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Learn All Appropriate Methods To Translate YouTube Comments With Ease

Arvin Alejandro
Arvin Alejandro Originally published Mar 07, 24, updated Mar 27, 24

Due to the language barrier, many content creators are not able to communicate with their diverse audiences. Nevertheless, the invention of translation tools has eliminated all these cultural barriers, allowing you to share content. By translating comments on online videos, you can communicate with customers worldwide. Read this article to learn how to translate YouTube comments.

In this article
  1. Part 2. How To Translate Your Comments Using Browser Extension?
  2. Part 3. Why Should One Consider Translating Their YouTube Comment Section?
  3. Bonus Part. Want To Translate the Entire Video? Use Wondershare Filmora!
  4. Conclusion
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How To Translate YouTube Comments Using Conventional Method?

We know YouTube allows users to share and view videos from anywhere around the world. With a diverse audience, this platform provides options to comment in various languages. If you don’t want to miss out on valuable insights, translating YouTube comments is the way to go. For this purpose, follow this step-by-step guide for easy translation across YouTube:

Step 1. Find a comment under a YouTube video you want to translate. Then, highlight the comment by clicking it and dragging your cursor over it. Afterward, copy the comment using the “Ctrl + C” shortcut keys.

copy comment from youtube

Step 2. Next, access the Google Translate website on your browser. Paste the comment into the text box on the left using the keys “Ctrl + V.” You do not have to select the source language, as the website will automatically detect the language of the text.

paste comment to google translate

Step 3. Within the next box, select the target language by clicking the “Drop-down” icon. By doing so, you will be able to choose your desired language from the list. Finally, the tool will translate the comment for you.

translate comment to appropriate language

Part 2: How To Translate Your Comments Using Browser Extension?

There are a few Chrome Extensions available that can help you translate YouTube comments. YouTube Comment Translate is one such extension, allowing you to perform the translation in a single click. With this extension, you don't need to copy-paste comments to translate them. All you have to do is enable the extension and let it perform its magic. The following simple steps can help you translate YouTube comments for global reach:

Step 1. Access the “YouTube Comment Translate” extension page from the Chrome Web Store. Click the “Add to Chrome” button to save this extension.

add translate extension to chrome

Step 2. Upon adding this extension, open the YouTube video whose comments you want to translate. Next, hit the “Extension” icon and choose the “YouTube Comment Translate” from the drop-down list. Once you enable this YouTube extension, a translate button will appear above every comment. You only need to click this button to translate YouTube comments.

translate comment using extension

Part 3: Why Should One Consider Translating Their YouTube Comment Section?

Not connecting to people from worldwide diminishes the purpose of having platforms like YouTube. You can resolve this issue by being sensitive and learning more about their culture. Therefore, there are multiple reasons why you should translate YouTube comments to form a more inclusive channel:

1.Engage a Wider Audience

Translating YouTube comments will open doors to new communities. This will allow you to learn about their culture and make a more inclusive channel. Eventually, you will be able to make content that resonates with them. You will also get the opportunity to interact with diverse subscribers, solidifying their loyalty to you.

2.Identify New Viral Trends

When you can understand what other cultures are talking about, you will discover the top trends that attract their engagement. Some of these trends may have the potential to go viral in your community. You should share new trends with your community and unlock your viral potential.

3.Expand Your Business

By translating the comments on YouTube, you will be able to get the valuable insight that people are freely giving away in the comments. You can then identify gaps between their desires and resources to create a unique business plan. Users will be able to tap into new markets before anyone else and potentially increase your revenue.

4.Start New Trends

You will be introduced to so much diversity once you translate the YouTube comments, which will keep your creative juices flowing. You will increase your knowledge and understanding of the world. This will equip you with the ability to start new trends that can go viral all over the world.

Bonus Part. Want To Translate the Entire Video? Use Wondershare Filmora!

Adding subtitles to your videos and translating YouTube comments brings you much closer to your goal of global reach. However, it still doesn't allow your audience to form a connection with you. You can gain loyalty from your viewers by evoking emotional reactions if you translate entire videos instead. Wondershare Filmora is an offline video editor that uses AI to seamlessly dub audio in any language.

Its advanced technology automatically synchronizes your video to the audio, which displays accuracy. Unlike the primitive tools available online, this dynamic app offers you the option to translate both voice and text at the same time. If you’re still not convinced, read on to learn more about the unique features that only Wondershare Filmora can offer:

Top-Rated Features of Wondershare Filmora

  1. Audio Ducking : This video translator uses the “Auto Ducking” feature to make your voice stand out over the music. It helps decrease the volume across the track to amplify the user’s voice.
  2. AI Copywriting: To add context to your content creation, you need to have proper scripts. For this purpose, Wondershare Filmora provides users with an AI copywriting system for generating professional scripts.
  3. AI Audio Stretch:Finding the right audio for your video is usually a long and tedious task. However, with the Filmora “Audio Stretch” feature, any audio can become the right fit for your video.

Simplified Process To Translate Any Video Using Wondershare Filmora

Engage audiences across the globe by sharing your unique content in fully translated videos. Use the steps provided below to utilize this YouTube video translator app:

Step 1 Download Wondershare Filmora And Start Creating Content

After installation, open Wondershare Filmora to go to the startup window. Select the “Create Project” tab from the top left to access a new window. You will find the “New Project” button in the center of the window; click it to start creating.

start creating project on filmora
Step 2 Load Media to Timeline for Translation

Next, utilize the drag-and-drop feature to import files from your desktop to the media panel. Now, you can grab these files with your cursor and drop them into the timeline panel for editing. As an alternate, you can choose to drop files into the timeline panel from your desktop.

drag and drop media to filmora
Step 3 Employ the AI Translate Feature

Once you're done adding, look closely at the toolbar above the timeline panel to find the “>>” symbol. Afterward, click this button to find more editing options and then hit the “AI Translation” feature to access a new popup window.

add to timeline and translate
Step 4 Adjust Settings and Translate Video Successfully

Upon accessing this window, press the drop-down icon under “Translation Type” and choose “Translate voice and text” from the menu. In the same way, go to “Source Language” and pick the language used in the original audio. Then, pick the language understood by your target audience within the “Target Language” section. Finally, tap the “Translate” button at the bottom right to execute AI translation.

set translation parameters and execute
Step 5 Export Final Video to Storage

After you translate the video, you will be brought back to the main window. Go to the top right and hit the “Export” button to save your device video.

execute and export final video


This article captures all the information you will need to start translating YouTube comments. Common online translator tools like Google Translate might not be enough to meet your needs. As a result, we recommend Wondershare Filmora to reach global viewers. Besides being user-friendly and easy to navigate, the software uses AI to translate high-quality videos.

Arvin Alejandro
Arvin Alejandro Mar 27, 24
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