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Zoom In and Zoom Out on YouTube

Shanoon Cox
Shanoon Cox
Originally published May 25, 22, updated Jun 12, 24
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YouTube has undoubtedly become the most popular platform for streaming millions of videos to people worldwide. People, influencers, celebrities, and various brands can freely post their videos on YouTube, and with a single click, they can fetch millions of views. Due to the simplicity and exceptional features of YouTube, people across the globe have shifted to this platform to extract various kinds of information comfortably.

Many times, people find it difficult to catch small yet important details from the videos on YouTube. If you want to observe little details in the YouTube videos closely, this article will address easy methods on how to zoom in on YouTube videos quickly.

Part 1: Why Should You Look Forward to Zoom Your YouTube Video?

There can be various causes to zoom in on YouTube videos as users can clearly see hidden information and details from the video through it. For instance, if you are reviewing a trailer of a particular movie on your YouTube channel, you would be required to zoom in YouTube video many times. For breaking down the trailer, you would need to focus on the backgrounds, props, and other hidden details that are only possible through zooming in and out of the videos.

Moreover, if you are watching a demonstration of the chemistry practical on YouTube videos, readings on the apparatus may not be apparent in it. So here, you can also read and notice precise complicated readings on the videos by just zooming in. Also, in other scenarios, you can read the product's description in makeup tutorials by using the option of zooming in and out.

To sum up, every regular user of YouTube must know how to zoom in on YouTube videos so that he can quickly focus on the details with a single click. By knowing the methods of zooming in and out, you can comprehensively extract the information through YouTube videos that can make your daily tasks easier.

Part 2: Effective Methods on How to Zoom in and Out YouTube Videos Easily

In this section, we will provide three effective methods to zoom in YouTube videos effortlessly. By applying any of the following methods, you can easily focus on the small details.

Method 1: Zoom In and Out on the YouTube Video Player

Are you looking for easier ways to zoom in and out of the YouTube video? YouTube gives the option on its player for viewing the videos in two modes: Theatre mode and full mode. Through theater mode, you can watch your video in a comparatively zoomed manner, whereas, in full screen, you can watch the video on a full screen of the monitor.

In this particular method, we will provide simple and easy steps for zooming in on the YouTube video player:

Step 1: Navigate to the YouTube app on your device browser, such as Google Chrome. On its search box, enter the video you want to watch.

search for youtube video

Step 2: Press Enter, and you will see various options related to your desired video. Click on any particular video to watch.

select your video

Step 3: On the YouTube video player, you would be able to see two screen mode options on the right side. The first option is "Full Screen" mode, through which you can enjoy watching your videos on a full monitor screen. The second option is "Theatre Mode," which will display the video in a cinematic look by zooming in to some extent. Explore these options to observe the small details in your YouTube video closely.

use youtube player modes

Method 2: Zoom In and Out with Browser Zoom Features

To zoom in on YouTube videos, your browser also offers effective ways for the users. By using the browser zoom features, you can quickly zoom in and out of the video without the need for additional help. Moreover, these zoom features are also beneficial for reading eBooks or online documents.

Here are the three ways through which you can instantly zoom in on your favorite YouTube videos easily:

Way 1: The first way to zoom in on video is through browser options. To do so, tap on the “Three-Dot” icon of your browser displayed in the top right corner. From the menu, tap on “Zoom” and control the actions through its small menu.

use chrome zoom from menu

Way 2: Another way to zoom in and out of the YouTube video is through your mouse pad. Point your cursor to the place where you want to zoom and try to expand the screen from your mouse pad and vice versa for zoom out.

use your laptop touchpad

Way 3: On the URL search bar of YouTube, you can see different icons displayed next to it. Simply tap on the "Zoom" icon to control the zoom in and out accordingly.

tap on zoom icon

Method 3: Zoom In on YouTube Video with Browser Extension

In this section, we will use a browser extension that will assist you in zooming in and out on YouTube videos comfortably. We will recommend the Zoom browser extension due to its distinct properties and features. Through its slider, you can zoom in on the YouTube video up to 400 factors with a single swipe.

Moreover, through this special browser extension, you can save the zoomed version of the website and can resume watching the videos from the set zoom value. To save your time, this browser also gives the option to zoom in and out the web pages together with a single click. To use this browser extension to zoom in on Youtube, here are simple steps.

Step 1: Install the Zoom browser extension on your device from the Chrome Store by tapping on the “Add to Chrome” button to download and install the extension.

add zoom extension to chrome

Step 2: Now, open YouTube and play your desired video. Afterward, tap on the icon of extensions from the top and select this particular extension. Through this extension, you can either click on the "+" button or the slider to zoom the video accordingly.

use slider or plus icon


YouTube has become a mainstream channel for watching and creating videos in this era. Many times we miss small yet important details while watching YouTube videos on our devices. To quickly catch up on these essential details, we have offered different and easy methods regarding zoom in on YouTube videos with a single click.

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