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How to Blur Face in Avidemux

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May 21, 2024• Proven solutions

It happens many times that a picture contains some unwanted content but it is not possible to remove that. Are you also encountering such a dilemma? Don’t worry! This task can be now accomplished using Avidemux video editing tool. The blur face tool available in this software provides facility to cover any undesired part so that your privacy can be improved while delivering the required content only. If you are searching for steps to complete face blur in Avidemux then the details available below can help you to understand this process completely.

How to blur face in Avidemux?

Steps for completing face blur task are as below:

  1. First of all create an image of circle along with transparent background and save it with .PNG extension.
  2. Now open your desired video file on Avidemux software.
  3. Go to menu and then select video, open video filter manager and select Mplayer delogo from available options.
  4. In appeared new window, now select your logo file and adjust X,Y positions for pixels, choose proper transparency value and then hit OK.
  5. Again move to video filter manager window and click over partial button, one more window will appear on screen. You need to enter frames over here and then hit Ok.
  6. Hit the close button of video filter manager window.
  7. Go to main window of software tool and adjust encoding type of this video to default.
  8. Finally re-save your video file.

How to blur face using Avidemux alternative for Windows?

Following software tools can be used as an effective alternative to Avidemux:

1. Wondershare Filmora

This software tool can be easily used on Mac as well as window devices and it is able to track blur positions automatically on your video file. Steps to complete face blur task are:

  • First of all import or drag your desired video file on Filmora platform.
  • Highlight your targeted video and use power tool to apply face off feature.
  • Preview your clip and if satisfied then hit save option.

You can add many more effects other than face blur to videos using Filmora as like text, transitions, effects, credit/intro, crop and sound etc. It is right time to download your free trial version from official website and after making required changes you can directly post your resulting file on social media sites like twitter, facebook and youtube etc. Due to its advanced editing features this software tool is being commonly used in many industry applications. Users can download its free trial version from official website.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

2. AVS Video Editor

Using AVS video editor you can easily blur face of any person in your video, it is important to manage privacy in some application specific videos. Along with its so many amazing tools, AVS editor provides easy to use blur feature that can be applied with following steps:

  • Open your video clip on AVS video editor platform, it can be easily imported or dragged to timeline. Zoom your video content.
  • Go to video effects and then select best face blur option from available options.
  • Come to video file timeline and select mask type. Soon it will appear on your video screen, adjust its size equal to face size of the person. Press OK.
  • Go to produce option and save your content to any folder on system with desired file format type.

3. Adobe After Effects

Adobe after effects is a popular video editing and motion graphics program that provides easy to use platform for modification of pre packaged templates. It is much easier to add face blur into videos using Adobe After Effects as its advanced features make everything so easy. If you are new to Adobe after Effects and are searching for steps to complete blurring action then steps provided below can provide you complete assistance:

  • First of all drag your video footage to new project window available on software interface.
  • Create an adjustment layer using mosaic effect and the slider control feature.
  • Now parent your vertical and horizontal pixels as per slider values. The horizontal value must be multiplied by 16 whereas vertical will be adjusted with multiplication by 9.
  • Now apply a mask to video adjustment layer.
  • It is time to feather out this applied mask.
  • Now use track mask parameters option from software window and track its position.
  • Set mask at desired location and adjust its size and appearance.
  • Click play and check if mask is maintained at right position.
  • If ok then hit save and your blurred video file will be created.

How to blur face online?

All these alternatives as discussed above can be used on system after downloading them and proper installation, it causes space consumption as well as there are some risk of viruses too. Thus experts recommend using online face blurring softwares that can be accessed easily from internet. One of the best blur face software tool that is available online is named as Facepixelizer.

1. Facepixelizer

This is a specially designed face blurring tool that can hide any information quickly from video files. You can easily apply this feature to hide face, text or other unwanted parts of scenes. Facepixelezier directly run over browser but it ensures proper safety of all pictures and videos on your system.

The face blur task using FacePixelizer can be completed within few simple steps:

Step 1: First of all you need to drag your photo on web page. It can be in .PNG or .JPG format

Step 2:Now drag mouse on positions that you want to blur in imported image. The blur settings can be adjusted to big and small blur options in order to complete this task rapidly and accurately. Users are free to adjust the blur scale on software window that is free from font size or text type.

Step 3: Once edited then finally you need to hit save option and soon your photograph will be available for future needs.

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