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Performing Online Subtitle Translation With the Best Translators [2024]

Sumia Rafique
Sumia Rafique Originally published Mar 07, 24, updated Mar 27, 24


Translating content helps to blur language barriers and captivate global audiences. Therefore, creators use multilingual subtitles to enable viewers to understand their content. If you're thinking of using this art for your videos, you need an efficient online subtitle translator. To help you, this article presents the ten best video subtitle translator tools with their features.

You will also find a bonus tool here that allows you to translate audio languages within time. It ensures accuracy with AI integration and powerful functions. Thus, let’s dive into the article to find the best subtitle translator for you.

In this article
  1. Part 2. Find the Best Online Subtitle Translator With a Top-List
  2. Conclusion
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Part 1: What Are the Potential Benefits of Adopting Subtitle Translators in Video Editing?

Using online video subtitle translators has become necessary for global reach. They can also reduce your efforts and save you time. Therefore, have a glance at some top benefits before moving to the translator’s section:

1.Reach Global Audiences

As discussed repeatedly, the major benefit of using subtitle translators is that they help to reach more audiences. This helps in getting more views on your precious content worldwide. When you have worldwide people to watch your videos, your channel generates more revenue. Some reported analytics show that videos with subtitles get 40% more views than other videos.

2.Improve Content Understanding

Introducing subtitles to videos helps viewers consume the content properly. While watching a video with subtitles, they can pause and re-read dialogues for better understanding. Moreover, deaf viewers can also understand your content with subtitles.

3.Boost Engagement Rate

Improvement in engagement rate is one of the primary benefits of using subtitle translators. You can boost your channel's engagement with translations. When viewers from different regions come to your channel and understand the content, they probably watch your videos to the end. For instance, a PLYMedia report shows that enabling subtitles increased 80% of viewers who watched complete video.

4.Enhance Retention Rate

If you upload YouTube videos with subtitles, you can retain more viewers. They can understand visual information more accurately with subtitles. For example, if non-English viewers consume your content in their native language, they will stay attached to your channel.

5.Increase the Number of Shares

A rise in the number of shares is another benefit of implementing subtitles in your videos. YouTube and other platforms allow their viewers to share video links with others. If you're making your viewers comfortable with subtitles, they will tend to share your content with their fellows.

Part 2: Find the Best Online Subtitle Translator With a Top-List

Due to high saturation in the market, finding the best subtitle translator could be a daunting task for you. Therefore, we have enlisted here the 10 best online subtitle translators available in today’s market:

Top Online Subtitle Translators in 2024
4.Happy Scribe
5.Subtitles Translator
10.Akbar Projects



Smartcat is one of the best AI translation tools to translate subtitles for SRT files. It allows to localize subtitles in about 280 languages. There is a collaborative Smartcat workspace to exchange files with your team. Moreover, this subtitle translator includes different assets like memories, translation engines, and more. You can generate translations at 100 times faster speed than traditional tools.

smartcat online subtitle translator


  • You can make changes to the generated subtitles within the Smartcat Editor.
  • This tool uses adaptive algorithms to ensure the accuracy of generated files.


  • There is a word count limitation of 150,000/year for AI subtitle translation., with its support of over 127 languages, has emerged as a top online subtitle translator & editor. It allows you to translate and export subtitles in TXT and SRT formats. This tool can also auto-sync the subtitles with your content. Amazingly, its AI technology enables you to transcribe the audio into multiple languages. Moreover, you can generate subtitles at high accuracy without watermarks.

media io online subtitle translator


  • io offers cross-platform compatibility to improve workflow for a wider audience.
  • You can manually change the font, color, size, position, and background of subtitles.


  • The free version of this tool has a file size limitation of 250 MB.


Kapwing online subtitle translator can help you expand your global reach. It supports more than 75 languages for translations with enhanced accuracy. With the help of this tool, you can get views from massive international populations. Moreover, this is a collaborative subtitle translator to use for different platforms.

kapwing online subtitle translator


  • This tool allows us to fine-tune timestamps to align subtitles precisely.
  • You can upload subtitle files in multiple formats like SRT, VTT, and more.


  • You can make the auto subtitle maker of this tool for 10 minutes per month in the free version.

4.Happy Scribe

With 60+ available languages, Happy Scribe is another top automatic subtitle translator. It provides a dedicated subtitle editor with multiple customization options. You can format your subtitle according to your video or brand requirements. Plus, it allows the export of files in popular file formats like VTT, SRT, and more. Additionally, you can improve the appearance of subtitles with CPS and CPL management.

happy scribe online subtitle translator


  • You can integrate this tool with major platforms like YouTube to influence effortless procession.
  • It offers fast processing time to translate subtitles within seconds.


  • The speech recognition accuracy varies according to the quality of the provided audio.

5.Subtitles Translator

Subtitles Translator is an efficient platform with a powerful subtitle editor. You can import or export files into 6 different formats, including SRT, VTT, and more. Also, this translator helps both casual users and professionals to localize subtitles. With this tool, you can translate subtitles in more than 80 languages. So, you can target all larger regions for global reach.

subtitle translator online subtitle translator


  • This tool allows you to translate up to 20 subtitles simultaneously.
  • You can compare two different translations to pick the best one, which allows you to ensure quality.


  • The process of translating your subtitle with this tool is a bit time-consuming.


