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Create Video From Text With Emerging AI Tools

Udobi Chukwuemeka James
Udobi Chukwuemeka James Originally published Mar 12, 24, updated Mar 27, 24

The realm of video production is continuously emerging with the latest technology. In this regard, creating video from text is not the exception that fastens the video-making processes. Many tools and techniques have been developed with AI integration. They aim to bring your imagination into reality with high-quality media.

Marketing, education, and filmmaking have become much easier for beginners in this field. If you are also a new player, you are at the right learning platform. This article will show easy solutions and different perspectives on converting text into video.

In this article
  1. Part 2: Turn Text to Video With Pika: A Different Perspective
  2. Part 3: Create Video With Text in Filmora: An Easy Solution
  3. Part 4: A Tabular Comparison of the Best Tool To Create Video With Text
  4. Conclusion

Part 1: Convert Text to Video Using Sora AI: A New Player

If you want to try an entirely new AI model for creating video from text, use Sora AI. OpenAI recently launched it to convert your ideas into realistic or imaginative scenes. It’s a diffusion model that starts creating your video with static noise. Later, it transforms the noise into compelling shots by gradually removing it. You can obtain one-minute-long hyper-realistic footage from this AI model.

sora ai video from text

Why Sora AI is a Good-to-Go Option

  • Sora AI brings innovation as it extends the length of an existing video by adding new frames. It can extend video backward or forward and keep the characters persistent.
  • It is promising to accept image prompts shortly to make a video. For this purpose, it will transform your static image into a GIF or animated video.
  • This AI model has the ability to create complex scenes in your single footage. Besides, it can add different characters in your video with the same visual style till the end.

Part 2: Turn Text to Video With Pika: A Different Perspective

Another platform that is available to generate videos from text is Pika. It can turn your text or image prompts into engaging short-form videos. You can achieve a four-second-long video that runs at 24 frames per second. It requires you to prompt with medium, style, action, scenes, and atmospheric keywords. Users can get instructions to prompt from the Pika community and tutorials.

sora ai video from text

Why Pika AI Is Preferable

  • It allows you to adjust various video-making parameters and get exact results as needed. For this, you can experiment with styles and mediums from 3D, cinematic, and 2D animation options.
  • You can also prompt with an image to provide context for your required video. It can serve as a visual cue or prove useful for creating scenes that rely on visual elements.
  • Pika gives you precise control over camera movements to explore different angles. Users get a default 24 FPS, and they can adjust the intensity of video motion.

Part 3: Create Video With Text in Filmora: An Easy Solution

Now, let's reflect on the most powerful tool to quickly make a video with text. It's Wondershare Filmora with a text-to-video feature to bring life to your imagination. Users can even get a video tailored to the aspect ratio of different video streaming platforms.

This tool creates AI videos in countless languages to make your visual content accessible to a broader audience. You can get a multi-lingual version of an explanatory video or product review video. It can not only create high-quality video, but it also adds AI voices to speak your provided text.

filmora ai video from text

Why Wondershare Filmora Stands at the Top To Convert Text to Video

  1. AI Voices: If you need explanatory videos and e-learning materials, Filmora offers AI voices. It has various AI voices supporting all your video voiceover needs. There are unlimited AI voices in various accents, styles, genders, moods, and tones.
  2. AI Script : It’s quite common when users have an idea that needs to be converted into the script. If they face writer's block, they can use the AI script generator feature in Filmora. They have to add their topic and decide what type of text they want.
  3. Customization Editing: After obtaining an AI video, users often edit it for personalization on other platforms. Filmora cut the need to switch to other platforms for editing. It can add transitions, animations, audio, stickers, or edit video from any aspect as required.

Part 4: A Tabular Comparison of the Best Tool To Create Video With Text

So far, you have learned about three innovative technologies for creating videos with text prompts. It must be confusing to choose one tool so you cannot waste time at the wrong place. Therefore, below is a table drawn to provide a clear picture of these tools so you can decide on the right one. 

Features Filmora Sora AI Pika Labs
Ease of Use Intuitive interface, easy to navigate to features, offers AI copilot editor for guidance. Not launched publicly Requires you to read articles and watch tutorials.
AI Voices AI voice library with different accents, styles, and genders to choose from. Not announced yet No
Multi-lingual Support It supports popular and regional languages when creating videos. Will generate realistic or imaginative shots Not Supported
Editing Features Extensive editing features for video clips, text, or audio Not clear Limited or no editing after making videos
Video Length Users can decide on video length. Up to 1 minute Up to 4 seconds
Other Strengths Customization and pre-designed templates Cutting-edge, high-quality videos Emphasize creative freedom and art styles

As the table illustrates, each tool has separate features to offer in video making. Users can choose the AI video generator that best suits their use cases and needs. Nevertheless, if you need an expert point of view, then Wondershare Filmora is recommended.

The reason is its extensive editing features and customization to make a next-level video product. Besides, it’s preferred by new video-making players because of its simple interface and templates.


Overall, it can be said that developing technologies are transforming the way you create videos. This article has shed light on those emerging tools and shows what makes them a good option. A table is also outlined to help you infer a powerful platform to make a video from the text. Hence, the results showed strong evidence of Wondershare Filmora. You should also use it to discover its high-quality results and customization features. 

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