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How to Add Video Effects Filters/Transitions to Videos in Avidemux

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May 21, 2024• Proven solutions

It is possible to adjust footage ailments to better results using electronic filters during post production process. In motion picture as well as traditional still photography, video effect filters can provide specialized effects and can manage final appearance of your project. These advanced transitions and filters can be easily applied on Avidemux software platform to create professional outcomes. Some of the most commonly used filters are: correction filters, filters for removing backlit scenes, Filters for adjustment of contrast and brightness and special colour correction filters. All these filters can manage videos that suffered error during post production process and bring them to a balanced state with realistic appearance. On the other side, the advanced video transitions can be used to produce right content as per professional needs. Some of the popular transitions are cut, dissolve, fade in, fade out, light flash and particle wipes etc.

How to add video effects filters to videos in Avidemux?

First of all you need to prepare desired video for editing on Avidemux. For that simply import your file on software platform and then select output format type in which you wish to have final results. Now it is time to select filters as per need; from the options available on left side tool bar, select filters and a new video filter manager window will open. It contains all filter types and users can select any of these as per need; one can also download new filters from internet.

How to add video transitions to videos in Avidemux?

Video transitions can be added in similar manner as that of video filters. You simply need to select filter option and then go to newly opened window. All transitions are available on this new window and they can be applied directly with direct click.

Best Video Effects Software for Avidemux alternative:

Wondershare Filmora (Windows & Mac)

It is one of the best video editors for all beginners; this tool contains almost 183 advanced filters and about 290 unique motion elements to generate stunning outcomes. Developers have also included 130 types of text styles into Filmora and the special effects include tilt screen, faceoff, PIP mode etc. Filmora works perfectly for Mac as well as Windows platform and beginners can easily access its free trial version for one month from official website. Filmora extends its support to all necessary file formats and it is recommended as best platform for learners due to its easy to follow tutorials.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

Avidemux alternative for Windows:


It is much easier to apply artistic effects on videos using Movavi video editor. It possesses amazing collection of filters and transitions that can make fast adjustments over colour parameters, contrast etc. Users can complete filtration task in simple three steps only: Import your video, select type of filter and then save your project.

Learn more about Movavi

2.Adobe Premiere Pro

Premiere Pro makes use of timeline for fast video editing and easy application of transitions as filters. You will be glad to know that it is possible to create customized titles using Premiere Pro and its ability to support array of formats make it more suitable for wider compatibility needs. This software tool is interpretable with all popular CS products ranging between Adobe platforms to 3rd party type programs. Experts use to recommend this software for fast filter effects and it also allows to apply changes on selected portions of videos.

Learn more about Adobe Premiere Pro

3.Adobe After Effects

This is a popular professional video editing tool that can help users to create stunning videos. Adobe After Effects consists of numerous filters and transition effects that can be used interactively to create unique videos. It is much easier to manage workspace over this software tool and footage can be directly imported to create advanced compositions. It allows direct interfacing with web so that produced movies can be directly uploaded whereas various adjustment layers work for stunning post production error corrections.

4.Sony Vegas Pro

At initial stage, this software tool was used only for audio editing applications but the latest versions are able to perform amazingly on video files too. The most popular feature of Sony Vegas Pro is its 24p type DV integration abilities that add up to enhance efficiency and efficiency. Sony Vegas Pro supports almost all popular file formats like MPEG-2, MPEG-1, AVI, WMV and MOV etc. But it can be used only on Windows platform and is very costly as compared to other available software tools.

Learn more about Sony Vegas Pro

Avidemux alternative for Mac:


Apple has launched iMovie for iOS and Mac with so many stunning features that makes it incomparable to other competing softwares in market. iMovie possess a interactive user interface where you can easily call video clips from your system folders and resulting high definition movies can be easily shared with friends on social media platforms. The most important feature of iMovie is that it can hold all movies and trailers with better viewing experience. File format support is extended to all major types including HDV, AVCHD, MPEG-2, MOV and MPEG-4 etc. it can be accessed with payment of $14.99 only on Mac devices and for iOS version you need to pay $4.99 only.

Learn more about iMovie Editing

2.Final Cut Pro

When we talk about advanced video editing abilities then Final Cut Pro is observed to have immense potential. Its powerful user interface can be easily manages by professionals as well as beginners and they can enjoy rendering experience with all latest tools. The top feature of Final Cut Pro is its outstanding media organizer that can beat all synchronization related challenges with ease. Experts suggest Final Cut Pro to all those who want industry specific outcomes after video editing. The effective filters and transition options available in Final Cut Pro make everything much easier for editors and the customized files can be easily uploaded on web. This software is rated as most trustworthy companion for Hollywood style movie productions and best thing to know about is its ability to handle all popular video file formats. You need to pay $299.99 only for its lifetime access.

Learn more about Final Cut Pro

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

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