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A Complete How-to Guide: Translate YouTube Videos to English

Quintela Originally published Mar 04, 24, updated Mar 27, 24

YouTube is a popular video-sharing platform for watching and uploading video content. Businesses use this social app to post video tutorials and product demos to guide their targeted audiences. In this context, translating videos is crucial to expand product reach to international customers. When brands translate YouTube videos into English, their sales might increase.

That’s why learning how to translate YouTube videos into English is essential, and this guide will help you. Here, you will find detailed steps on translating videos via different tools and get an ultimate solution.

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  1. Part 2. How To Translate YouTube Video to English on Speechify?
  2. Part 3. How To Translate YouTube Video to English on HeyGen?
  3. Part 4. Make Translation of YouTube Video Effective With Wondershare Filmora
  4. Bonus Part. How To Translate YouTube Comments to English?
  5. Conclusion
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How To Translate YouTube Video to English on ElevenLabs

The first solution you can use to translate YouTube to English videos is ElevenLabs, which is an online tool. It is an AI dubbing and video translator that can translate videos into more than 29 languages. Automated dubbing abilities of this tool replace the original audio of a video with a language. In this process, it analyzes audio and tries to preserve the unique characteristics of the speakers.


Meanwhile, browse the video on YouTube that you wish to translate into English. After finding it, click the “Share” button below the video and hit the “Copy” button afterward to get the URL.

copy url from youtube

Access ElevenLabs and look for its AI dubbing and video translator feature. After adding the project name, use the drop-down of "Source Language" and pick the language of the video. Next, define the "Targeted Language" via its drop-down list.

set language parameters

Tap the “YouTube” tab under the “Select a Source” section. Finally, paste the earlier copied link below the “YouTube URL” section and click the “Create” button.

add youtube url and create

Afterward, you can move downward and see the translating status. When it finishes, you can save it through the “Download” button shown at the end.

download final subtitle file

How To Translate YouTube Video to English on Speechify?

Another English video translator that you can rely on is Speechify, an AI video translator. This online tool can dub your videos in many languages while retaining the emotions conveyed in them. Moreover, it can remove filler words from the video with your prompt and make it engaging. If you are interested in learning how to translate a YouTube video into English, go through the given steps:


Head to the main editing dashboard of Speechify and hit the “New” tab from the top-left side. From the following drop-down list, choose the "AI Dubbing” option and enter a new Window. There, a pop-up screen will appear to adjust the dubbing parameters.

ai dubbing from speechify

Paste the copied YouTube URL in the respective section below "Upload Files." Then, navigate to the "Select Speaker Number" and pick one option from its drop-down list. Following that, use the drop-down list of "Select language of the video” and choose the “English” option. Finally, hit the “Submit” button and go directly to the “Project” section to see the processing status.

select speaker and language

When the project finishes loading, click on it and enter the next editing window. Now, go to the top-right side and use the “Share” or “Export” button as per your needs to save the video.

share or export from speechify

How To Translate YouTube Video to English on HeyGen?

HeyGen can translate your uploaded YouTube videos into over 40 languages and 300 voices. It allows users to pick their desired tone of male or female voice from serious, professional, and happy options. Furthermore, it can translate videos of 1 second to 5 minutes with an option to only translate audio. To quickly understand how to translate YouTube videos into English via HeyGen, use the following guide:


Go to the official site of HeyGen and access its video translation feature. Afterward, hit the “Get started for free” button and enter its editing interface. There, switch to the “Google Drive/YouTube URL” located next to the “Upload” tab. Now, paste your YouTube video URL link there and move forward.

add youtube url in heygen

Upon moving, extend the drop-down of “Choose Target Language” and the targeted language. Next, pick the number of speakers in the YouTube video from its designated drop-down list. Lastly, tap the “Translate this video” tab and see the processing started below. You can use the “Download” to save the file when it is complete.

translate video in heygen

Make Translation of YouTube Video Effective With Wondershare Filmora

The earlier discussed tools were the initial solutions for translating YouTube videos. They lack advanced algorithms and sometimes show inaccurate and unnatural-sounding translations. If you want a powerful video translator that stays coherent in translations, shift to Wondershare Filmora. It offers an AI video translation tool to translate YouTube videos to English subtitles and audio.

