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[Guide] Perfecting TikTok Translation With the Best Techniques

Sumia Rafique
Sumia Rafique Originally published Mar 06, 24, updated Mar 27, 24

TikTok is a social media platform that fosters a greater sense of global community. It is a prevalent way to make the content accessible to a diverse audience. In this regard, TikTok translate tools are facilitating users over their smartphones. These handy applications improve communication over social media.

Review this guide if you want insight into different cultures by bridging the language gap. It will discuss TikTok as the main platform to achieve video translation. Also, you will find a list of smartphone applications to translate TikTok videos into English. Thus, continue reading to explore a top-tier application in content translations.

In this article
  1. Part 2. Top Applications To Translate Your TikTok Video Content
  2. Part 3. Want To Make Another Version of Your TikTok Video? Use Wondershare Filmora!
  3. Conclusion

Part 1: A Basic Guide To Translating TikTok Videos To Appropriate Language

For people unfamiliar with TikTok, it is a popular video recording and sharing app. According to recent statistics, this short-form video hosting service has more than 1 billion users. Though it's not a professional editing app, it offers built-in editing features, effects, and transitions. It uses a Monolith model with a machine-learning engine to analyze interactions.

It personalizes the “For You” page based on your recent interactions with content. Anyhow, let’s discover how to translate TikTok videos using its built-in option:

Step 1: Log in to your TikTok and tap the "Profile" icon from the bottom. Then, touch the three lines at the top right corner of the screen. A pop-up will appear from the bottom, so proceed with the "Settings and Privacy" option.


access settings and privacy section

Step 2: From the next screen, scroll down and choose the “Languages” option. It will lead you to another screen to adjust translation parameters.


look for language settings

Step 3: Toggle the “Always show translations” option to enable captions. Next, hit the “Translation Language” and pick one language from the list that appears afterward. Finally, your TikTok feed will show translated video captions for you to enjoy diverse content.


change translation language in tiktok

Part 2: Top Applications To Translate Your TikTok Video Content

If your TikTok version doesn't support translation for some reason, you should consider using alternatives. Countless video translation applications are available on the internet for your smartphones. To use the right one, read the explanations of TikTok translate tools below and make a fair choice.  

1. Lingvotube: Video Translator (iOS | Android)

As the name suggests, Lingvotube is a video translator for your smartphone devices. It can auto-generate captions for videos in all languages. Afterward, it can convert those captions into your favorite language so you can improve grammar. Apart from instant translations, this software can make real-time voice-overs of texts.


lingvotube video translator app


  • It is a devoted platform for translation that can even learn a new language.
  • Users can adjust the translated voice-over pitch, rate, and speech volume.


  • This app can only translate, so you must shift to other video editing apps.

2. Kaptioned: Automatic Subtitles (iOS | Android)

Another application to translate TikTok videos is Kaptioned, which is supported by AI. Using this app, you can add text and captions to any part of your video. Users can also change captions' color, style, and alignment to make them appealing. Notably, it can translate subtitles in two languages simultaneously. You can also export the generated subtitles in the SRT file.


kaptioned automatic subtitles video translator app


  • It provides many options to customize the appearance of subtitles on the screen.
  • Kaptioned supports translation of video up to 10 minutes in duration.


  • Users cannot translate voices because it can only work on subtitle translation.

3. MixCaptions (Android | iOS)

Content creators who wish for higher engagement can use this app for elegant video captions. It can generate auto-captions and translate them into more than 23 languages. Users can transcribe videos of up to 10 minutes using their subscribed plans. Despite that, you can import or export SRT files and display captions anywhere on the screen.


mixcaptions video translator app


  • This software adds a watermark to show your branding.
  • You can change the video layout to post on TikTok, Instagram, or any other platform.


  • It cannot translate TikTok videos into English; it can only translate subtitles.

4. zTranslate (iOS | Android)

Do you want a unique TikTok content idea by scrolling videos from other regions? Language could be a significant barrier, but it can be removed through zTranslate. This smartphone app can translate TikTok videos into more than 110 languages. Plus, it shows both the original and translated subtitles in the video so language learners can compare.


ztranslate video translator app


  • zTranslate includes a shadowing technique that helps you understand pronunciation.
  • This software works better for translating YouTube videos regardless of their lengths.


  • It can translate subtitles of videos that already contain subtitles.

5. Translate Video: Subtitles (iOS)

If you want to TikTok translate and stylize clips to attract the most viewers, try this iOS app. It can quickly translate the video subtitles into your prompted language. After that, you can edit those translations if they require proofreading. During that process, users can stylize the footage with various fonts and emojis. Overall, it is designed to attract a diverse audience from social media apps.


translate video subtitles video translator app


  • With a single click, it can add subtitles to videos regardless of the number of speakers.
  • Apart from translations, you can make your content appealing with editing tools.


  • This software doesn't offer anything other than the translation of subtitles.

Part 3: Want To Make Another Version of Your TikTok Video? Use Wondershare Filmora!

The tools mentioned above lack one or another aspect, which keeps TikTokers still in search. If they want a perfect platform to translate TikTok videos into English, switch to Filmora. It is the savior who can effectively translate TikTok videos and edit them in the same place. This video editor offers AI translation that makes it a unique and industry-leading software.

After understanding the context, it can translate the subtitles and sounds of the videos. To convert the video language into another, it supports 20+ languages. Thus, you can get professional translations of videos with advanced AI-supported features.

How To Use the TikTok Translate-Alike Ability of Filmora: AI Translation

While being an AI translator, it offers plenty of AI video editing and creating features. For now, you can learn its TikTok translate-like ability through the step-by-step guide below:

Step 1 Access the AI Translation Option After Importing the Video

Download Filmora in your system and launch it to access the main interface. From there, use the "New Project" tab to navigate into the editing window. Choose "Import" to bring your desired media to Filmora for translation. Drag that video into the timeline and click the “More” icon on the timeline toolbar. Conversely, right-click and locate the “AI Translation” option from the extended list.


look for ai translation feature
Step 2 Set Language Preferences and Translation Type

As this opens a pop-up window, extend the “Translation Type” list to select your desired option. Navigate to the “Source Language” and pick your video language through its drop-down list. Similarly, use the downward icon of “Target Language” and choose a language for translation. After setting languages, hit the “Translate” button.


change translation parameters
Step 3 Get the Translation Completed Status and Export the Results

The translation process will start; you can see the status from the next window. When it shows "Completed" status, your video will be ready to "Export" from the top-right side.


export translated video from filmora

Comparison Between Best TikTok Translation Tools

You must be confused about choosing a reliable tool to spend time for translation. Therefore, find the table outlined below, which is based on certain parameters for ease of selection:

filmora Lingvotube Kaptioned
Types of Translations Text, subtitles, and sound in videos Subtitles Subtitles
Customization Options Edit, change, stylize fonts, add transitions, change alignments, apply presets, and more. No Edit, change, and stylize the fonts
Offline Accessibility Yes No No
Other Video Editing Features
  • AI copywriting
  • AI music generator
  • Timeline based editing
  • No No
    AI-supported Translation Yes No Yes



    In short, TikTok is a platform to connect with global users only if you translate videos. This guide has shed light on the TikTok translate feature in the stepwise guide. Also, you have discovered alternatives for video translation along with their pros and cons. Finally, the discussion concluded that Wondershare Filmora is the best AI translator that offers accurate translations.

    Sumia Rafique
    Sumia Rafique Mar 27, 24
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