Simplified provides a single-step solution to boost your video engagement with subtitles. This tool offers the option to customize the size, color, style, and positioning of fonts. This translator is perfect for video editors, marketing professionals, and social media influencers. Moreover, you can also use text-to-speech and voiceover features for seamless content creation.

simplified online subtitle translator


  • This auto-translation generator allows the use of the most trending subtitle styles.
  • You can localize subtitles online in multiple languages with enhanced accuracy.


  • The interface of this AI subtitle translator can be confusing for beginners.


Flixier is another big name on the list of powerful online subtitle translator tools. This live subtitle translator provides support for more than 30 languages and dialects. You can generate and customize translations with just a few clicks. It also provides collaborative features to assign or track localizations. Furthermore, you can ensure subtitle quality by doing manual edits.

flixier online subtitle translator


  • Flixier is compatible with different text file formats, including TXT, SRT, etc.
  • You can change the subtitle font, color, or background to make it appealing to readers.


  • You may find it difficult to find a subtitle translation feature on its over-crowded interface.


Want to translate your subtitle, audio, video, or SRT files? Subly provides a quick solution to cut down the localization time. This tool allows global audiences to be reached with organized subtitles. The built-in online editor helps to ensure your subtitles are synchronizing precisely. Moreover, you can align the subtitles with proper timestamps.

subly online subtitle translator


  • Subly translate SRT subtitles online into 73 languages of the world.
  • Export files in multiple formats, including VTT, SRT, or TXT.


  • Subly provides only a 7-day free trial with limited functionality.


SubtitleBee is an auto-translation and transcription tool with AI-powered features. This translator recognizes more than 120 languages to generate localization files. Moreover, this tool allows users to add captions automatically to their videos. Its smart algorithm ensures the high accuracy of automated subtitles and captions.

subtitlebee online subtitle translator


  • This subtitle translator helps to transcribe audio files using AI technology.
  • It allows you to paste the YouTube video link to translate its subtitles.


  • SubtitleBee doesn’t support some file formats, including ASS and SUB.

10.Akbar Projects

Akbar subtitle translator tool allows users to translate SRT files using simple steps. Also, this tool helps to edit and align the translated text with timestamps. There are also some settings options to retain codes and tags. Moreover, you can synchronize this translator with different engines.

akbar projects online subtitle translator


  • You can drag and drop files to generate translations instantly.
  • Users will be able to generate subtitle files in more than 100 languages within no time.


  • The translation quality of this free subtitle translator is lower than that of other tools.

Author’s Verdict

From the above-mentioned tools, our recommendation is Smartcat translator. This tool can translate subtitles into the 280 most spoken languages in the world. It allows you to collaborate with your team for content management. Also, you can generate translations 100 times faster at extremely low cost.

Bonus Part: Want To Translate an Entire Video Instead of Subtitles? Learn How!

Translating videos has become a trend for global reach, especially in the content creation industry. Thus, it is better to translate the whole video instead of using a movie subtitle translator. For this purpose, you can make use of a translation tool like Wondershare Filmora. It provides an advanced AI translation feature to translate your videos into various languages. You can choose to translate both audio and text with this AI-integrated tool.

Wondershare Filmora enables you to match your transcriptions with the timeline. You can define the source and target language to carry out this AI video translation. There is no complex configuration, which helps you seamlessly complete the process.

Targeted Features of Wondershare Filmora

  1. AI Frame Interpolation: Wondershare Filmora, being a complete video editor, allows users to bring smoothness to their videos. It provides an AI Frame Interpolation feature that helps execute exceptionally smooth videos while adjusting speeds.
  2. Keyframing: If you are in a hurry, Wondershare Filmora helps you create quick videos. Its quick setup in the form of Instant Mode makes the process easy. By selecting a template and inserting your raw media content, Filmora automatically sets up a complete video for you instantly.
  3. Instant Mode: For more in-depth editing of your video, Wondershare Filmora comes with keyframing. Set up proper transitions and complete animation sequences with the help of keyframes.

Comprehensive Guide To Translate a Video Using Wondershare Filmora

As you learn more about the variating features of Wondershare Filmora, let’s proceed to figure out the significant steps of translating videos. Follow the basic step-by-step guide for translating your videos with AI using Filmora:

Step 1 Create a New Filmora Project and Add Media Content

Start your project on Wondershare Filmora by clicking the “New Project” button on the main home screen. This navigates you to a new editing window, where you need to import your media using the right method. On importing the file, drag and drop the media content to the timeline for further editing.

add media files to filmora
Step 2 Access the AI Translation Function

On accessing the media content on the timeline, proceed to the “AI Translation” option from the “>>” icon. This will open the settings for translating your video into the required voice.

look for ai translate feature
Step 3 Customize Translation Settings and Proceed To Translate

On the pop-up window, look for the “Translation Type” section and select the appropriate mode. Set the right language under the “Source Language” and “Target Language” drop-downs. Make sure that the "Auto-match" option is enabled to match transcription automatically. After making all settings, hit the "Translate" button to execute.

set all translation settings
Step 4 Export Your Translated Video Successfully

Once you select the option, a new window appears with the translation progress. After the completion, click on the “Export” button to save the file.

save final translated file


To summarize, this article provides the top-rated online subtitle translation tools. They offer different functions with AI technology to facilitate users. To avoid issues with online tools, you can also explore Wondershare Filmora, which provides a seamless translation service. With advanced AI features, this tool stands out as the best translator in the current digital market.

Sumia Rafique
Sumia Rafique Mar 27, 24
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