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Sound Effects for Podcasts: 11 Places to Find Them

Improve the quality of your podcast shows with sound effects. Please go through this listicle to know why you should add them, how to include sound effects and more.
Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Apr 23, 23, updated Mar 27, 24

When people hear podcasting, they assume that it involves long speeches, but it is not so. For many creators, the concern for how to write podcast scripts that attract listeners involves adding sound effects. Doing so improves the quality of the audio content and appeals to listeners.

The dynamic sound effects for podcasts can help highlight specific moments/reactions/information, add to the atmospheric feel of the show, or prepare a unique intro tune. Different tools are useful for inserting the best sound effects into such shows. Let's learn which ones they are and how they work.

In this article
  1. Benefits of Adding Sound Effects in Podcasts
    1. Wondershare Filmora [Most Recommended Platform]
    2. YouTube Audio Library
    3. Podcastle
    4. Freesound
    5. SoundBible
    6. Storyblocks
    7. Music Radio Creative
    8. ZapSplat
    9. Pixabay
    10. Epidemic Sound
    11. Artlist
  2. Create Your Sound Effects As Last Resort

Benefits of Adding Sound Effects in Podcasts

Before discussing what tools can help editors add sound effects to podcast episodes, we should refresh on why it is vital. Here are some of the best benefits you can expect from inserting sound effects for podcasts:

  • Thematic or mood setting

With a sound effect, you can portray a specific theme for your podcast that gives the users an instant feel of your brand/channel. For example, if a podcaster is creating a podcast show for the True Crime genre, spooky and moody background sound effects set the mood. Comedy or commentary podcasts can use mood-based sound effects like a laugh track with their content.

  • Point emphasis

Many podcasters utilize sound effects at pivotal moments of their content, e.g., to emphasize a cliffhanger in story-form podcast episodes. Like the boding and italicizing methods are useful in text documents to emphasize parts, you can adjust sound effects to do the same for your audio-based content. These can accentuate the dialogue and evoke specific emotional responses from the audience.

  • Transition points

Most podcasters utilize the best sound effects for podcast shows to act as a transition between conversational segments. For example, some use these effects as outros or intros.

Now that you are clear about the expected benefits, which platform should you turn to for many quality sound effects? Here are some of the best solutions you can trust, starting with the most useful- Filmora.

1.Wondershare Filmora [Most Recommended Platform]

If you want the best sound effects for podcast episodes, Wondershare Filmora is one notable solution to try out. You can use this software to record your audio, trim it, and add royalty-free sound effects in - all in one editor.

Free Download
Free Download

Users can utilize Filmora to further enhance the sound quality using audio editing features like Denoise and Equalizer. Remove long silent parts with the Silence Detection mechanism, and sync the beats with voiceover using Auto Beat Sync. Plus, it has a simple UI with drag-and-drop functionality for an easier method of adding effects to specific sections.

Top Features to Try for Podcasters on Filmora:

  • Optimize sound quality with audio editing tools like silence detection, audio synchronization, etc.
  • Make your narration clear-sounding using the one-click Audio Ducking feature.
  • Add AI-made voiceover if you want to avoid using your voice by adding text into the Text-to-Speech feature, which produces accurate voice narration.
  • Utilize Speech-to-Text to transcribe your speech into text format in different languages, and add subtitles for your global listeners to read if you add a video version.

How to add Sound and Edit your Voiceovers for Podcasts with Filmora?

Step1 Download and launch the Wondershare Filmora 11 software on your PC or Mac device.

Step2 Plug a stable microphone you will use on the computer when you start. For the best voice quality during recording, it is best to utilize a high-grade external microphone model for professional-level sound capture.

Step3 Access the Filmora software after you launch it beforehand. On the homepage, click on the New Project option.

Step4 When the editor program opens, tap on the drop-down menu below the top-most toolbar for Record. From the options, select the "Record a Voiceover" choice.

select record a voiceover

Step5 The recording pop-up window will open. Click on the big red record button after the input microphone/speaker settings, and start speaking. When you are done, click the square red stop button. Press OK to save.

Alternatively, you can click on the Microphone icon. Please wait 3 seconds and then start speaking into the microphone and click it again after you are done speaking. The newly recorded file will automatically come in the audio track timeline.

