

youtube hashtag tool

This will show you a massive list of trending hashtags you can use for your YouTube video. However, the YouTube tags it gives you will sometimes be different. For example, if you search for the same word at another time, the results may differ depending on current trends.

list of tags for youtube

That's all there is to it. Copy any tags you like and use them for your video. Also, you can purchase the pro version of this tool to get more detailed insights. However, the free version works just fine most of the time. The choice is yours.

2 TubeBuddy Chrome Extension

tubebuddy chrome extension

TubeBuddy is a Chrome extension that does much more for your YouTube channel than help with hashtags. It's an optimization tool that will configure everything for better reach.

It's also available as an Android and iOS app. As for the Chrome extension, you install it, and it integrates with YouTube.

The next time you upload a video, it will analyze it and help you process and publish it more quickly.

Additionally, TubeBuddy will also show you the best possible hashtags to use for your unique video. Over 1 million people use it. That should be proof enough that this tool truly offers something valuable.

3 VidIQ Chrome Extension

vidlq chrome extension

This is another Chrome extension that helps you find keywords and YouTube tags to get more views. It's just as easy to use as the previous one. VidLQ has over 2 million users worldwide, proving its usefulness.

Plus, it has plenty of other features to help you grow your channel. For example, its Competitors Tool will give you insights into what similar channels are doing. VidLQ will also help you optimize your videos to get recommended to more viewers. As we all know, this can significantly increase your views.

It's a great tool that can be especially beneficial for beginners. However, because of its simplicity, anyone starting on Youtube should use it. It does most of the publishing for you but teaches you how to do it yourself.

Note: If you hope to know more about YouTube keyword tools to get more views, you can read this article to increase your audience: 10 Best YouTube Keyword Tools to Get More Views

Bonus: Edit Your Vlog Videos Like A Pro With Filmora

Another way to get more YouTube views is to upload high-quality videos consistently.

By high quality, we mean no background noise, proper color grading, entertaining soundtracks, and similar. But, of course, you can be an experienced video editor to do any of this.

Filmora is an easy-to-use tool that lets you create professional videos quickly. With it, you can instantly remove background noise and search from a long list of copyright-free music. It also has a feature that edits videos automatically for you. For YouTube vlogs, this will export perfect results most of the time.

Free Download
Free Download
filmora feature instant mode

If you're a more experienced video editor, Filmora's also got you covered. Aside from its simple features, it also has an advanced editor. It allows you to touch up every tiny detail of your video if you feel like it.

filmora color match feature

It's an all-in-one tool that YouTube creators recommend for YouTube creators. Best of all, it has features for users of all experience levels. As a result, you won't have to watch countless tutorials on YouTube about how to use Filmora.

For example, to help you make your vlogs more eye-catching, we have prepared the video below:

Super EASY Video Transitions for Vlogs


Finding the best hashtags for YouTube is an easy but also important task. It's all the little things combined that help you get more viewers. Things like using the right keywords, thumbnails, YouTube tags, etc.

Yet, it would help if you didn't forget the most important thing: the video itself. So, give Filmora a try and become surprised by how easy it is to create a high-quality YouTube video.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Jan 17, 24
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