You can translate text in the video or both text and voice using this feature. Despite that, users can enable the Auto-match option to match transcriptions with the timeline. Filmora supports 23 languages to translate your content with natural-sounding voices. Social media influencers and marketers use this AI translation tool to broaden their digital reach.

Other Incredible Features of Filmora: Uncover Potentials With AI

1.AI Thumbnail Creator:YouTube content creators spend much time making attractive thumbnails. For this situation, Filmora facilitates with an automatic thumbnail creator. It detects the three best shots from your video and brings them separately as thumbnails. Users can further edit them via text and customize them with 58 preset templates of diverse themes.

ai thumbnail creator in filmora

2.AI Music Generator:Finding perfect copyright-free music for your vlog is a hectic task. What if you create a tailored music track with Filmora? Indeed, it's possible with Filmora to generate a musical masterpiece as needed. You can set music durations, number of tracks, and mood from multiple options. Some music moods included sad, exciting, epic, happy, and peaceful options.

ai music generator in filmora

3.Split Screen: If you want to make your content engaging, attractive, and professional, use this option. The split-screen ability has been integrated into a few editing platforms, and Filmora is one of them. It can show your three clips playing side by side through 1-click predesigned template. Upon choosing a template, you can still adjust the screen's size, volume, and other areas.

split screen in filmora

4.Silence Detection: 4.According to the attention span of the viewers, keeping a video brief is crucial. That's why Filmora offers this feature to drop silent parts from podcasts or other videos. It can remove filler words to keep the discussion short but still informative. This way, your video can target a global audience by gaining interest.

silence detection in filmora

How To Translate YouTube Video to English Using AI Translation of Filmora

Now right-click on the media in the timeline and choose "AI Translation" from the list. It will give you a small pop-up screen to adjust the translation parameters.

Step1Launch the Latest Filmora and Import Video for Translation

On the contrary, download the YouTube video you intend to translate into your system. Switch to Wondershare Filmora and click the “Import” option to bring that video to the media panel. After that, drag and drop the video in the timeline section for further processing.

launch filmora and import media files
Step2Explore the AI Translation Feature From Media in the Timeline

Now right-click on the media in the timeline and choose "AI Translation" from the list. It will give you a small pop-up screen to adjust the translation parameters.

access ai translation feature in filmora
Step3Set the Translation Parameters as Desired

From the AI Translation pop-up, move to the “Translation Type” section and extend its list. After picking the type, directly pick "Source Language" and "Target Language" from their respective sections. Upon adjusting parameters, hit the "Translate" button, and the translation process will start.

set translation parameters in filmora
Step4Export the Video After Previewing the Completed Status

Another pop-up screen will appear, showing the translation status. When it starts showing "Completed," your video will be translated, and you can preview it. Later, you can navigate to the “Export” at the top-right and download the video.

export final video in filmora

How To Translate YouTube Comments to English?

Despite getting translated videos, individuals also need YouTube comments in their native language. It gives an idea of viewers’ perceptions about that content, their opinions, and how much it is a reliable source. So, if you want the YouTube comments translated into English, you can use Google Translate. The following are simple steps to use Google Translate for comments translation:


Browse “Google Translate” on your browser and launch its official site. Now, copy the YouTube comments you want to convert into English. Return to Google Translate and paste the comments in the left-side text box. There, choose the language of comment from its top bar if you are familiar with it. Otherwise, set it to “Detect Language” and move to the right-side text box.


From the right-side text box, pick the targeted translation language from the above bar. Finally, the comments will start displaying translated as you select the targeted language.

use google translate to translate comments


To summarize, translating YouTube videos is vital to make content accessible worldwide. For this purpose, many video translation platforms have been launched online and are working well. This guide has also reflected the most common translators but shows certain limitations. Professionals looking for an error-free tool to translate YouTube videos to English should try Wondershare Filmora .

Quintela Mar 27, 24
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