Step6 Click the audio track in the timeline. Among the settings, make changes as you prefer in Pitch, Volume, and Speed. Cut the sections of your voiceover recording you want to remove and add fade-in/fade-out effects. After making all changes, click OK.

after making changes click ok

Step7 If you have the recording of the narration already available in other locations, like your phone or device, import it into the software.

Step8 Add transitions, effects, and titles from the respective tabs on the top toolbar.

add titles from the title tab

Step9 To add sound effects, go to Media and acquire the new audio clip or effect to add. Go to Effects > choose Audio Effects. Download the sound effect you want to insert and drag it onto the clip in the timeline.

choose audio effects

Step10 Choose sound effects like Echo, Small Room, Big Rooms, Lobby, etc. Download and drag the sound effect to the clip or press the Add icon. Play a preview to see how it worked.

Step11 After completing all the edits, click on the Export button at the top. In the next window, choose the file format and additional customizations through Settings. After everything is done, press the Export button to save offline.

Watch this video for a more detailed visual guide to podcast editing using Filmora.

2.YouTube Audio Library

One of the most user-friendly places online where you can find a wide range of high-quality sound effects is the YouTube Audio Library under YouTube Studio. Here, you can find genre-based sound effect choices useful for adding to YouTube videos. In terms of podcasting, you can also download the options offline and use them on your show.

youtube audio library interface

Price: Free


  • Simple and fast downloading process.
  • Clear and crisp sound quality.
  • Various sizes of sound effects.
  • Well-organized UI with liked songs under the starred section for easier access.
  • Easy to browse through diverse sound effects.
  • Directly filter the sound effect options by different components like length or genre to select.
  • Directly search for sound clips with relevant keywords.
  • You need to have a YouTube Studio account to get access to multiple free sound effects.
  • Mainly for YouTube users.


Another top-level for podcasters for podcast effects is Podcastle. With this software, you can get AI support for intuitive editing of your episodes and even easily record interviews with up to 10 different speakers. Then, easily combine the different tracks with the editor here and add transition sound effects for optimized sound enhancement.

podcastle interface

Price: Basic- Free, Storyteller- USD 3 per month, Pro- USD 8 per month


  • Enhance speed in podcasts.
  • AI features automatically remove broken sounds, unwanted noise, or silent parts.
  • Use voice skins for text-to-speech benefits.
  • Record your voiceover directly through this one platform.
  • Royalty-free sound effects and music are available.
  • Multi-track editing.
  • Remoted interviewing benefits with the AI-powered app.
  • Sound quality is not the best for free plan users.
  • You have to upgrade to paid plans for more extensive free sound effects and music.


If you want good free sound effects options, this is one of the oldest but most useful websites to trust for good-quality packs. The creators also edit and post their sound effects packs, which you can access easily. However, the learning curve of this site is slightly complicated, and it will take some time to learn how it works well.

freesound interface

Price: Free


  • The information is available to explain the sound packs.
  • Various types of sound effects are available.
  • Read comments and participate in forums with other creators.
  • Register and download different packs of sound effects.
  • Generate a random sound effect.
  • Easily find sound effects packages from the list.
  • Find song clips and effects via tags.
  • Hard to navigate in the confusing interface.
  • Strict licensing regulations are in place.


Another top-grade platform for sound effects that many podcasters trust is SoundBible. There are many types of suitable packs available that visitors can open and download. Previewing the sound effects first before downloading is easy to avoid choosing the wrong one.

soundbible interface

Price: Free


  • Various styles of sound packs are available.
  • Many royalty-free music options are available.
  • Preview the sound clips before downloading.
  • Fast downloading process.
  • Download packs of sound effects based on type.
  • Browse sound effects by tags or categories.
  • Download sound effects in WAV and MP3 formats.
  • Limited variety of options.
  • Not the easiest browsing process to find relevant sound effects if you want genre-based choices.


While trying out different apps and sites for dynamic music effect options, you should also give Storyblocks a chance. The platform offers different types of sound effects in its unlimited library. It is easy to search for them and preview the sound effect in your content with this app as well.

storyblocks interface

Price: Starter- USD 12.14 per month, Unlimited All Access- USD 24.29 per month, Pro- USD 29.35 per month


  • Simple audio editor available.
  • Preview what effects you will use and how they will work.
  • Optimize sound quality and enhance sound.
  • Get new content to choose from monthly.
  • Fully stocked library of royalty-free sound clips.
  • Diverse sound effects to choose from.
  • Easily search for the type of effect you want to use in the app.
  • No free version.
  • Sound effects are available under higher-priced Pro and Unlimited All Access plans.

