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Best Vocal Remover to Get Rid of Vocals with Ease

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Jun 11, 2024• Proven solutions

The music industry is undoubtedly the trendiest platform known for talents, fun, and entertainment. Are you feeling busy or occupied? Hear soft music. Is it your birthday? How about some dashing DJ music? Similarly, there are various situations where music and song play a vital role.

extract vocal from the song

However, suppose you want to enjoy your favorite Karaoke-style music beside the vocals or your favorite tune alone on your social media. In that case, you need to extract vocal from the song. While this vocal isolation might seem easy on-screen, it is time-consuming, and more often, the output could be not as expected. You have to strip the song from the primary and backing vocals with vocal removers in such circumstances. Thus, we picked up the best reliable online vocal remover apps.

Top 5 Online Vocal Remover

First, let’s look at the top 5 online vocal remover tools preferred by many in the market.

1. Online UniConverter Vocal Remover

Let’s start with the best online vocal remover for pros and beginners alike - Online UniConverter Vocal Remover. Using this program is dead simple as you only need to add your media file, and the AI system will do the heavy lifting. Unlike most vocal removers on this list, apart from major audio formats, it also supports video formats like MP4, MOV, MP3, M4A, FLAC, and more. In addition to vocals, users can also download the instrumentals and use them in their karaoke sessions. Oh, lest I forget, users can edit the extracted audio by converting, trimming, compressing, and so on.

Below is how to separate vocals from instrumentals using Online UniConverter:

Step 1. Open the Vocal Remover tool.

Visit Online UniConverter on your mobile or computer browser and then tap the Online Tools tab. From there, click the Vocal Remover option to launch the tool.

Online UniConverter Vocal Remover

Step 2. Separate vocals from instrumentals.

Now locate your video or audio file and drag-n-drop it on the Vocal Remover tool. Or, tap Choose Files to open your media file on the Vocal Remover function.You can also upload files from Dropbox, GoogleDrive, or YouTube.

Upload file to vocal remover

Step 3. Download your vocals and enjoy.

Once your video is uploaded, this vocal remover tool will detect and separate the instrumental and vocals automatically. After extracting vocals successfully, click the Play icon beside the extracted file to preview it. Then, if satisfied, simply click the Download button to save the file in your local storage. Or, you can cut the audio or join the audio accordingly with other tools.

download separated vocal file


  • Automatically extract vocals and instrumentals from all standard video and audio formats.
  • Additional audio editing tools for trimming, compressing, merging, and more.


  • It has a small file size limit of 100MB.

Besides removing the vocal from audio, you can also convert video, compress video, cut audio or change video speed online with the Online UniConverter.


online vocal remover

Vocalremover is our first vocal remover online tool enabled with an AI algorithm to separate voice from music out from a song entirely for free. This online tool helps remove the vocals offering two tracks selection options: a karaoke version for no voice and an acapella version for isolated vocals. Apart from acting as a vocal remover, it also supports other tools like pitch changer, tempo changer, audio cutter, audio joiner, voice recorder, karaoke recorder, and microphone test.


  • The processing usually takes about 1 minute despite whatever the complexity could be.
  • You get access to tools like BPM finder, audio converter, microphone test, and other free tools.


  • The loading and processing might be slow, depending on the size of the file or the song.

3. Phonicmind

online vocal remover phonicmind

Phonicmind is the first AI-based online Stems vocal remover app crafted with art Artificial Intelligence that understands the music foremost. With Phonicmind, one can separate vocals, drums, bass, and other instrument music from the song with outstanding quality. Recognized as a “Game Changer,” Phonicmind allows the user to create exceptional remixes and add favorite music or track to one’s song.


  • You can upload a song and get free samples in just a minute.
  • Use Phonicmind as a karaoke maker, acapella maker, instrumental maker, beatless song maker, and many more.


  • Users complain that not all vocals get removed correctly, and sometimes, high-pitched instruments are often mistaken and released as vocals.

