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How To Make Timelapse/Slow-Motion Clips With Avidemux

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May 21, 2024• Proven solutions

It is possible to create slow motion as well as speed up videos using various advanced software tools. Such effects add fun and adventure to your edited videos and definitely you may be curious to know about tricks to perform such editing. But before that it is important to understand the basic difference between time lapse and speed up videos.

Time Lapse Videos: The time lapse videos are created by shooting video frames at very slow speeds as compared to the standard 16 frames/ second rule. After shooting these videos are played either on normal frame rates or at little bit slower and the long events can be easily compressed into short clip.

Speed Up Videos: It is the process of recording videos at standard frame rating and then playing the recorded file at much faster frame rate. It increases pitch but try to shorten the file duration.

Tips for Slow Motion and time-lapse:

  1. Setup Early: It helps to avoid the last minute worse or rush so that risks of failure can be reduced.
  2. Know your Move: Make better selection for moves that will be highlighted on your video to create an impact.
  3. Variation: The direction of moves can be easily varied from left to right, top to down, right to left and down to up.
  4. Selection of right equipments: Mistakes and trials can be costly affair with advanced gears so be very much careful about selection of hardware and software platforms.
  5. Manage Time: Spend time for proper calculation of sequence times so that you are not going to lose any important track due to time scarcity.

How to make slow motion video in Avidemux?

It is much easier to create slow motion effect using Avidemux; all that you need to do is:

  • Open your desired video file on Avidemux.
  • Go to Menu bar and click on video.
  • Now select frame rate and go for customized selection; decrease the frame rate to desired value. Hit Ok.
  • Go to slow motion store of videos and visit menu bar.
  • Hit File option and then go to save.
  • Finally click on save video.

How to make Slow Motion video using Avidemux alternative?

Although Avidemux possess so many interactive features and allows fast video editing but it suffers with few drawbacks. The biggest fact is that Avidemux can be used just for simple editing tasks, those who need some advanced Hollywood style editing features need to search for some other potential solutions. If you are also in need of such a software tool then alternatives given below are best for you:

  1. Wondershare Filmora
  2. Time lapse technique is commonly used for adjusting speed of video clips so that an illusion of compression time can be created. Wondershare filmora platform is loaded with so many advanced features to complete this task and its interactive user interface is always ready to enhance user’s video editing experience. Filmora works for Mac as well as Windows platform and projects created with Filmora can be directly uploaded to social media sites like YouTube and Facebook etc. Users can also burn edited videos to DVD directly from Wondershare Filmora. You can easily download free trial version of filmora from its official website.

    Steps to apply slow motion technique for videos are discussed as below:

    • First of all import your desired video file to software platform.
    • Now cut the part for which you want to apply time lapse editing.
    • It is time to do time lapse editing from software tools.
    • Once edited then hit save option.

    Download Win Version Download Mac Version

  3. GoPro Studio:
  4. GoPro is rated as one of the most convenient video editing software tool that allows easy slow motion control. This task can be completed by following two methods:

    Method 1: Import your video file and go to advanced settings and lower down the frame rate. Convert your clip and save file on system.

    Method 2: Edit your video clip to add time lapse feature, it can be done by adjusting speed settings on software window. Lowering video frame rate to a value less than 100% will automatically slow down your video.

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