7.Music Radio Creative

If you want creative and customized voiceovers and intros for your podcast show, you will find many options in Music Radio Creative. Top creators, DJs, and music producers have created and distributed a variety of jingles and effects for users to try out and use for their podcasts. Plus, you will get AI-powered voiceover choices as well.

music radio creative interface

Price: Priced collections start at USD 40.


  • Special offers for sound clips and effects.
  • Different intro options for podcasts.
  • Get themed jingles and effects.
  • Collections of different theme-based options are available.
  • Pre-made jingles are available for download.
  • Free sound effects for different podcast styles.
  • Pre-made voiceover choices.
  • Very costly for complete beginners.
  • Requires a strong and stable internet connection to download clips.


Another user-friendly platform to try for free podcast sound effects is ZapSplat. The platform includes a wide range of sound effects you can hear and choose for your podcast episodes. The downloading process is simple, and you will get the final files in two commonly accessible audio formats for offline use.

zapslat interface

Price: Free


  • Free sound effects for podcasts, recording and streaming.
  • A categorized genre of different sound effect types.
  • Download files in MP3 or WAV format.
  • Preview the sound before downloading.
  • Countless free sound effects.
  • Many SFX options are available for free access.
  • Well-organized list of sound effects for easier access and download.
  • Sound effects of using here are only allowed for production-based usage.
  • You cannot access and enable sound effects on the recorded files on other platforms.


If you want a straightforward user experience while choosing free sound effects for your podcast, Pixabay is a good choice. You will find different types of categorized sound effects, many of which are license-free. So, you can use them without worries of plagiarism in your content.

pixabay interface

Price: Free


  • Users can leave or read comments.
  • Easily loads a new batch of royalty-free sound effects.
  • Multiple genre options are available.
  • Easy downloading process.
  • Bookmark those you will download.
  • Browse by tags.
  • Play the sound effects to choose from.
  • Need to register to get licensed content.
  • Prompts appear after each download to promote the site.

10.Epidemic Sound

Another top-notch platform where you can find the best podcast transition sound effects is Epidemic Sound. This website has multiple styles of quality thematic and unique sound effects for users to try out. While the website is not free to use, you can easily find the best-quality sound effects for podcasts and publish them without hassle.

epidemic sound interface

Price: Personal- USD 6/month, Commercial- USD 12/month, Enterprise- quoted cost from the brand.


  • Monetize content across different social media platforms.
  • Free trial of all features for 30 days.
  • Easily publish your content on different sites.
  • Thirty-five thousand track choices are available.
  • Get 90,000 different sound effects to choose from.
  • Get an unlimited number of downloads.
  • Fast selection and downloading process.
  • Support for music curation only for Enterprise plan users.
  • The free first month is unavailable for enterprises or professionals using the biggest price plan.


Another worthy option to trust for high-quality podcast sounds effects is Artlist. Users find it relatively simple to use this software to find different sound effects that will work for their podcast show theme. Plus, the website updates with new options daily, so you will not run out of options.

artlist interface

Price: Social Creator- USD 9.90/month, Creator Pro- USD 16.60/month, Enterprise- quoted cost, Team- USD 28.20/month


  • Get new tracks and sound effects per day.
  • The Pro license for users has a lifetime guarantee.
  • Users can opt for customized pricing plans with customer team support.
  • Diverse watermarked content is available for free plan users.
  • Free sound effects licensed for different social media platforms.
  • Podcast sound effects for free download under the Creator Pro plan.
  • No copyright issues with the sound effects and music available for download here.
  • Not possible to use the downloaded assets in multiple projects.
  • Canceling the subscription and getting a refund are not available after 14 if you already downloaded the SFX options.
Free Download
Free Download

Create Your Sound Effects As Last Resort

You will get different types of sound effects through the software and sites mentioned in this post. But do you want something different and more customized to your personal preferences for your podcast? The best solution, in that case, it to create your podcast sound effects.

The process will take a longer time. However, you will get a full license over the sound effects and save costs. Before doing so, you should research different content on creating podcast sound effects and add elements like echo effects online. Then, start the process.

Final Words

Different platforms are available for high-quality sound effects for podcast shows. You can use them to access countless free options or even prepare your own. However, if you want an overall high-grade user experience with one platform to record the podcast and add unique sound effects, Filmora is the best option for you.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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