4. Audioalter

online vocal remover audioalter

Audioalter has a complete online audio toolkit that is all needed to ensure a high-quality audio track is required to fit your video perfectly. You will be amazed to find out the 3D audio and the panning effects, 8D audio effect to experience the ultra-full audio enjoyment, bass booster to boost the bass of a song, audio converter, and equalizer in adjusting the frequencies of the audio. The other features include a pitch shifter, volume changer, stereo panner, and so on.


  • Audioalter vocal remover app is compatible with Android.
  • Pitch-shifter, speed up/slow down, trimmer/cutter, reverse audio are the add-ons of Audioalter.


  • The official app of Audioalter, if downloaded as APK, is prone to the harmful virus attack.

5. Al Vocal Remover

AI vocal remover

Our final vocal remover online is AI Vocal Remover that extracts vocals from songs and removes instrumentals for free karaoke. With embedded AI technology, you can separate instrumentals to make karaoke or acapella, remove vocals from MP3 WAV songs for free, extract instrumentals from songs at ease with deep learning analysis technology. It is hugely a fast tool that takes 15 seconds for processing and finishing up the process.


  • Musicians can benefit a lot from AI Vocal Remover.
  • AI Vocal Remover splits and isolates audio tracks quickly.


  • The processing could be slow in AI Voice remover.

Best 2 Vocal Remover App

If you are a sound artist and DJ who requires a handy voice remover app that can be readily available on your smartphone, here are two best Vocal Remover apps that are all you need.

1. Vocal Extractor- Karaoke Maker (iPhone)

Vocal Extractor- Karaoke maker is a free vocal remover app developed by Hikaru Tsuyumine that performs removal, isolation, and cancel of vocal in an iPhone device. Instantaneously, by tapping a button, one can extract vocal in the music library and save the generated vocals directly to iCloud, Dropbox, and Google Drive. This app is on OOPS (Out of Phase Stereo technology), AI technology, and Deep Learning algorithm in getting the job done with improved stability.


  • Vocal Extractor- Karaoke maker got crafted with UI optimization for smoother operation.
  • Spanish localization, French localization, faster extraction, less memory usage are the added advantages.


  • Saving files to various cloud storage is supported only for the purchased versions.

2. Vocal Remover- Al Karaoke Maker- Sonic Melody (Android)

Vocal Remover- AI karaoke Maker from Sonic Melody is a vocal remover app that helps transform any music from your device to karaoke instantly. It is a perfect AI technology embedded application that is suitable to extract tunes of high-precision. With it, you can convert any MP3 to karaoke, isolate music or eliminate instrumentals like piano, bass, & drums, record & share the creation with friends, and upload the work directly to sites like Starmaker, TikTok, and sing mule.


  • Vocal Remover- AI karaoke Maker supports pitch detection, pitch change, audio cutter, audio recorder, 8D audio, equalizer, auto-tune effects, and so on.
  • Download music from the sound library and use them for remixes and mash-ups.


  • The resultant karaoke file could be choppy at times, and the ads are quite annoying.

How to Extract Vocal from a Song?

Now you got an idea of some of the vocal remover apps and online tools that can make your vocal removal an easy task but still, something is lagging. Yes, how about getting through the guide on how to remove vocal using the two above discussed vocal remover tools for better understanding?

How to Remove Vocal with

Step 1: Enter the official link of Vocal remover on your preferred web browser.

Step 2: Hit the “Select File” option or drag & drop the song you need to remove the vocals. You can also copy-paste the YouTube link directly into the search box.

Remove Vocal from Audio


Step 3: Once the audio loads, click the "Remove Vocal" option to remove the audio file's vocals.

How to Remove Vocal with Vocal Extractor-Karaoke Maker on iPhone?

Step 1: Open the application and from the launch page, click the “Music Library” button.

Step 2: From the main screen, tap the “Vocal Extract” button in the middle.

Step 3: The vocal extraction or removal will start, and once complete, vocal, backing, and save buttons will be active.

Step 4: Choose your preferred button from those three and save the extracted karaoke files.

Remove Vocal with App



Finally, do you now agree that how to remove vocal is just a piece of cake with the above discussed vocal removers, online tools, and apps along with a practical interpretation? Yes, without a doubt, it is. So, make sure you give these a try the next time you need a handy vocal remover app.

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