How to Split Screen with Avidemux

By Mar 08,2017 20:08 pm

What is split screen?

Split-screen layouts are trendy and are quite bold and stylish decision which if executed correctly can offer wonderful viewing experience. Split screen is not something which has been invented recently, it is one of the oldest techniques and have been used by artists and editors for impressive number of decades. In simple words, split screen can be defined as a display technique that consists of dividing graphics into multiple parts to produce simultaneous images. Resources are scarce and demands are unlimited is a fundamental economic problem and in cinematography also, artists have to make best use of screen space and instances so that a viewer can link everything. If we take an instance from the very first scene from Edwin S Porter’s film named as ‘Life of an American Fireman’ which shows the thoughts of the fireman in one scene only! Since 1890’s till now, split screen usage has expanded so beautifully, graphically and artistically in countless films. Its increased usage truly points out the fact that it is one of the rising trends in the web design industry!

How to split screen using Avidemux

Avidemux helps in splitting the video as desired by using simple start and stop icons after you open the file in the tool. It adapts videos in AVI, open DML, MPEG, Nupplevideo, BMPs and many other standard formats for appending and filtering the video. It allows adding a supreme amount of focus on the important areas by utilizing stylish and bold divisions.

Top 5 softwares to split screen easily

So if you want to take benefit of split screen layout and extend it way beyond visual aesthetics then here are five softwares that can help in carving out the video beautifully and providing it a responsive design. Check it out!

  1. Wondershare Filmora
  2. Supporting multiple formats and having diversified preset effects, Filmora is a great tool to split screens in the video and saturate its design with colouring and contrast tools. Just import the file to the video editor tool and you will see the slider on the timeline through which you can trim the video file and bring together multiple parts.

    Download Win Version Download Mac Version

  3. Movavi:
  4. It allows you to choose different videos and then split them and attach them together to make it a continuous clip. With its user friendly interface, you can add the videos onto the timeline and select from different options of managing the timing of their play. You can choose side by side, one after another and so on.

  5. iMovie:
  6. After adding the videos onto the timeline, you can select several Split screen effects from the Transform Section. See the preview, add the sound track that you like and boast about the beautifully edited video through iMovie.

  7. Apple Final Cut:
  8. Final Cut allows to click on the clips loaded, move and scale them hassle free. You can rotate, distort and crop the file as you desire and enjoy the fruits of your labour after your friends are going to go crazy on your editing skills.

  9. Sony Vegas:
  10. Sony Vegas is another professional tool which makes Split screen easily achievable. For it to work, you need to isolate several pieces of footage that you need to add and then layer them in sequence. The wireframe option is selected by default which allows previewing the video and amending it live by following the movement of frame.

    There should be a sound, logical reason behind your choice of split-screen and these softwares provide you with various layouts which you can apply.

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