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How to add logo/watermarks to videos using Avidemux?

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

Do you want to protect your copyright on online video? You can get it done by adding watermark to your video. Watermark is a still image that can cover either small portion or entire video. Video watermark will also help you in advertising your brand besides protecting your copyright. Though brand overlay is quite similar to video watermark yet there is a difference between them i.e. brand overlay burns your image onto the video player whereas watermark adds it onto the video file itself.

4 effective ways for adding an amazing video watermark or logo:

1. Position of watermark:

It is the most important factor that should consider while adding watermark. It must be placed in such a way that it does not distract the watcher from the video. Ideally, a watermark should be placed at the center of an image without a smooth or solid background so that nobody can eliminate it completely. You should prefer green areas over red zones. A watermark covering 30 percent of the image will be considered good one.

2. Contact details:

You should provide contact details such as phone number, website address etc in watermark so that clients can find you in a convenient manner. This will aid you in promoting your brand in a better way. However, you should not place everything in your watermark as it can be overwhelming for customers.

3. Semi-transparent watermark:

If you will make your watermark transparent then it will grab attention of more number of people. The semi-transparent watermark will also keep your video protected. You can add this type of watermark to your video with great ease by choosing a right tool. It is advisable to apply watermark on hi-res images as they can be utilized for wide format digital printing. The batch watermark maker can also be used for placing a watermark on your photos. The watermark position and size can also be adjusted for vertical and horizontal photos by using this watermark creator.

4. Key elements:

The elements that are required for making the official copyright notice are ©, date when it was published for the first time and owner name. Thus the final copyright form should appear like “© 2016 Your Name”. So you should include such form of copyright to your watermark to ensure protection.

How to add logo/watermarks to videos with Avidemux?

You have to follow the steps given below for adding watermark to video with Avidemux.

  • The first step is to create a PNG image of logo having a transparent background and open a video file in Avidemux.
  • The next step is to open Video Filter Manager by selecting Video> Filter. After this, choose Miscellaneous on the left and click two times on Logo on right.
  • Select a logo file, enter Y and X positions in pixels in new window. Now choose no transparency i.e. alpha must be 255 and tap OK.
  • Enter the frames and click on OK. Now tap Close button and choose the encoding type left to the video.
  • Save the video again.

How to add watermark /logo to video using Avidemux alternative for Windows?

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

There are some drawbacks of using iMovie such as it does not support all the varieties of MP4 which is one of the most commonly used video formats and limited storage space. You can get rid of all these problems by using Wondershare Filmora as it is compatible with almost all video formats like JPEG, MP4, and AVI. The watermark can be added to video comfortably by utilizing the Picture-in-Picture function of this video editing software. The steps needed to add watermark or logo to video are:-

1. Importing video and watermark files to program:

The first and foremost thing is to import the video by clicking on “Import” button and choosing the required file from your PC. There is another way also i.e. capturing videos directly to the in-program User's Album with the help of any video-capture device.

2. Adding watermark files and video to timeline:

Drag and drop watermark clip onto the PIP track whereas background video on the first track on timeline. The duration of watermark file can also be extended similar to background video. For this, you have to hang your mouse at the finishing edge of watermark file till the icon “double arrow” appears. After this, drag it to the desired duration.

3. Adjusting watermark file:

You can also personalize the watermark clip with its shape, size, position, motion etc by double clicking on it. If you want, the shadow or border can also be added to it by going to Effect tab.

  • Mask:The mask contains many shapes thus you can choose anyone of your choice with double left click. It also allows you to adjust height or width of image.
  • Size: You can resize the watermark file by dragging the handles around it.
  • Position: The position of watermark can be changed by simply putting the mouse cursor on the watermark file and dragging it at any place in the preview window.
  • Motion: There are over 30 motion effects in Wondershare Filmora to make the watermark animated. Left click on “Advanced tab” for editing watermark clips.

4. Saving watermarked videos:

Once you are done with personalization of video watermark, hit “Create” button. The watermarked videos can be saved in any format by clicking on “Format” option. Now visit the website where you wish to share your watermarked video and upload it. The videos can also be created on mobile devices for backup purposes.

Download Win VersionDownload Mac Version

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