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15 Forgotten Cartoon Characters of All Time You Used to Love

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Apr 18, 22, updated May 20, 24
15 Forgotten Cartoon Characters of All Time You Used to Love

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Whether you are from your 70’s, 80’s or 90’s, thanks to video streaming services like Amazon, Netflix, YouTube and various others, you are now getting a golden chance to watch your favourite cartoons at your comfort.

Cartoon Characters of All Time You Used to Love

Watching Cartoons were always one of the favourite activities that everything loves to experience without any age restriction. For different centuries cartoon industry has been treated as the perfect medium for the entertainment. With lots of cartoons flooding your TV sets from the last few decades everybody have seen different varieties of characters that have won the hearts of millions.

Part 1 Six 70s cartoon characters

70s cartoon characters

All the cartoon characters mentioned below were very popular during the 70s &are still having good marks in our hearts today. 70s were known for interesting cartoon series.


Premiered: 1974

Actors: Oliver Postgate

YouTube video


Saggy cloth-cat from this show was featured in around 13 episodes. At that time ‘stop-motion’ technique for animation was utilized by the creators for this television series.

02Fat Albert

Name of the character: Fat Albert

Name of Show: Fat Albert and Cosby Kids

Premiered: 1974

Actors: Weird Harold, Rudy, Mush-mouth, Dumb Donald, Bucky, Bill & of course-Fat Albert.

YouTube video

Summary: Still childhood experiences of Bill-Cosby have had amazing influence on making of this amazing TV series.

03Fred Flintstones

Name of the character: Fred Flintstones

Name of Show: Flintstones

Premiered: 1960-1966

Actors: John Goodman.

YouTube video

YouTube video


Flintstones returned to TV-screens with characters as well as cultural-references thrown into stone- age narrative that ultimately captivated the audience right before time of ‘The Simpsons’. This show set the premise at the time of stone-age but carefully and delicately crafted plot characteristic of modern day. The Flintstones fascinated audience with casual manner of how the characters faced-life, thus making lasting connection with audience who were craving for celluloid freshness. Fred Flintstone was one of the most amazing 70s cartoon characters.

04The Herbs

Name of the character: The Herbs

Name of Show:The Herbs!

Premiered: 1968

Actors:Gordon Rollings.

YouTube video


Multiple different characters were featured in this 3D animated series with a leading role by same character name. Other important characters were ‘Parsley the Lion’, Sir-Basil, Tarragon-the-Dragon, Lady Rosemary, Sage the Owl, Dill the Dog, Bay Leaf & Signor Solidago.


Name of the character: Godzooky

Name of Show:Godzilla.

Premiered: 1978

Actors: Jeff David as Captain Carl Majors

YouTube video


Created by Hanna-Barbera-Productions this television series Godzooky.Don-Messick gave his voice for this amazing character. After some popularity of 60s cartoon characters, this was the only one that was extremely famous for his villain attitude.


Name of the character: Casper

Name of Show: ‘Casper and the Angels’

Premiered: 1979-1980

Actors: Casper: Julie McWhirter, Nerdley: Hall Smith

YouTube video


Magic of 70s cartoon cartoons still prevails and Casper is the most amazing example. The ‘Casper’ character was a ghost that was presented in television series as a friendly person. It was like a ghost-child who always tries to befriend the people rather than scaring them off.

Part 2 Five 80s cartoon characters

Five 80s cartoon characters


Name of the character: Jem

Name of Show: ‘Jem’

Premiered: 1985

Actors: Britta Phillips as Jerrica Benton

YouTube video


"Showtime synergy!" beginning with this attractive storylines, this was slightly more adult as compared to the average 80s cartoon characters. This was pretty cool cartoon and sometimes inspires El to easily come-up with her own style of fun alter-ego that Jem could use in order to escape stresses of being world’s savior.


Name of the character: Penny

Name of Show: ‘'Inspector Gadget'

Premiered: 1983

Actors: Mona Marshall, Holly Berger

YouTube video


Penny in this series was the brain behind her uncle's all crazy escapades. El makes use of her brain in order to provide help for Hopper fling enemies whenever his brawn was not enough to get things done. Both characters tasked with the outsmarting similar power of enemies Dr. Claw in the Inspector Gadget and runs M.A.D. a criminal organization and other ones were Evil Russians beneath mall in the Stranger Things. It was always good to watch this fancy, amazing character from 90s, 80s female cartoon characters.


Name of the character: Garfield

Name of Show: ‘Garfield and Friends’

Premiered: 1988-1995

Actors: Bill Murray as Garfield

YouTube video:


Followed by Lazy cat Garfield, this show contains excitable dog-Odie, imaginative pig-Orson, & their animal-friends with lots of small-scale adventures around their hometown like playing pranks, throwing birthday-parties, and watching movies together. Garfield was a lazy-cat that only desire to lie around the habits of watching-TV & eating Lasagna, however his friends as well as his owner-Jon always drags him into fun loving adventures of their own.


