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Best Websites to Download Nature Sounds

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

Be it obtaining the sound of a cricket or it is the rain sounds, the music of nature on your smartphone gives a relaxing experience whatsoever.

What Are the Benefits of Downloading Nature Sounds?

The reason is simple.

There are many who are tensed due to their daily routine, the rush for being better to live a more comfortable life in this competitive and expensive world, going through some emotional breakdown, etc. With the sound of nature, people can enjoy a soothing ambiance. Although virtually, the feeling is quite relaxing.

Another reason why some may download nature sounds is to use them as background music in their videos. Doing so gives their footage a better acoustic experience that may attract more audience, thus giving the businesspersons decent prospects of monetary gains.

Considering this, here you will find a list of some websites from where you can download nature sounds with ease.

Best Websites to Download Nature Sounds

Below are a couple of websites that provide some of the best nature sounds for you to download:

1. ZapSplat

 nature sound effect download Zapsplat

ZapSplat is an online portal that is not only limited to nature sounds but is also a repository for various other sound effects such as for cartoons, food, industrials, etc. Even though the sounds that the website offers are free, the paid members can have access to some exclusive files to make their creations become unique.

At the time of this writing, ZapSplat has around 18 categories with a collection of more than 1500 different sounds of as long as 5+ minutes of duration available in both MP3 and WAV formats.

One of the advantages of using ZapSplat is that you don’t have to look for any other portal for royalty-free acoustics as there is a separate category dedicated for the purpose on the site.

2. Wondershare Filmstock

 Wondershare Filmstock nature sound effect download

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This one is proprietary of Wondershare that has a huge collection of a variety of stock sound effects. These sounds can be obtained as long as you have a valid user account on the Wondershare website. The portal has several categories such as games, technology, data, information, etc. that contain their relevant music.

You can download nature sounds from Wondershare Filmstock in WAV format. The benefit of using the website is that all the effects available here are as long as up to 6 to 7 seconds, owned by Wondershare, and are available for its customers to be used for both personal and commercial purposes.

Check this complicated guide to add background sound effects to video effectively.

3. Free Sound Effects

This website has a quite simple layout where all the categories are available in the navigation bar in the left, and their relevant sounds can be accessed from the right section. With more than 10,000 sound effects including the rain sounds download is easily possible as long as you select the correct niche.

 Free Sound Effects  nature sound effect download

As for nature sounds, there are 10 different categories dedicated to the group. Further, the entire collection has more than 12 classes to provide you several types of acoustic effects in MP3 and WAV formats that could be anywhere from 3 seconds to 9+ seconds long as per your needs.

When talking about the benefits, Free Sound Effects’ VIP and Pro account holders can obtain high-quality royalty-free sound effects in bulk that can be used even in commercial projects.

4. FreeSFX

Although populated with several distracting and misleading adverts, FreeSFX offers several free sound effects including a separate category from where you can download nature sounds as well. There are around 15+ classes only under the Nature category that offer all the effects in MP3 format. The duration of the effects could as long as up to 45 seconds. Other categories that FreeSFX has are of Animal/Insects, Bells, Hospitals, Cartoons, etc. All in all, the portal contains all types of music/effects for almost every industry and everyone.

 FreeSFX nature sound effect download

Even though the sound effects can be obtained for free from FreeSFX, after signing up with a free account, you get a couple of advantages such as notifications when a new file is added to the library, get new tips and tricks pretty often, etc.

5. Storyblocks

 Storyblocks nature sound effect download

Storyblocks comes with various pricing plans where it charges on a monthly or annual basis, but gives you full access to its library from where you can download royalty-free sound effects in MP3 or WAV format, and use them in your personal or commercial projects. The website has more than 50 different categories, including Nature. Depending on your project and its requirements, you can even filter the sound effects on the basis of mood, genre, or even the duration that can be set from a couple of seconds to 4 minutes.

In addition, Storyblocks also has a separate library for video templates to help you with your projects. If you plan to buy a subscription plan, the one called ‘Unlimited All Access’ gives you full access to all the libraries on the portal with unlimited downloads.

6. Envato Elements

Envato Elements is one of the most popular repositories for stock images and videos, video templates created in various professional applications such as Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, etc. The web layout is simple to navigate, and you can select and download nature sounds by picking the category from the left pane, and hitting the download button from the right respectively.

 Envato Elements  nature sound effect download

As for the subscription, you can opt for an annual plan that can be availed at around 50% discount, and gives access to more than 10 sound libraries that collectively have more than 300,000 effects dedicated to acoustic files with varying durations.

7. Calmsound

Calmsound is particularly dedicated to sound effects on Nature and has the rain sounds download facility. The design of the website also has a natural ambiance that gives a calm feeling to relax your mood. The available categories include Ocean Sounds, Thunderstorm, Rainforest, Country Garden, etc., where each contains several effects that could be as long as up to 10 minutes, and sometimes even longer.

 Calmsound nature sound effect download

Calmsound offers its sounds in MP3 or WAV format to the paid subscribers, and the downloaded acoustics can be used in your personal and commercial projects.


The rain sounds download process is pretty simple as long as you have access to the libraries that are populated with HD-quality acoustics. Many web portals also offer various music types from different niches that can be used not only for your personal relaxations, but also in your commercial projects. All you need to do in order to get such sounds is, check whether they are royalty-free or have some license that need some credits or payments to be made to the original creators. m.

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