Name of the character: MichaelLangelo

Name of Show: ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’

Premiered: 1987-1996

Actors: Noel Fisher, Greg Cipes, Robbie Rist

YouTube video:


Michelangelo or nicknamed Mike/Mikey, is the fictional superhero & a leading character from the four main characters of favorite 80’s show Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Michaelangelo, Raphael, Donatello and Leonardo are popular mutant-turtles all have grown-up as youngsters with their mentor Splinter at underground. They fight villains like Foot Clan, Shredder, &intelligent brain inside the jar named Krang. Because of so many fun-villains inside this series were presented, that show was so much popular and beloved by everyone. This TV-series aired for around 10 seasons.


Name of the character: FireStar

Name of Show: Spider-Man & his Amazing Friends

Premiered: 1981

Actors: Kathy Garver, Laura Bailey

YouTube video


Firestar got the ability to battle wide range of super-villains together with the Spider-Man & Iceman in this animated show Spider-Man & His Amazing Friends. She had never ever appeared in the comic book form earlier Spider-Man & his Amazing-Friends hit but you might see her in modern, live-action Marvel Cinematic-Universe very soon.

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Part 3 Five 90s cartoon characters

Most of us are from '90s but at the same time, during our children, we didn’t had a lot of options rather than just watch whatever put on the television. At that time cartoons were super-cool with popular music & contains originality. One of the most interesting things was the presence of sense-of-commonality among the people especially children. Cartoons materialized during '90s still continue to charm us and cartoon characters were the most among all. Let dig deep-down into our memory lane today & check out the amazing cartoon characters from Golden Period of animation.


Name of the character: Dexter

Name of Show: Dexter's Laboratory

Premiered: 1995-2003

Actors: Dexter: Christine Cavanaugh, Dee-Dee: Kat Cressida

YouTube video:


Dexter was the original & the ultimate genius during 90s. Dexter's intelligence as well as knack for the new inventions made him not only popular but also the smartest one’s among the cartoon characters from 90s cartoon network characters. He was credited with creation of plethora of extraordinary devices & known for someone who keeps on experimenting with various ideas on his mindful head. Dexter shares cute love-hate relationship with an annoying sister of his own Dee-Dee.

02Buster Bunny

Name of the character: Buster Bunny

Name of Show: Tiny Toon Adventures

Premiered: 1995-2003

Actors: Charlie Adler and John Kassir

YouTube video:


In the list of cartoon network characters 90swe name we have is Buster bunny. Somewhat similar to 'Looney Tunes' cartoon-series, the Tiny Toon Adventures’s USP was Buster Bunny and does the same so adventurously. With its young & enthusiastic personality of male rabbit was the commander of all sorts for Tiny Toons. He was capable of dealing with his own-set of issues together with other complicated School curriculum.

03Mojo Jojo

Name of the character: Mojo Jojo!

Name of Show: The Powerpuff Girls

Premiered: 1998-2005

Actors: Cathy Cavadini, Tom Kenny, Tara Strong, EG Daily.

YouTube video:


The Powerpuff-Girls was one of the most amazing and the most recognizable cartoons characters of all times. Mojo Jojo character also featured in this popular animated-television series with its evil mysteries and actions. This character was at prime time during 90’s and Mojo jojo always threatens Powerpuff Girls with his skills and expertise in gadgets, strategies etc. but somehow powerpuff-girls always managed to beat Mojo-Jojo.


Name of the character: Courage

Name of Show: Courage The Cowardly Dog

Premiered: 1996

Actors: Marty Grabstein

YouTube video

Courage character may be easily scared &often found nervous, but he was someone who cares for his owner Muriel & Eustace and would go to any level to protect them. It was the most encouraging and commendable projections of canine on-screen. He was loyal & loving with his emotions to be selfless by risking his life for his owners. Before the arrival of2000 cartoon characters, this was favorite entertainment package for all age group.

05Johnny Bravo

Name of the character: Johnny Bravo

Name of Show: Johnny Bravo

Premiered: 1997–2004

Actors: Jeff Bennett, Brenda Vaccaro& Mae Whitman

YouTube video:


Who don’t know about ‘Johnny Bravo’? This was one of the most famous and extremely popular character of cartoon network 90s cartoon characters. During 90s this gain so much popularity and showcased with a bang. The animated character Johnny bravo was all famous and was the leading figure. The iconic and comic character Johnny was the central attraction of this television series. He was confident and good-looking as humanly as possible. You often see him wearing sunglasses with black shirt & blue jeans. He was somewhere a positive-individual with no bad-qualities whatsoever that makes him goofy &truly a blue narcissist. No matter how tough were the circumstances, if Johnny cares for or likes a girl, he can go beyond the ordinary level to assure that that particular girl like him at the end.

Ending Thoughts

Different characters from all eras 70’s, 80’s and 90’s were true examples of perfect personality for the children.

You can cherish all the moments by living again you period as a kid with all those characters

No matter what the situation or circumstances demands cartoon characters always the best to ensure great level of entertainment without any age restrictions.

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